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good shot jansen
02-15-2002, 06:56 AM
in the vast world of star wars collecting, it wouldn't be far off the mark to say that micro machines is about as far away from the center of the star wars collecting universe one can get!

yet here we are, (as well as other clans scattered about the web), still holding fast to our little toys, believing deep in our hearts that they are the best line of sci fi toys ever produced.

what was it that drew you in initially to the mico machines universe?

for me, it was november of 1995, i was in a walgreen drug store, waiting for a prescription order to be filled. i wandered down the toy aisle, and lo and behold, i stumbled upon an action fleet a-wing.

i was taken back by not only the ships terrific size scale (Mason was 18 months old at the time, and when it came to toys, it had to fit in his small hands), the level of detail was incredible. i hadn't seen this kind of detail since my days as a youth collecting corgi and dinky toys!

noting on the back of the box that there were 5 other ships available, i immediately relised that i had to track all the others down!

then in 1996, when i got a tie interceptor (the 1st vehicle i found from the 2nd wave), i noticed that the box now contained a url address for galoob, i checked out the web site, and instantly became hooked on the buzz board!

i actually spent the 1st year and a half, sitting quietly in the dark shadows of the buzz without saying peep,(that is until vt made the scene!, his relentless point of view on anti-scalping is what brought me out of the wood work to make my 1st post sometime in 1998!)

so for me it was a two pronged affair! 1st was the quality and size of the toy that got me interested, then it was the company's web site (particularly the quality of that site!) that made me a regular long time customer (you lissen'n up hasbro?)

what's your story?

02-15-2002, 11:32 AM
I saw an AF X-wing in the Commercial Road branch of Toymaster in Bournemouth early in 1996 (GSJ, you are talking about AF in your post too, right?) for £12.99 and snapped it up because of the realism. I’d been aware of the MM line for a year or so as my brother had the SD but I was never really into them that much. I bought about 3 or 4 and the Y-wing with visions of creating a massive diorama (which were scuppered when I remembered I was 24). Seeing the back of the boxes with pictures of the upcoming B-wing, I had to wait until late 97 before I actually got hold of one (anyone in the UK will be able to vouch for me when I say the distribution here is lamentable), and by that time I was hooked. Although I was desperately disappointed with the way the B-wing had been hopelessly thrown together – resembling a guppy, I loved the fact that the cockpit rotated and I bought the Ertl-AMT b-wings to replace my AF ones. Well before that time, I got on the GalooBB by the same route as GSJ. That was a cool experience and one that I miss. I won an Official EP1 poster (fabric) for a poem I wrote in one of their comps but the best thing I won was a crazily boxed Test Shot of the TIE Defender for my Transport ship design “The Paradigm”. Hasbro never give me stuff

Tesco then made the treacherous decision to reduce all their AF s to £6.99, £4.99 and finally £2.99 so I bought everything up, then got into Battlepacks and that led onto MMs.

In a strange anal twist, I have now more or less knocked collecting on the head in favour of making prop replicas…. I am of course going to buy up all the EP2 Afs that will undoubtedly be made and I am after the big Hasbro B-wing. I want to collect all the POTJ figures but so far only have the first 4. As long as I get R4-M9, R2-Q5 and any other astro’s I’ll be happy. Okay, before I meander anymore……

*I forecast this thread becoming a nostalgic reminisce of old days on the GalooBB*

02-15-2002, 12:00 PM

I got into them in either 93 or 94, when the 1st Star Trek micro's were released.

I saw them in the window of a sci-fi shop in Lancaster (sadly closed down), and I had to have them (the 1st 3 packs released).

To this day I don't know why I bought them.

And when I got home and opened them up, I was delighted - I couldn't stop playing with them.

As I hadn't bought a toy since I was a kid, let alone played with them, my Mrs thought that I was having a psychotic episode.

And then they released the Wars MM's and I had to have them too and the rest is history.

I only started collecting AF's last year (as MM's now completed), but the collection is coming along nicely.



02-15-2002, 12:03 PM

Was completely unaware of the old buzz board and this site until VT stumbled into my site and brought me in about 2 years ago.


02-15-2002, 01:51 PM
I originally started collecting 12" figures back in 1995 when they came out. I stuck mainly with just the 12"ers and a couple 3 3/4" figures here and there up until the Freeze Frames were cancelled. A few months after the Freeze Frames were cancelled I started ollecting all the figures with freeze frames, I guess it was because it would be possible to get a full set and also since 12" figures came out in sets of 4 probably about 3 times a year so I needed something else to buy. I think there are 53 or 55 different figures released on FFs, I have 73 including variations. I've seen AFs and MMs during this time but never could see what would make anyone want them. Around 1997 I saw an AF Rancor, Virago and green A-Wing. I was very tempted to buy them but resisted the temptation. I saw Rancors and Viragos again and was again tempted and again resisted. Then it must have been in early 2000 that the big clearance sales started. The local TRUs had Action Fleet ships for 4.97 each and KBs had them for 5.99 each. I could no longer resist and picked up a few. The Green A-Wing and TIE Interceptor were the first ones I got. Shortly after that I decided to get more and so I started getting all I could. I was only able to get about 20 of the Afs from KB and TRU so I had to track the others down online. I checked different sites but had no luck, I then went to ebay where I got a few. I wanted the Defender, E-Wing, Sail Barge and a few others but they were each selling for about 30.00 on ebay at the time. I knew they would go down in price soon or that I'd find them for much less at TRU or KB in the near future. Well, that never happened and the prices, especially the E-Wing and Defender, steadily rose. I kept telling myself that they'd go down again and help off every time. I got lucky and struck a deal with SWAFMAN for a boxed but opened Defender. A few months later I broke down and payed 125.00 for an E-Wing and 105.00 for a MIMB Defender. I also discovered a few variations so I started collecting box and paint variations which I'm still doing. Well, after I had pretty much everything for AFs I needed something else to collect so I went to the Micro Machines. I now have a very near complete set of MMs. I still need some of the foriegn releases like the X-Rays and Mini Heads and any box sets released outside the US that I don't have. But today I finally got what I've always thought of as the hardest to get MMs, I got the Epic Collections 4, 5, and 6. Somewhere along the way I started collecting Star Trek MMs as well. I still only need a couple of the higher numbered sets to have them all and about 10 ships to have them all loose as well. I mainly got into them since they were MMs, I never really watched any of the Trek shows. I liked the Q and Borg episodes of Next Generation, but that was about it. I also got into Galaxy Voyagers MMs too. I never knew they existed until I saw Britcits site, I think his images were also the first I've seen of the Epics 4-6 as well. I have a very small collection of GVs, I only have sets 1, 2, 3, and 6 carded and set 9 loose and also a loose playset with the box. I'm not sure why, but I also wanted the Jonny Quest MMs after I found out the existed. GSJ was able to help me out with them and got all 6 carded sets for me. I have one of the playsets and have been waiting since November for the shipping charges for the Lighthouse playset which I won on ebay. Well, before I got into Galoob items I never understood why anyone would want any of them and now if it's not Galoob I'm not interested. I have every 12" figure and exclusive all the way up to at least the second Episode 1 wave and quite a few carded figures and I am not interested in any of them anymore. I did get a few other 12"ers though (the bounty Hunters and both Speederbikes [12.44 and 9.94 can't be beat for them]). I knew about SSG before I started collecting Galoob stuff and usually checked to see what was coming out. After I started with Galoob I found the MM forum and at first I just read messages, after a while I started posting, and now I'm still hear. The MM forum is the only part of the SSG I ever look at anymore, any info I need will surely be posted here.


02-15-2002, 02:32 PM
I've been interested in micro-machines almost all my life, I liked to get the army micromachines and have little battles with them, I was really young. Then I got my first Star Wars and Star Trek micro-machines, so as I already loved micro-machines, I had to get these since I was also a major Wars/Trek fan. Although over the years when I stopped being able to find Star Trek micro-machines when I could only find the Generations pack I gave up on'em, never got a collector set, and I never saw one either. I was interested in Action Fleet but at that time they were too expensive and even though I could easily find the Falcon wave and a couple Jabba Sail Barges actually sat at a Walgreen for I think almost a year, I never got'em cause I was concentrating on figures...

BC3, it's kinda funny, when I was getting interested in STMMs again and I was looking all over the net for a place to find them I stumbled across your site a couple times and one day I decided to check over SSG's message board to see if they've got any STMM info and was pretty shocked when I found out you and VT posted here.

02-15-2002, 03:45 PM
The Micro Machine community certainly is a small, small world.


02-15-2002, 06:21 PM
Or just really big but majorly compressed. :D

02-15-2002, 11:24 PM
whatever gave you That idear, gsj? ;)
it'd be nice if there was some mechanism whereby a person could type "star wars micro machines", "star trek micro machines" etc, and a direct link to this forum would come up in search engine results.
oh well, until then at least bc3's site comes up :)
all this nostalgia for the galoobb :rolleyes: bc3 must be wonderin what he missed, so: personally it was nice to've experienced it, but this place's Way more stylin :cool:
s43: this is the only ssg forum you read, eh? check out general sometime, it'd be great to see you chime in on the hump (http://sirstevesguide.com/vbportal/forums/showthread.php?threadid=2216&perpage=40=40&display=&pagenumber=1) (& that goes for the restayou crastinators too ;) ) so which stmms are you needing? any you got unneeded xtras of? (pardon if i've axed that last quextion previously & forgotten; such is the habit of a trade connection-maker ;) )
ltb: why shocked? had you previously hearda me or bc3?

02-15-2002, 11:47 PM
VT: I'll be sure to check it out soon, I just took a quick look but will take a closer look later on. I have a loose lot of STMMs on the way from Germany. They should have been hear a while ago and so I'm getting a little worried about them. If they do make it to me I think I'll just need 3 STMMS, the Kazon Torpedo, the Array, and Sisko's Bajoran Sailing Barge, if not I'll need a lot more. The only carded sets I need are 13 and 16 and I do have all three boxed sets. Hmm, there is a fourth loose STMM I need the Ent A from the first boxed set. Hopefully I get the loose lot from Germany, one of them is an Ent E and I'd hate to have to buy another one. Hmm, there is a Star Wars set I'd like to get which I haven't had any luck at all getting. The Ewoks on the gray striped card is the only Star Wars set I believe I still don't have (at least out of the US carded sets). I've seen 2 on ebay that I've noticed. One I meant to bid on but as usual forgot about it until it was already over and someone got it and a few other sets for 5.00. The second time it was included in a lot of about 15 sets. I got the high bid on the lot, but the reserve wasn't even met. I kept increasing my max bid just so I could get it but I had no luck. After it ended I e-mailed the seller to see what the reserve was but he never let me know. Whatever it was it was ridiculously high. It ended no where close to my max bid. Oh well, if you can track down a gray striped set of Ewoks it would be greatly appreciated. I'll try to put a list together of my extra ST MMs soon. RIght now most of my extras are from the low numbered sets, but when I get the lot from Germany I should have a couple extras from the higher sets.


02-16-2002, 12:22 AM
....for me. I started doing the x-wing flight sims and one day at WallyWorld I saw an Action Fleet X-wing and Vader's TIE. I thought they looked great and snapped 'em up and set them atop and around my monitor while playing the computer game for "inspiration." More AF ships started appearing at the same store, and I bought them as they hit the shelves. I soon stumbled across the buzzboard. I posted very seldom, the one post I recall the best was when they asked for ideas for other AFs and I suggested military models to cash in on the lingering popularity of military hardware in the wake of the gulf war. This woulda been in 1996, I'm pretty sure. I never got any replies to my post, and whether or not Battle Squads had already been planned prior to that, I don't know. I do know that all the Battle Squads boxes I checked have 1997 or later dates. But there had already been military MMs (small) by that time, I think. Anyway, all my ships were openers for the first couple years (and it seemed like the same four Sandcrawlers remained on the shelf at my local store for that couple years). I went through a patch where I kept buying new ships but never got around to opening them until I had about 6 or 8 boxed ones. Next thing I knew, I had a decent start on a collection of boxed ships and decided to go for a relatively complete boxed collection. That was when I found SSG's mm forum.......

02-16-2002, 01:46 AM
As a kid in grade school, I had many a Micro Machine taken away because the tiny cars (and later trains) were "disruptive". Luckily, my mom got most of that stuff back from the mean ol' teachers since she did pay for it. As I got older, I kept my eye on the MM product line and started getting into the pre-Trek/SW Space MMs that Galoob was putting out (Galaxy Voyagers and some line with little robots IIRC), and when I moved to Glendale, AZ in '93, I'd take a trip to the TRU (which wasn't that close) at the mall and check out the new toys. In late '93, I made a quick pass by the MM section to see what was in and the first 3 Trek and 3 SW sets capture my eye - I couldn't believe how cool they were. I was too broke to buy them all, so I bought the ANH and ESB packs and the Trek Movie pack and checked out all the details they had on the bus ride home - these were the Trek and SW toys I had been waiting for all my life, before the MMs, Trek ships had been fairly poorly represented in toy form and SW ship toys had fallen completely off the radar, but these toys were light years ahead. I was so thrilled, I had these displayed on their cool stands and then bought more when I moved back to LA the following year.

A couple years later, I'm broke as can be and on a trip to the then-local TRU (there's a closer one now) and was just wandering around when I spotted the Action Fleet ships... all of 'em! I flashed back to when I was a kid playing with my Die Cast Snowspeeder (which was roughly the same size as the Action Fleet snowspeeder) and immediately bought the Snowspeeder, X-wing, and Darth Vader's TIE Fighter. It took me a long time to pick up the others, but once the 2nd wave came out, I had enough money to complete buy 'em as soon as I saw 'em.

In '96, I finally got a computer and access to the internet, and two of the first sites I visited were the Galoob site and SSG (the old one on Jedinet). After a while, I ventured into the buzz board and the rest is history.

02-16-2002, 04:03 PM
.... that I am definitely into collecting ST mms..so it's not just AF and replica props :)

:stupid: me, almost forgot, and after all BC3s kind help and gifts.


Lowly Bantha Cleaner
02-16-2002, 04:08 PM
I have my brother to thank for my Star Wars collecting madness. I was too young to collect the original Kenner line (I was 3 when ROTJ came out) but I have been big fan of the trilogy all my life. What happened was in late 94' my brother received as a gift a MM Hoth Battle playset (the one that comes with Han on the Taun-Taun). He showed only lukewarm interest in it, playing with it the first couple of days but very soon it was relegated to the closet of misfit toys. A few weeks after I was at a TRU and saw more MM Star Wars toys (I think they were the inital 3 packs). I bought one at that time, brought it home, dug out the Hoth scene and had a battle royale.

Ever since then, I have been collecting MM Star Wars, taking a brief respite in late 1997 to mid-late 1998 when I quit collecting them (and missed out on a few AF ships like the Falcon and Landing Craft as well as the E-wing :( )

When Ep1 came out I cut back a bit, neglecting to buy most of the AF and those stupid podracing sets. But I have, I'd estimate 90% of the entire Classic MM and AF line as well as maybe 60% of the Episode 1 line.

Looking forward though till late April when we see the AF EpII as well as the classic ships.

02-17-2002, 06:26 AM
well I have always been into models , but unfortunatly I have never been very good at them .:crazed:

I have always been interested in the ships from star wars and out of all the stuff I have , what is mainly on display , is the ships .

Around 98 - 99 I had been realling alot of the expanded universe at the time and thought it would be cool to paint up some X wings like they were discribed in the Rogue Squadron books .

So I picked up a few of the AF ships , but they just kind of sat in the corner . Then I discovered the die cast ships that came out and started buying these when I saw them . Also since I collect die cast cars , I figured this would kind of be the best of both worlds , die cast and star wars . Still missing a couple from the second series though .

After that I found out about some of the action fleet stuff that was out that was never made in other scales , like the rebel blockade runner and the tie bomber ( well I knew I couldn't afford the vintage one ) also stuff that had only been out as vintage vehicals up to that point like the B-wing , tie inteceptor and a-wing .

I continued reading the expanded universe stuff and when the tie defender came out , I think that's what really peaked my interest , then when the big clearance at TRU and KB happend , I went crazy with the stuff . I went a couple times a week and would pick up at least 4 -5 ships everytime I went .

I was really happy too because I already had some of the tougher ships and the stuff that showed up on clearance was mainly stuff I hadn't seen around in a while . Then I got really lucky on a couple occations , found the Falcon assortment on clearnace at KB one day , and found a stack of trashed boxed sandcrawlers at K-mart on clearance . so after all was said and done I only needed to find a nice box sandcrawler , virago , and rancor . I finally found the rancor at a flea market mint loose for $1 , so that had to come home with me .

Figured I would just get the classic trilogy stuff though , I wasn't all that into EP1 as a whole , so I never really got into anything from the movie .

I was really sad to see this line disapper though , AF and the die cast ships as I still need the tie bomber , a wing , snow speeder and the landspeeder . I managed the DS 2 at a drug store for $3 , picked up the slave 1 and the ESB MM 3 pack from a friend for $10 , and got the Executioner on ebay not to long ago for $8 shipped . But those last couple have really been a hassel tring to track down .

Still hoping that AF star destroyer will see the light of day though .

02-17-2002, 08:32 AM
I have been a collector of AF/MM for almost...2 weeks!! Seriously. Since the age of 6 when I went to see the first screening of ESB, I have been collecting and displaying every SW figure produced, vintage and modern.

I use ebay for all my purchases of SW as it is impossible to find any Kenner/Hasbro merchandise in this pokey city of mine.

2 weeks ago I was browsing ebay for a birthday present, as it happens, and stumbled across a mint boxed Republic Cruiser AF going for a pitiful sum of £5, so I bought it simply because it looked very well made and accurate. With the packaging discarded it was duly displayed. Stunning vehicle!

Previously, I steered away from collecting vehicles because of the availability of space factor, but I will no doubt ensure these will be accommodated with ease.

To date, I have 9 AF vehicles: Sebulba's podracer, Trade Fed. MTT, Slave I, Sandcrawler, Republic Cruiser, Landspeeder and AT-ST and finally the A-Wing fighter.

I am still scouting around for reasonably priced AFs. :)

02-17-2002, 10:33 PM
I started collecting Micro Machines back in 1986 when I visited the nearby Toys R Us. I had never heard of these toys but I found their great detail irresistible. I was collecting them for several years and actually sent Galoob a letter telling them to make Star Wars, Star Trek, Bat Man, The Terminator and some others in Micro size. I never received a reply and don't even know if they received the letter. In 1991 I got a job out of high school at the same Toys R Us and had first choice when it came to Micro Machines. I remember reading the truck manifest one day, Micro Star Trek? I was there when we first received the first shipment of Star Trek Micros, I was excited. I worked in the warehouse so I was able to get what I wanted and actually had some of the Managers waiting for them as well. When Galoob came out with Star Wars Micros, I felt that my wishes were answered. Yes!, Micro sized Star Wars vehicles. I wish Galoob was never sold, imagine all the other Micro Machines they could have made! Although Galoob is no more, I do appreciate the artist and designers who gave us the many greatly detailed quality toys we have today.

I can't stop collecting Micro Machines, I'm addicted.:crazed:

02-17-2002, 10:56 PM
. . .anytime they stop making them, that is :dead: if they makes em, i buys em. if they don't, i don't. what could be simpler? :happy:
before mms i usedta collect an occasional model or larger toy spaceship. hardly ever now (in fact i've given away or traded most of the ones i had). the detail & economy (space And $$) of mms have pretty much spoiled me on any other format of scifi vehicle depictions :)
ok s43, get back to me anytime re tradin :)

02-18-2002, 04:20 AM
I am Dutch and I was visiting New York around the time The Phantom Menace came out, just because it took the movie another 6 months to get to Holland and I just couldn't wait. I was really appalled at prices for Star Wars toys then, and that combined with the realy poor paint jobs done on most (if not all) of them made me decide I didn't want to buy any of these figures they were selling. Of course that ment I ended up not getting a Star Wars memorabilium from my trip to NY.
So, when me and my girlfriend (she's american) wandered into the local KB store about two years ago. my main intention was to see what kind of Star wars toys they had that would make a great souvenir. She pointed a bunch of Action Fleet vehicles out to me that were sitting on the shelves for an incredible low price. There were a couple of different ones, all from the classic galoob line. I really was unsure about buying all the different ones they had but she convinced me.
Then we walked into a Toys 'R Us and they had more for even lower prices. I had the good sense checking out the Toys 'R Us website and bought the early battlepacks and the playsets as well. All in all, when I had to go back to the Netherlands I left a suitcase at her place and brought a cardboard box on the plane instead. I opened everything up to fit it all in as I knew I was gonna display them proudly out of the box anyways. Of course they singled me out at customs and had the box scanned, but I was persistant in telling them it was way less than $100 value and they let me through. At home I found out that, to my surprise, a "Sebulba's Podracer" I picked up just a month or so before in Holland was from the same line of vehicles.
I scouted ebay, read websites, and bought stuff 'till my collection was pretty much complete. You guys have no idea what size boxes arrived from the States at my doorstep in the Netherlands (I had my girlfriend repackage all of the stuff to save on shipping). Soon I ran out of display space, and I had a special display cabinet made with a shelf size that fits an open playset (one of the old three) and a row of vehicles around it.
I find myself looking at it a lot and sometimes just taking a toy out to check out it's play features. The display cabinet is getting too full now and I am affraid I won't be able to fit the new releases into it. And worse of all (or best, depends how you look at it) I have to ship all my stuff back to the states as I am getting married to my girlfriend in September. Hey, you don't let the girl go that hooks you on Action Fleet!

02-18-2002, 06:01 AM
Hi everybody, here is my story.
I have always been a Science Fiction fan and, over the years I collected quite a big SF library
(still increasing) at home ( :) ), but my biggest regret has always been not to have SF models to go with my books (a part from the Dinky models from U.F.O. and Space 1999 TV series). :(
Then (it was 1995 I think) I found the ESB SW MM collection in a shop in Sanremo (Italy) and I immediately thought: "Here it is: my SF model collection!". :happy:
At that time there were just 3 SW MM collections, then their number increased and I decided to collect them all. :)
When I was still looking for MM collections I found out (in 1997 if I am not wrong) there was another scale of SW MM: Action Fleet! The details on the models were great, so I decided to collect also AF vehicles. :D
Eventually I ended up collecting X-Ray and Die-cast too. They both are of the same scale (and a very good scale, imho), and you can have the same vehicle both in metal (and it is "heavy" in your hands!) and in an innovative "look through" representation! :cool:
So "why do I collect?". Partly because I like to look at the vehicles, to find out the details, to arrange them in movie scenes; partly because I really would love to be able to collect all the vehicles and their variations. :) (Luckily I am not interested in packaging variations) My final goal is to create my own web site, putting together pictures of the vehicles (in the different scales) and technical notes about both the model and the vehicle itself. :happy: (I am a big fan of the old Han Solo's site, and of bc3 and r2 sites) I am quite near to complete my vehicle collection (still missing just AAT and MTT MM variations, A-wing and Imperial Shuttle AF internal hinge variations and, of course, Epic 4-6 collections), but the web site is still far from being realized. :(
During these years I have been lucky to find funny and friendly people (and maybe a little bit crazy like me :p ) who shares the same interest, at first on the Galoob's Buzz Board and then here at SSG's forum.
The only regret I have is about all the money I spend on eBay: I always feel quite guilty about that, thinking that money could be used in more useful ways. :( But the idea to create my own web site is still driving me! :D

P.S. Currently I began collecting LEGO SW kits. They allow an awful kit builder like me to build his own SW vehicles! :cool: If you never thought of LEGO SW kits, I suggest you to give them a try. :)

02-27-2002, 10:50 PM
I was born in January 1976 so Star Wars was the biggest influence on my entire childhood. I mostly collected the figures because that's what my allowence could afford me. I only had a few full-size ships that I got for presents but I had all of the small die-cast ships since they were in my price range and could be played with in the sandbox and woods without worry of damaging them.

When Kenner/Hasbro put out the new line of Star Wars figures I was torn. I was 18 and broke and couldn't decide if I should buy the figures and look like a geek to any girls I knew or satisfy the urge to reclaim a childhood thrill. I decided that not looking like a geek to girls was more important, but I made weekly trips to the local Payless to check out the figures.

In 1998 I was working as a graphic designer at a small publishing company. I became really good friends with a salesman named Dave at the company who happened to have a 6 year old son. Dave invited me up to his house one evening and I met his son, Kevin, who instantly asked me to come up to his room and pass a level in some game for him (he'd heard stories of my game playing prowess). As I entered his room I saw a sight on his dresser that made my jaw drop. He had about 15 small Star Wars ships that looked exactly like my old die-cast ships. I called Dave into the room and asked him where he got these awesome little ships. He told me that he'd been buying them for Kevin for a number of years.

The next day I went to every department store in my area. I wasn't able to find a single ship although I did pick up a couple of Battle Packs. I kept my eyes open for them but didn't have much luck until one lucky day when I walked into Target and found a shelf with about 40 AFs on it. Target must have had a few cases that had been lost in storage. I went home with about 10 different AFs, including Jabbas Barge, the E-Wing, and the Defender, and I had no idea that any of these were more rare than the others.

I finally got wise one day and starting checking eBay for the remaining AFs. I found the E-Wing selling for over $100 and since I didn't really care for that ship I sold it on eBay to give myself enough money to buy up the Afs I didn't have.

I am now a die-hard AF collector. I collect some 3/4 figures, mainly Jedi, Sith, and all types of Stormtrooper, but AF is my the collection I just can't do without. I have them all stored in boxes right now but I plan to build a display case as soon as I have a house. I am no longer worried about letting girls see my collection of Star Wars stuff. I got over it after I started collecting SW toys again and I realized that any girl I was going to date would have to accept my boyish hobbies. I met my wife 6 years ago and she never once thought I was a geek for collecting Star Wars toys and comic books although she may be surprized to see just how many boxes of toys emerge from my closet when we finally move.

Huckleberry Josh
02-28-2002, 06:09 PM
I got some micro machines stuff for Christmas one year along with an AF Tydirium . After that , I became addicted and couldn't stop collecting SW mm.

02-28-2002, 06:41 PM
Well. I got into Action Fleet vehicles a couple of years ago when I saw an Action Fleet Shuttle Tyderium in a guy that knows room and I thought that it was neat looking. So then I went out and bought a Action Fleet Tie Fighter and a Cloud Car at KB's buy one for $9.99 and get a second for 1 cent sale ( I was shocked to see that deal!).
And Micro Machines I never got to heavy into. I love MM's but I still to this day DO NOT OWN
ANY MM'S THREE PACK'S! And that just sucks.

03-01-2002, 02:01 PM
"I sold (ewing) on eBay"
- :cry: i trust you've seen the light ( since? ehhhxcellent :happy:
cool, another denVeriTe :) maybe you'd care to join us when me & ws meet up at fs in 2 weeks (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=4200)? whether you'd have anythin to trade or not (feel free to bring along unwanted xtras just in case ;) ) it's always fun (http://twinsuntimes.com/toyforce/vttime.htm), & who knows what other remarkable sights (http://twinsuntimes.com/toyforce/sabretooth.htm) might be a part of the day :)

03-01-2002, 03:36 PM
I'm definitly not a scalper if that's what you are implying. =)

I am a big-time "anti-scalper". I hate the practice when it comes to anything (toys, concerts, sports events). I think it's one of the scummiest things on Earth. I don't think what I did was "scalping" because I didn't know the value of the E-Wing and didn't buy it with the intention of selling it. I finally decided to sell it because I think it is totally ugly, and I figured I'd rather be able to buy the rest of the ships I needed than own the ugly duckilng of the AF line. I felt more and more guilty as the bidding went up and I've never sold an AF since. I even found a group of Skyhoppers, Sandcrawlers, and Sail Barges at another Target a few months later and left all of them on the shelf for someone else because I already had them.

I've actually been mulling over creating an Action Fleet website so I could find other AF collectors. The intention would be to have a place where we could post want lists so other collectors could help complete our collections. The basis of this would be "no markup allowed". You'd be helping someone, not trying to profit from them, and others would in turn help you. I have since found this forum so I'm not really sure if I even need to build a site to find AF collectors to trade with anymore.

I'd definitely be up for meeting the Denver AF collectors. We can all benefit from having "collecting buddies". Tell me when and where when it is finalized. I work at home so I can meet anytime.

03-05-2002, 10:20 PM
. . .it looks like our 15:30 mm council mmeeting a week from thursday (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=4200) is all set. lmk if any quextions, i'm ez to spot, see you there- & bring xtras for trade :D (& of course, if ar2 &/or dee2 can make it, they're always welcome to show as well :) )

03-06-2002, 10:27 AM
....one of the denvattendees would have a laptop with PC digicam & cellular modem to transmit live feed of the meeting to the rest of us geographically-disadVanTaged forummers.