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The 'Xir
01-07-2008, 08:38 PM
What's up guys! Well, for those that may have been following my recent adventures back here @ SSG after about a 2 year absence, and even for those who haven't, it looks like I'm pretty much ready to start selling my entire collection off! Probabaly start posting a good majority of stuff on Ebay and other various sites tomorrow! However, as I told you guys I'd start opening boxes and listing the stuff here First, so if anyone here is interested you can PM me and maybe we can arrange some deals, either through Ebay(and those other sites) or just on the side! Now I'll list the stuff as best as I can but know that I'm not up on all the "waves" and "collection" series and numbers and whatever so If you really need to know that stuff I'll try and learn as fast as I can.
With that said, I know somethings are gonna be more valuable than others obviously, and Im sure I'm gonna have alot of stuff that I'm just gonna have to dump; however even though I'm p***ed at Lucas and selling off my entire collection(Figs, posters, comics, collectible cards, and all franchises not just SW), It doesn't mean that I'm just going to dump everything! Most of the stuff I have, Im pretty confident in what it is and isnt worth, so dont be offended If you think you give me a reasonable offer and I just say no. I am totally willing to negotiate thou, 'cause obviously, as I have said in other threads, I'm just sick of lugging this stuff around and, just want to get rid of most of this stuff over the next month! Also, If you guys want pics of anything I list here just ask or PM me and I'll post or send it anyway I can! :thumbsup:
SO with all that said, It's THE 'Xirs' XMAS in January sale, lets get to opening boxes!!!

Box1 (First box I grabbed outta the attic looks like a good mix of SW and 'Transformers' stuff released over the past 5/6 years all brand new in box or on card)..:

*SW:RotJ 'Jabba's Palace' "Court Denizens"(including:B'Ohmarr Monk, Bubo, and Wol Cabas****e) P/N 6292010600 Asst. 84741/84716

*SW Collectible Figure and Cups
--ANH Obi-Wan Kenobi P/N 6300940100 Asst. 32147/32146
--TPM Darth Maul P/N 6300940200 Asst. 32147/32146

*Transformers - Energon RID
-- Prowl(Blue Indy Car) P/N 6299980600
-- StarScream(Maroon and dark Grey Jet) P/N 6299980300

*SW Cartoon Network Clone Wars Figures
--Clone Trooper P/N 6309970000 Asst 85003
--Count Dooku P/N 6309980000 Asst 85220/85003
--Asajj Ventress P/N 6304620000 Asst 85219/85003
--Mace Windu P/N 6304630000 Asst 85223/85003
--Durge P/N 6309990000 Asst 85221/85003

*SW Clone Wars Figures
--'Separatists Forces' Durge w/swoop bike P/N 6276760100 Asst 84844/84845
--'Army of the Republic' Jedi Knight Army(3pk) P/N 6244630200 Asst 84836/84845

*SW AotC Movie Scene(3pk)
--Jedi High Council 1of2(w/Mace, Oppo Rancisis, &Even Piell) P/N 6237850100 Asst 84981/?
--Geonosian War Chamber 1of2(w/Dooku, Poggle, & San Hill) P/N 6237850000 Asst 84980/?

*SW AotC Figures(Gold border on left side)
-- Barriss Offee 'Battle of Geonosis' P/N 6190546100 Asst 85025/84715
-- Coleman Trebor 'Battle of Geonosis' P/N 6190543300 Asst 84991/84861
-- Padme Amidala 'Secret Ceremony' P/N 6190543100 Asst 84989/84861
-- Lt. Danni Faytonni 'Coruscant Outlander Club' P/N 6190541800 Asst 84818/84861
-- WA-7 'Dexter's Diner' P/N 6190541700 Asst 8817/84861

*SW AotC Figures (Royal Blue Card)
--Aayla Secura 'Jedi Knight' P/N 6190541100 Asst 84928/84861
--Yoda & Chian 'Padawan Lightsabre Training' P/N 6190542100 Asst 84969/84861
--Ashla & Jempa 'Jedi Padawans' P/N 6190542200 Asst 84970/84861

*SW ESB 'Hoth Evacuation' General Rieekan w/Tactical Screen P/N 6301850100 Asst 84713/84716

*Transformers RID Armada(The Unicron Battles) (3Languages)
--Skywarp(Blk & Purple) w/Thunderclash(grey & Purple) mini-con & Comic book P/N 6233920000 Asst 80775/80703

*Transformers RID Universe (3 Languages)
Ultra Magnus(blue&Black) with Ironhide(black) Spychanger P/N 6312120000 Asst 27254/27248

*Transformers RID Spychangers
--Ironhide(Camo:Clear,red, &black) Truck P/N 6121460400 Asst 26552/26548
--Crosswise(clear blue) Sportscar P/N 6121460100 asst 26549/26548
--Mirage(clear red & blue) Race Car P/N 6121460300 asst 26551/26548
--R.E.V. (clear orange) Race Exertion Vehicle P/N 6121460600 asst 26554/26548
--W.A.R.S.(clear red) Wicked Attack Recon Sportscar P/N 6121460200 asst 26550/26548

AND that does it for Box #1!!! Let me know if you guys are interested in any of this stuff, and also any ways I might be abe to better list or describe this stuff for ya! That took a hell of a long time to type so I'm done but I'll post alot more stuff here tomorrow! :yes: Take care :thumbsup:

Mr. JabbaJohnL
01-07-2008, 09:34 PM
PM sent, good 'Xir.

Lowly Bantha Cleaner
01-07-2008, 10:16 PM
(shoving and stumbling through the stampede of collectors to go to the front of the crowd).

PM sent!

The 'Xir
01-08-2008, 12:36 AM
LOL ThanX for the interest guys! And you wouldn't believe the interest I've recieved(in PM's) just from this one post! See! I knew I didn't need Ebay! :D

Oh, a couple things just so everyone knows:

1) The Jedi Knight Army 3pk is gone!
2) Couple other deals are in process of being worked out, so act quick if you want anything or possibly beat the others' offers!
3) Where shipping comes into play I'm being laidback and allowing you guys to decide how you want to do everything(for the most part). Just so you know, I'm down in MD(w/folks) for the Holidays and this is where 75% of my collection is so I brought the other 25% down with me and selling everything from here! So everything obviously will be shipped from here: Easton, Maryland(not Syracuse NY).

4) also, EVERYONE STAY TUNED HERE, 'cause after the initial response just from this one post I think Im gonna be here awhile, 'cause I have about 45-60 boxes worth of stuff! Not including my comics or sports cards! Some contain less than what I posted here some have more obviously! It will just be fun opening them to see whats inside, I'm just not looking forward to typing that many posts! ;):whip:

Stay Tuned!

The 'Xir
01-08-2008, 02:55 AM
Cartoon Network Animated Clone Wars Yoda is now Gone!

Next in line please?! :classic:

The 'Xir
01-08-2008, 01:32 PM
Well here we go again!

BOX 2(not as much as box 1 but some nice suprises in this one! again all brand new in box or on card(except 1 ;) ))

*1998 WEP/Trendmasters Voltron 3&3/4 Action Figures
--Princess Allura w/firing cyber-sting rifle, plasmaenergy sheild & lion power helmet. P/N 09630 Asst 31294
--Prince Lotor w/firing pulverizer cannon, & cybernetic buzz-saw blade P/N 09632 Asst 31294

*1996 Placo Products Die Cast Metal Keychain
--R2-D2 Item# 3110
--Darth Vader Item # 3110

*1995 Tonka/Kenner SW POTF Tie-Fighter(w/ejecting solar panel wings) P/N 69775

And Check it out(Thank the Maker I kept the box!)

*Vintage 1977 TCF/'78 General Mills/Kenner SW Landspeeder P/N 38020 w/"SPECIAL OFFER" sticker includes C-3PO and R2-D2 P/N 38670

Damn I guess I shouldnt have kept the box ;) I guess I have to dig out my action figures now if I want to make this one complete! But y'all can make me an offer on this one with or without figures. Hell 'cause if you have said figs in your own collection then you can make it complete yourself(just a thought) Just so you know, the box has a couple of small BB sized holes(damn kids), but structurally it's in awesome shape looks like-new! Kenner product catalog inside as well! :love:

and believe it or not that's it for Box 2! Now no pushing!:D

The 'Xir
01-08-2008, 03:03 PM
BOX 3 (Can u say Bend 'ems?) All are brand new on card with Topps Galaxy collectors card! (B12)= Big letters/12back card, (S8) = Small letters/8back card I'll also put a (Y) next to those where the bubble packaging has yellowed over the years!

*1993 Just Toys Bend 'ems

--R2-D2(B12) P/N 12363
--C-3PO(B12) P/N 12362
--Chewbacca(B12) P/N 12416
--Darth Vader(B12) P/N 12361
--Yoda(B12) P/N 12415
--2X Obi Wan Kenobi(B12(Y)) P/N 12454
--Stormtrooper(B12(Y)) P/N 12364
--Stormtrooper(S8) P/N 12364
--Luke Skywalker(B12(Y)) P/N 12417
--Luke Skywalker(S8) P/N 12417
--Princess Leia(B12) P/N 12418
--Princess Leia(S8) P/N 12418

Huh? Coulda sworn I had more of these things. Guess I'll just have to keep opening boxes! :whip:

The 'Xir
01-08-2008, 07:02 PM
Box 4 (Oa Boi-yo! not looking forward to typing this one, there's...alot)

*"The Art of Starw Wars Galaxxy" 1993 Topps Publishing 1rst Edt. Forward by George Lucas, edited by Gari Gerani. P/N 142 Asst 313012 ISBN 883313-01-5

* "The Art of Star Wars Galaxy Vol2" 1994 Topps Publishing 1rst edt. Written & edited by Gary Gerani with a forward by Ralph McQuarrie. P/N 142-2 Asst 313036 ISBN 883313-03-1

*"The Art of Star Wars: EpV The ESB"(formerly titled the Art of the ESB) 1994 Del Ray/Ballantine books 1rst Edt 1980. Edited by Deborah Call written by Vic Bulluck & Valerie Hoffman P/N 51800 Asst 392039 ISBN 345-39203-5

*"The Art of Star Wars: Ep VI The RotJ"(Formerly titled the Art of the RotJ) 1994 Del Ray/Ballantine books 1rst Edt 1980. Includes the complete script of the film by Lawrence Kasdan and George Lucas P/N 51800 Asst 392046 ISBN 345-39204-3

*"E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial" (Paperbck) A Steven Spielberg film, Novel by William Kotzwinkle based on the screenplay by Melissa Mathison. 1982 Berkely Books(book club edition(August)) 1rst Edt. June. ISBN - 0-425-05950-2

*Advance Comics#78 June 1995 Consumer Publishing Include Interviews with Jack Herman, and Jason Lutes plus Artist of the month: Will Eisner Asst# 00146

*SW "Tales from Jabba's Palace"(paperback) 1995 Bantam Books 1rst Edt. Edited by Kevin J. Anderson with stories by Kevin J Anderson, Timothy Zahn, John B Betancourt, Kenneth C Flint, Barbara Hambly, J.D. Montgomery, Katy Tyers, Dave Wolverton and many more. P/N 56815 Asst 00599 ISBN 0-553-56815-9

*SW "Tales from the Empire-Stories from SW Adventure Journal"(paperback) 1997 Bantam books Edited and Intro written by Peter Schweighhoffer. Stories included are "First Contact" by Timothy Zahn, "Tinian on Trial" by Kathy Tyers, and "Side Trip" By T. Zahn and Michael A Stockpole, plus many more! P/N 57876 Asst 00599 ISBN 0-553-57876-6

*SW "Adventure Journal Vol.1 No.2" May 1994 West End Games 1rst edt. Edited by Peter Schweighoffer. "Whispers in the Dark", by Charlene Newcomb. Asst 41002 ISBN 0-87431-401-1

*SW "Adventure Journal Vol.1 No. 3" August 1994 West End Games 1rst Edt. Edited by Peter Shweighoffer. Asst 41003 ISBN 0-87431-402-x

*SW "Adventure Journal Vol.1 No.4" November 1994 West End Games 1rst Edt. Edited by Peter Schweighoffer. "Tinian on Trial" by Kathy Tyers. Asst 41004 ISBN 0-87431-403-8

*SW Episode 1 1998 Deluxe Action Collection, Pitt Droids 2pk P/N 26228 Asst 26227

*SW PotF Chewbacca with Millennium Minted Coin 1997 Kenner/Hasbro P/N 84023 Asst 69675

*Vintage SW Droid Factory Playset 1979 General Mills-CPG Product Inc./Kenner P/N 39150

*Don Post Studios Masks(Non-Dated, guessing again around '94-'98) No product Code
--Darth Vader 2pc
--Stormtrooper(No obvious DPS markings, poorly sculpted (c)20th Century Fox logo, so I personally customized it)

*Science Fair 10 in 1 Electronic Adventure Lab set Made by Tandy(Sold By Radio Shack in early to mid 80's) Requires 9v battery, Basically it's a great Kids lab for early introduction into electricity and how Transistors, resistors, and capaitors work! You can make your own telegraph(morse code)! Includes all wires and Instructional/guide manual.

*Woody Wood Pecker Kids Plate(plastic) Walter Lantz Productions(no date(around 1970-75) Used but Looks great! Great color.

*SW ESB Kids Decorative Stationary. No Company name TM (c) Lucasfilm Ltd(LFL) 1980 This unique piece reminds me of those old cardboard/paper "Crown" hats that Burger king used to give kids. Pretty well illustrated with from left to right, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Luke, Yoda, C-3po, R2, Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and Lando. Slight(and odd) wear. but otherwise pretty cool and attractive peice!

OMG! I think I'm done. That Sucked! You know also If you guys want pics of any of this stuff dont hesitate to ask! If I do box 5 tonight It'll be a small one! ;)

The 'Xir
01-08-2008, 09:39 PM
Box 5 (getting back to Figures and the like)

*1994 Kenner/Tonka Action Masters w/Collectible Card
--Luke Skywalker P/N 511700-01 Asst 62672
--2x R2-D2 P/N 511704-01 Asst 62674
--2x C-3PO P/N 511702-01 Asst 62673
--3x Stormtrooper P/N 511706 Asst 62675
--3x Darth Vader P/N 511698-01 Asst 62671

*SW Ep1 Collection 1 w/Commtech chip
--Darth Maul(Jedi Duel)P/N 84088 Asst 84085 (.00)

*SW Ep1 Colection 3 w/Commtech chip
--Ki-Adi Mundi(w/purple saber) P/N 84123 Asst 84105(.0000)
--Chancellor Valorum(W/ceremonial staff)(Black sticker covering warning) P/N 84132 Asst 84105(.0000)

*SW PotF Collection1
--Sandtrooper with Heavy Blaster(with photo cardback) P/N 69601 Asst 69570(.01)

*SW PotF Collection2
--Nien Nunb w/Blaster Pistol & Rifle(w/Holographic photo cardback) P/N 69694 Asst 69605(.00)

*SW PotF (Kenner Collection Coll.2) w/Freeze Frame Action Slide
--Gamorrean Guard w/vibro axe P/N 69693 Asst 69605(.01)
--Malakili(Rancor Keeper) w/Vibro blade P/N 69723 Asst 69605

*SW PotF EU (Kenner Colection Coll. 2) w/3D Playscene
--Luke Skywalker(with red saber) from Dark Empire P/N69883 Asst 69605(.01)
--Grand Admiral Thrawn(w/blaster pistol) from Heir to the Empire P/N 69888 Asst 69605(.02)

Dont know why these figures were in this box, must have picked them up through the years as extras, only reason I mention it Is that I have tubs filled with carded figures.

*SW AotC Deluxe(12") Padme Amidala P/N 84937 Asst 84940

*SW PotF EU (Kenner Collection from the Art of SW)
--Cloud Car w/Exclusive cloud car pilot P/N Asst 69620(.00)

*SW AotC Obi-Wan Kenobi's Jedi Starfighter P/N 84869 Asst?(.0000)

*SW AotC Jango Fett's Slave 1 P/N 84873 Asst?(.0000)

*Transformers RID Alternators(3 languages)
--#1 Smokescreen(Subaru Impreza WRC(Blue)) P/N 6270150000 Asst 81301/81300
--#2 Sideswipe(Dodge Viper(red)) P/N 6292570100 Asst 81302/81300

Transformers Gen1 Commemorative seriesII(classic re-issue)
--StarScream(applied 'Ages 5+' & 'Warning-CH!' stickers) P/N 1063A23231 Asst 80658

Done for the night! :tired:

The 'Xir
01-09-2008, 06:45 PM
After my first post with box #1 I got like a gazillion pm's(okay not a gazillion, but you get my drift)! Then I figured most of the 2nd day I'd post what I can which led to Boxes 2-5 and?...not 1 PM!:( Sooo Obviously I'm gonna have to turn to Ebay and related sites to really get rid of this stuff! So no Offense, I'd hope that I'd get a pretty good reaction from here, as I said I'd rather sell to people who I know and I know would really appreciate the stuff than some Joe-Shmoe I dont know on Ebay! Alas biz is biz! However I said I'd list and give you guys first dibs, and so far I'm finding this IS a good way to catalog all this stuff; but dont expect tons of post, probably just 1 or 2 posts of new stuff aday, while I concentrate on the other sites! so with that...

Box 6 (No, no, I'm pretty sure your father did fight in the clone wars!)

*SW AtoC 3&3/4 figures(collection 1)

--R2-D2((#14(electronic-coruscant sentry w/Kouhun Assain Centipedes)) P/N 6108682100 Asst 84645/84851(I pressed front and batteries still work)
--Obi-Wan Kenobi(#03(Coruscant chase w/assasin droid)) P/N 6108680200 Asst 84854/84851
--Zam Wesell(#18(Bounty Hunter)) P/N 6108682700 Asst 84665/84851
--C-3PO(#04(Protocol Droid w/removable panels)) P/N 6108760400 Asst 84856/84851
--Anakin Skywalker(#01(Outland Peasant Disguise)) P/N 6108760000 Asst 84852/84851
--Clone Trooper(red w/Tripod Cannon) P/N 6108762500 Asst 84635/84851
--Jango Fett(#13(Kamino Escape w/firing jetpack)) P/N 6108760500 Asst 84857/84851
--Padme Amidala(#02(Arena escape)) P/N 6108760300 Asst 84855/84851
--Kit Fisto(#05(Jedi Master)) P/N 6108760600 Asst 84858/84851

*SW AtoC 3&3/4 figures(collection 2)

--Jar Jar Binks(#24 Gungan Senator)) P/N 618762200 Asst 84821/84861
--Geonosian Warrior (#15) P/N 6108761700 Asst 84867/84861
--Battle Droid(#11(Arena battle)) P/N 6108761000 Asst 84865/84861
--Nikto(#12(Jedi Knight)) P/N 6108762400 Asst 84823/84861
--Plo Koon(#12(Arena Battle)) P/N 6108761800 Asst 84868/84861

Cya Tommorrow!

The 'Xir
01-15-2008, 02:01 AM
Well it's been a couple days so how about..:

Box 7(I dont know why I have so many loose figs, 'cause I coulda sworn I organized them all ages ago, but I guess I kept just buying ones here and there).

*Transformers Beast Machines '99
-- Optimus Primal(clear blue/balck/gold) Deluxe P/N 567153.0000 Asst 80468/80465
--Jetstorm (Metallic blue/yellow) Deluxe P/N 567156.0000 Asst 80469/80465

*Voltron(The Third Dimension '99)
--Green Lion/Stealth Cycle(w/Pidge 3&3/4) (Decent tear on Pkgn when Stiker price removed

* Galoob Micro Machines(die cast metal)
--SW Tie-Fighter(blue/black)(there's a smal tear in pkgn wear I removed the sticker price) P/N 1267 asst 66264/66260
-- SW EpI TF Droid Starfighter P/N 1508 asst 66522/66260

*Galoob MM Action Fleet '96
--Tie-Bomber(w/Imp Pilot, and Imp Navy Trooper ) P/N 1327 Asst 67059/67030
--Tie Interceptor(w/2 Imp Pilots) P/N 1297 Asst 67058/67030

*SW EpI 3&3/4 Veichles '98
--Sebulba's Pod Racer(w/sping blade& exclusive Sebulba fig) P/N 558750.0200 Asst. 84098/84020

*SW PotF 'The Kenner Colection' Creature/Veichles
--TaunTaun with Luke Skywalker(new pkg w/slight tear from removing price stiker and scuffed corner) P/N 545238.00 Asst 69729/69645
--DewBack with Stormtrooper (New pkgn w 2 scuff marks on front each about 1" long) P/N 541085.01 Asst 69743/69645

*SW PotF Kenner/Tonka '95 3&3/4 Fig
--Tie-Fighter Pilot P/N 527597.02 Asst 69673/69605

*SW PotF(Kenner Collection Coll.1)(W/Freeze Frame Action Slide)
--Princess Leia Organa(with rifle & pistol) P/N 551737.00 Asst 69570/69824

*SW PotF(coll 2 w/reflective pic card)
2-Bib Fortuna(w/blaster) P/N538955.01 Asst 69605/69812 (Great for Army building or scene dioramas, 'Cause these two were rotting on the shelves which I bought for their UPC's for some mail in offer, which inturn I tore off, 1 rest of card is like new, the other looks like it was actually rotting on the shelf!)

--ASP-7 Droid(with Spaceport suply rods & SW Special Edt Sticker) P/N540899.00 Asst 69605/69704

*SW PotF(Coll 3 w/reflective pic card)
--Grand Moff Tarkin(w/Imp Blaster Rifle& Pistol) P/N 540897 Asst 69705/69702

*SW PotF(w/CommTech Chip)
--Princess Leia(w/Sportn blaster) P/N 565991.0000 Asst 84185/84361
--Darth Vader(w/Imp Interrogation Droid) P/N 564868.0000 Asst 84185/84203
--Storm Trooper(w/Battle Damage & Rifle Rack) P/N 564871.0000 Asst 84185/84209 (this is brand new on card but for whatever reason bubble
plastic has yellowed)

*SW Ep1 Accessory Sets
--Tatooine(w/pull back droid) ?P/N? 90951 Asst 26207/26209
--Naboo(w/retracting grappling hook backpack) ?P/N? 91231 Asst 26207/26208
--Gungan Catapult(Electronic(batteries still good)) ?P/N? 92181 Asst 26216/26218

*SW Ep1 3&3/4 Figs Coll 1
--Obi-Wan Kenobi(Jedi Deul w/lightsaber) P/N 558434.00 Asst 84085/84073

*SW Ep1 3&3/4 Figs Coll 2
--R2-D2(w/booster rockets) P/N 560441.0000 Asst 84095/84104

Next?.. :whip:

The 'Xir
01-22-2008, 05:05 PM
Well it looks like my little experiment is going to have to be put on hold for a couple weeks, my goofy azz Biz-partner got into a snowmobile accident over this past weekend, and I have to cut my vacation short and go back to the 'Cuse to man the fort!:whip:

but before I go how about...

BOX #8

*"It's A Dog's Life, Charlie Brown" 1rst edition(c)'60-62 Holt,Rinehart & Winston Inc. written & created by Charles M Schulz catalog#62-8368 P/N 87752-1112(this is bagged and boarded with an original rating of C65 but this is in prestine shape and great spine. The only real blemish on this book is where someone removed the price tag, it tore the cover underneath, and whatever goofball owned this before tried coloring the ripped spot in magic marker to match the book!:rolleyes: but it only has about a 3-4 centimeter radius, and it in no way interferes with the title/artwork or any other part of the cover!)

*SW CCG Official Tournament Deck, '98 Decipher Inc.
--(opened but not played) All original packaging included. Contains 18 black-boarder premium cards exclusive to deck. Four 15-card premiere expansion packs, 1-ANH 15-card expansion pack with colectible storage box and rules clarification pamphlet.

*Transformers 'Beast Wars-Transmetals2' Ultra class.
--Tigerhawk(Blue/white/green triplechanger) Heroic Maximal Tiger/Hawk P/N 563085.0000 Asst. 80375/80451
--Megatron(Red/yellow/blue Triplechanger) Evil Predacon Dragon P/N 562098.0000 Asst 80375/80449

*Transformers 'Beast Machines' Mega class.
--Rattrap(green/silver) Heroic Maximal Rat P/N 569320.0000 Asst. 80435/80492
--Tankor(black/silver/red) Evil Vehicon Tank P/N 567294.0000 Asst. 80435/80472

*SW Burger King collectible glasses
--ANH- Luke Skywalker(with/leia, ben) (c)'77 TCF Film Corp.
--ESB- Darth Vader(with Fett/IG88) (c) '80 LFL

If I have time I'll do box 9 tonight.

The 'Xir
03-28-2008, 01:02 PM
What's up peeps?! Things are finally getting back to normal now that my Biz-partner is back on his feet, but I swear that something really bad is going to happen this year because of all that bad shyte that has already gone down! Since I've last been here; at the end of January my biz-partner almost killed himself riding his snowmobile! Then right before he came back like 1rst week in march, we sent him to vegas for a trade show and while he was gone I lost about 6-$700 of business money(just fell out of pocket somewhere :rolleyes: ), then the day he came back from vegas, I totaled our biz-cargo van into a light pole!(looked like the headlights were hugging the pole)! Then about 3-4 days after that he was driving his wife's car and a deer ran into the side of that and totaled her car! Of course this whole time customers tells how bad buisness is and with taxes comming up this is probably our slowest time of the year! So with that what else can go wrong you ask?... Well of course my upstairs landlords(elderly couple) told me a couple days ago that their grand-daughter broke up with her boyfriend and wants to move back to syracuse, and of course there's no other place she wants to be except her old apartment that I moved into only 6 months ago...so I have to be out by May 1rst! :rolleyes: All this pales in comparison to my friend's(and dart league patrner) wifes' news though, that she just told me this past wednsday that she had complications with her pregnancy and lost the baby! :cry: GOOD GRIEF!!!! What the hell is going on with this year?!

Sorry to come back and spout off all this depressing news, but there is just something evil in the air here in Syracuse I guess! Anyone else have crazy shyte happen to them this new year?

Anyways, point being though now that business is kinda getting back to normal, I should be able to continue lisiting more contents of the boxes I have in my collection! So Stay Tuned... maybe my computer will blow up or something! :rolleyes:lol

03-31-2008, 06:52 PM
Sorry to here that news 'Xir.