View Full Version : POTF2 - AT-ST Driver found

02-12-2002, 12:06 PM
I know that this is not a "just find" figure...but I found an old one along with the ewoks, and Gamorean Guard at a local Rite Aid store. I never expected to find these after such a long time after their waves were released. Anyway...I picked up the AT-ST driver for my collection:)

02-12-2002, 02:32 PM
Rite-Aid, huh? Wow, I would never expect SW figs to be there.
I think you got a deal. Maybe when I am making my toy runs from now on I should try some of the stores I wouldn't ordinarly think of. Does Dollar General carry SW figs?

General Veers
02-12-2002, 03:38 PM
How much was the AT-ST driver? Was it the same prices as POTJ?

P.S. This is my 100th post! Woohoo!

jedi master sal
02-12-2002, 04:51 PM
I actually found a Aunt Beru at a CVS here in Pittsburgh. This was when it first came out and was very hard to find.

02-12-2002, 05:15 PM
Man I wish I could find Ewok figures at my local drug store. Curses!

Good find though.

02-13-2002, 08:57 AM
The prices were the same as the POTJ line. I paid $7.99 for the AT-ST driver, which is a about $1.00 more than what I would pay for the POTJ line at Wal-Mart. The alternative was to pay at least $20.00 online for him + shipping...so I figured that I saved a little.

Wal-Mart only had the Ketwol wave and to be honest...I think everyone is tired of seeing this wave. Glad to see that it was on clearance for $3.00 a fig though...time for it to go. Right after I left Wal-Mart...I went over to K-Mart and managed to get 3 dirty Scout Troopers, 1 Han Solo Bespin Capture and 1 K-3P0 for $5.00 each. I told the cashier that Wal-Mart was selling the POTJ line for $3.00 each, which K-Mart had them on for $6.99. I tried to get them for $3.00 each, but the manager called Wal-Mart and blasted Wal-Mart told the K-Mart manager that they were selling their POTJ line for $5.00 each...which wasn't true, because they were selling the Deluxe Luke and Maul for $5.00 each and the Ketwol wave for $3.00. Oh well...I saved at least $10.00 US...which allowed me to buy the AT-ST driver!

02-14-2002, 08:32 AM
It's been some time since I checked a Rite Aid for figures, but when I did they had the EV-99 figure and Rancor keeper figures.

Lord Malakite
02-14-2002, 03:52 PM
I know of a Rite Aid that has older POTF2 figures like that. They also had a few SOTE figures left.

Lowly Bantha Cleaner
02-18-2002, 12:45 PM
Rite Aid is a real hit and miss store. It seems no one goes to those stores to check out the Star Wars collection. Consequently, Star Wars figures have been known to sit on the shelves for years. However, you can get lucky and spot a few hard-to-find figs. I was able to rack up some then hard to find Ep1 figs (like Jedi Duel Maul and Yoda, when they were difficult to find figures). Also, bagged me 2 Action Fleet Tie Defender and Sail Barges. :eek: I also picked up a HTF POTJ Sandtrooper for myself and almost nabbed another one before someone beat me to it. Rite-Aid was also the first place I saw the Han DS wave and I also saw loads of SOTE POTF2 figs there, but I really didn't collect those, so I passed up on those.

And no, Dollar General doesn't sell POTJ. The only SW items I see are inflatable C-3PO cushion chairs. But they do have dirt cheap cany there! :crazed:

02-26-2002, 10:32 PM
Rite Aid is a good place to check on occasion. They sometimes carry good POTJ and I found EU characters there about four months ago. I got Sentinal, Luke, and Thrawn at Rite Aid. Now all they have is Biggs, 8D8, and Ugnaughts.