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Sinscia Fat'o
02-21-2008, 12:40 PM
I recently went through my figures and took what i felt was the defining figure for a lot of my favorite characters. It took a lot of work and sorting, but i finally came to a conclusion of what my figure collection's highlights included and here we go. I'd love to hear what some of you have done for your collections, or what version of each character you feel is the best...

Darth Maul: (Evo. Figure) Soft goods cloak (Taken from TPM Sith Speeder pack in Maul.) Wrist commlink (From TPM weapons back) Lightsaber hilt on belt, (Also taken from the TPM Weapons pack), Double Bladed Lightsaber, microbinaculars, and three sith probe droids (Two from the TPM Weapons packs), and one came with the EVO. figure. I also use the COMM Tech chip for a stand, just because i like those as stands.

Ki Adi Mundi: (ROTS Figure), he's got soft goods inner robes and outer robes, a lightsaber hilt on his belt, the tourbin (From the mara Jade comic book pack) and like darth maul i display him on his COMM tech chip stand.

Mace Windu: (Tin Collection-K-Mart Exclusive figure), the best Windu on the market in my opinion since he's got soft good robes and tunic (so he can actually sit down, and he's SA. Great figure, i just gave him a few AOTC lightsaber attachments for reflecting blaster bolts, and a lightsaber hilt on his belt.

Saesee Tin: (Saga Legends/ROTS), i used the legends one because he already had the soft good robes. I just gave him a lightsaber hilt on his belt.

Count Dooku: (EVO) I chose the EVO version of Dooku because of the great use of Soft goods, but the ROTS head is an awesome sculpt of this great character. I gave him force lightening hands from the EVO Palaptine...

Luminara Unduli: ROTS figure, with custom jedi robes, i used the Saga one and went from there over a TPM soft goods jedi robe. she has her lightsaber and a hilt on her belt.

Obi Wan Kenobi: Saga 2 Obi Wan pilot body, with lightsaber hilt on his belt, soft goods robes, Jedi Star fighter headset (From Saga 1 Obi Wan pilot, the head came from the Obi Wan/ alpha comic book pack, and he also has the Kamino dart (From Dexter Jetsetter), and the masked head from the Comic book pack, I used the figure from the Bail and Obi Wan (Wal-Mart exclusive) comic pack...(Which is nothing but the pilot mold)

Yoda: (VOTC/Tin Collection body), a TAC Kybuck/Clone Wars yoda head. Soft goods Jedi Robes, a harness for his lightsaber across his back (From the Clone Wars/Kybuck Yoda) and of course his lightsaber.

Aayla Secura: (ROTS figure), Nothing changed, except a lightsaber hilt on her belt. I wish the figure had articulated elbows though...

Anakin Skywalker (EVO.) he's got a interchangeable hand (android hand), wrist gauntlets and a satchel (from the clone wars anakin) and a soft goods jedi robe.

Kit Fisto (ROTS) soft goods jedi robe with lightsaber and hilt on his belt. Nothing special here...

Shaak Ti: (ROTS) just gave her a soft goods jedi robe and a hilt on her belt. Hoping for jungle boogie Shaak Ti later on in the FU line!!

Jango Fett: Right now i have a poncho...A poncho in a plastic bag awaiting my EVO Jango...


Obi Wan Kenobi: It's the Pilot Obi Wan figure just with soft goods robes, and lightsaber hilt on his belt...Nothing different, nothing changed just a awesome figure. also i have a baby luke with him.

Anakin Skywalker: (EVO) Same figure i just have a jedi star fighter head set on him.

Bail Organa: (Comic packs), soft goods are awesome on this figure, i didn't do anything to him since it's the best Bail we've gotten this far.

Han Solo (VOTC): Nothing really changed on the figure, except i gave him a storm trooper blaster rifle, a Yavin medal, a head set (From saga Obi Wan pilot, though i customed it to look like the one he used in ANH), and a storm trooper belt (That i got from somewhere?)

Tusken Raider: (VOTC): I just gave him a pet massiff, with a metal chain to walk him on, a gaffi stick, a sniper rifle (From the POTJ Tusken), and a Bone for his massiff...nothing special.

Farm Boy Luke Skywalker: (VOTC) I went with the VOTC after several work arounds with the body and use of soft goods, but the VOTC just had more to offer, and he just looked like a kid in that sculpt of him..hoping for something better one day though as i hate how close together this figure's legs are. He's got a lightsaber, a hilt on his belt, grappling gun (From POTF2), a storm trooper belt, a Desert belt, Sniper Rifle, Floppy Hat, T-16 Skyhopper model, Storm Trooper Blaster, Bioncaulars, Soft Good Poncho,

Greedo: (VOTC): One of my favorite VOTC figures done nothing to him but adore him, I love my Greedo!

IG-88: (VOTC) What else could this figure have with him or do...No room for improvement since he's already perfect!

Han Solo (Bespin): Torture rack, Soft goods black jacket (From Princess Leia collection, Mynock, breath mask (From the Mynock Hunt Three pack POTF2) hydrospanner (From POTJ Chewie), Tool Box (From POTF2 Upnaughts), and smaller little tools from other figures, I used the VOTC Endor han, i just take off the trench coat, and the black vest and have my bespin Han.

Yoda: (VOTC/Tin Collection), I got this yoda with soft goods robes, his classic orange snake (Kenner shout out!) his pot of stew (From the freeze frame POTF2), and a cane,

Bossok: See IG-88's comments, great figure!!

Chewbacca: (VOTC), i have Chewie under ESB because i have POTF2 3P0 on his back in a cargo net. Chewie has a pair of goggles so he can fix the falcon, a tool box (From POTF2 Upnaughts), Chess board (From POTJ chewie), bowcaster (VOTC), heavy blaster rifle (POTF2 Chewie), a mynock (for target practice POTF2 Three pack: Mynock hunt), shackles (from Death star escape three pack, and thats' it. The best chewie of all time! Soon to have leg guards for sandstorms.

Snow Trooper: (VOTC) Can't improve this figure...see what i said about Bossok and IG-88...

4-Lom: (TAC) WOW this is one of the best in the line certainly the wave he came in, great figure done nothing to him!

Luke Skywalker (Bespin): (VOTC)It's not great but's it the best we got! I got the Saga 1 hand med pack on him, so when Vader cut's off his hand presto! his lightsaber and hilt, i wish he had a soft goods jacket to reveal the wife beater he used to train in...but again that's wish ful thinking on my part.

Lando Calrisean: (VOTC): Nothing changed or added, i just gave him a storm trooper blaster to shoot some troops.

Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight): I went with the TAC black outfit Luke, because of all the versions of Luke from this movie i felt it had the best articulation and head sculpt. He's got a brown soft goods jedi robe, Endor Soft Goods Tunic,Endor Helmet, Lightsaber, Lightsaber hilt on his belt, a bone (To kill Rancors) a blaster pistol.

Emperor Palaptine: (EVO) Personally there was nothing Hasbro could have done to make a better figure, and one of the crown jewls of my of collection...I didn't have to add anything to it.

Boba Fett: I went with the Vintage/Saga Legends Fett, because he's SA, and has a good use of soft goods. I added a poncho to him to give him that outlaw look, and because if i'm not mistaken he had something like this on in Jabba's palace (Or it may have been a EU source.) Other than that nothing's different of special about this Fett...Just waiting the EVO one to have a Sa/removeable helmet Fett.

Han Solo (Endor) (VOTC) figure. With POTF2 Carbonite block, this figure does tripple duty in my collection by the way. Thermal mines from the Saga 1 Endor Bunker Han, and a AT-ST helmet to Con those impireals.

Leia (Boush): The Saga 2, awesome figure, nothing changed nothing new.

C-3P0: (Saga 2): I placed 3P0 here because the Endor figure is the best one we've ever gotten of him. I got his throne and that's it...Nothing changed here either.

Princess Leia (Endor) (VOTC) Can't change this figure either, see IG-88, Bossok and Snow Trooper and all hail the awesomeness that is VOTC Leia!

Hologram Luke Skywalker: (Saga 1), a great figure and the forfather in my opinion of the SA star wars figure. Great figure, and nothing changed or added to him.

Mara Jade: (Comic Pack Figure), one of the best figures of 07 in my opnion, I gave her a lightsaber hilt on her belt, a soft goods black jacket (from the princess leia collection bespin Han), a soft goods Jedi Robe (For those NJO dioramas), a sniper rifle (From TPM Weapons pack), and of course her gun and hat she came with orginally.

Carnor Jax: Nothing changed with this figure...Awesome figure!!

Kir Kanos: I'm working on a new head for him, (Bounty hunter disguise), i'll give him a poncho (from TPM weapon packs) and a blaster rifle and be done with it...maybe a pair of goggles from POTJ chewie to finish his alternate out fit.)

Dark Woman: (Comic packs), i gave her a black soft goods robe (From the TPM weapon packs), and a lightsaber hilt on her belt. simple and a cool figure.

Most desired additions to this little collection:
Padme (Any gown in soft goods and some SA...)

C-3Po (I want a awesome version of him that can become a "naked" c-3p0 from TPM...but a Jocasta Nu with Sa and soft goods would be nice to!

Nute Gunray (Soft goods and SA with removeable headdress.

Ben Kenobi (Old ben): Soft goods, SA, the whole nine yards
Leia: (Classic white gown soft goods and SA, with pegs in her feet!!!) (Honorable mention)

Hoth Heroes: I hate Hoth Han...so please go back and finish these...Leia, Luke and Han.

Slave Leia, just a SA version.

Were's the Troops? Of course most of the troopers are awesome so i just left them off...except for the Snow Trooper :) AOTC Clones, ROTS Clones, Storm Troopers, VOTC Scout Troopers ETC you get the idea.

Were's Vader...Still have not decided anyone have any ideas of what the best Vader should be or is?

Phantom-like Menace
02-21-2008, 07:55 PM

Darth Maul: I like Darth Maul (Tatooine) from the Episode I figures. The figure just looks badass.

Ki Adi Mundi: I use Ki-Adi-Mundi with Lightsaber, also from the Episode I figures. I have, hoever, given him the lightsaber from Ki-Adi-Mundi (Jedi Master) from RotS.

Mace Windu: They've never made a better figure for Mace than the Episode I Sneak Preview figure. I've given him the lightsaber from the Clone Wars Made Windu.

Saesee Tin: I use Saesee Tiin (Jedi Master) from PotJ with the lightsaber from the RotS version.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: I use Obi-Wan Kenobi (Naboo). All the super articulation they can pack into the latest figures hasn't beaten this figure and the Qui-Gon (Naboo) figure for unarmored figures.

Qui-Gon Jinn: I use Qui-Gon Jinn (Naboo)


Count Dooku: Count Dooku (Dark Lord) from the Saga series. Not hilariously happy with it, but it doesn't have softgoods.

Luminara Unduli: I use the Saga version, though I'm wildly unhappy with its action pose. The RotS version has softgoods, so I make do.

Obi Wan Kenobi: I have an Obi-Wan Kenobi (Naboo) body with a Coruscant Chase Obi-Wan head. He has the lightsaber and hilt from Obi (Naboo).

Yoda: I use the one from the Yoda and Chian set.

Aayla Secura: (ROTS figure) I use the same with no modification.

Anakin Skywalker Secret ceremony.

Kit Fisto Saga.

Shaak Ti: Saga

Jango Fett: Evo Jango as soon as I get it, but right now, the only Jango I have is the Sneak Preview.


I really don't have favorites for Episode III and really haven't mixed and matched accessories to get more bang for my buck.

I'll get back to this thread with the OT and EU.

02-23-2008, 09:39 AM
There are few figs that I have mixed and matched on.

Old Ben- POTJ Ben with ROTS Obi-wan Saber, Saber hilt & Cloak

Bespin Luke- VTSC Luke with all SAGA LUKE accessories

Farmboy Luke 30AC Luke with POTF2 Rifle, Wrench, Blast Shield Helmet, Saga Saber

Mad Slanted Powers
02-24-2008, 02:11 PM
This thread is similar to an idea I have been pondering for a while. I was thinking of doing a character by character study to figure out which is the best version of a character, or to at least explore the pluses and minuses. That way, it could be a guide to new collectors. They wouldn't have to get caught up on all the figures they missed. They could just pick the versions that sound the best based on the info provided. It could also be useful to those looking to sell off some of their collection and just keep the essential figures. I shall consider some of my favorites and post them at some point.

02-24-2008, 02:23 PM
I also have been planning to have my Ultimate figure version but just dont have the money to buy the figures that came out previously to combine their old weapons or accessories with the new figures. Here's what I would do though

Ultimate Tatooine Luke Skywalker
Vintage OTC Luke body with 30th anniversary Moisture farm Luke's head
unlit saber hilt with full lit saber
floppy hat
T-16 Skyhopper accessory from the old POFT 2 Luke commtech figure
Imperial blas tech gun

Ultimate Bespin Luke Skywalker
Vintage style 30th Ann Bespin Luke
Accessories from the Saga Bespin Duel Luke

Ultimate Bespin Han
Vintage style Endor Han
Cloth jacket from the Princess Leia collection versin of Bespin Han
hydrospanner and other stuff from the Mechanic chewie
binders from the the old Power of the Jedi Bespin Han
Bespin torture rack

Ultimate Return of the Jedi Jedi Knight Luke
Upcoming Sandstorm deleted scene Luke Skywalker body
The head from the recent 30th anniversary Jedi Knight Luke
jabba's palace blaster
Endor poncho and helmet borrowed from the Saga 2 Luke
cloth cape/cloak from Saga 2's Garindan
Optional: force lightning accessory from Mace Windu for some electrocuted Luke

Ultimate Hoth Leia
tough one since it would be tough to customize this one

Ultimate Chewbacca Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi style
Cloud City chase Chewie or Boussh prisoner Chewie
Wookie bowcaster
Cloud City escape junkpile C3PO with the net of course

El Chuxter
02-24-2008, 05:21 PM
I put the cloak from Captain Antilles on a Marvel Showdown Spider-Man figure, and gave a lightsaber to Thing to make Marvel Jedi. I was going to do a funny photo of Anakin and some 501st Clones bursting in on a bunch of Marvel Jedi, and Anakin would say, "Uh, Appo, you take this room. I'll deal with the younglings." Never got around to it, though.

02-25-2008, 08:14 PM
I counted all the figures for the 30th anniversary collection, and it looks to be a total of 108 figures, which are.

60 basic figures
12 gold coined figures
15 re-sold base figures
McQuarrie Luke Skywalker
McQuarrie C-3PO and R2-D2
McQuarrie Obi-wan and Yoda
Concept Grievous
Shadow StormTrooper
variant rebel pilot tycho with head over and beside name
Variant TFU female Jedi pose (1 left arm up, and 1 right arm up)
8 ROTS base figures
7 TFU base figures

02-26-2008, 01:38 AM
There are only a few "perfect" versions of the main figures from what I've seen:

Chewbacca - VOTC version

Artoo-Detoo - 2006 Hoth version with the third leg from R5-D4. But wouldn't mind seeing an OT version of Artoo using the new retractable leg body.

Darth Vader - tough to call, Evolutions has that annoying silver thread in his cape, but a Sebastion Shaw likeness underneath the helmet, the TAC version is the best version as long as you leave the helmet on. I'm going to hold off making a final call until this year's removable helmet Vader comes out.

See-Threepio - Right now it's the 2006 Ewok Diety Threepio, but Hasbro could do so much better if they just opted for metallic paint and not vac-metallizing.

Stormtrooper - the VOTC version is still the best, but is far from perfect.

03-11-2008, 09:23 AM
This is a good thread, glad I found it (thanks JON9000) I've got so many loose figures that I had to put away due to a relative moving in, but I want to pull out the definitive versions with no repeats to make an ultimate display.
Lots of kit-bashing here to make "ultimate" figures. I've done that. Whatever it takes.