View Full Version : Anyone know of a McDonald's Happy Meal toy site?

El Chuxter
05-19-2008, 05:09 PM
I wanted to find out what toys McDonald's has with their Speed Racer Happy Meals.

mcdonalds.com has nothing. On a hunch, I tried happymeal.com, which also is run by McDonald's. Despite purporting to show the toys, I can only see various images from the movie. After dealing with that joke of a Flash-induced nightmare for five minutes, I gave up.

I know of the Mach 4, the GRX, and Taejo's car (don't recall it having a name), and I think Racer X's #6, the Mach 5, and the Mach 6 are all given. From the press release, there should be two more.

There are also "girl-centric" non-car toys from the movie as well. No idea what these are.

To quote the greatest genius of The Phantom Menace, "Any hep here'd be hot."

05-19-2008, 05:12 PM

It's all there.

El Chuxter
05-19-2008, 05:15 PM
You are my hero.

Those fashion accessories look pretty frigging stupid.

And that Mammoth Car isn't so mammoth when it's the same size as the other cars.

The only real disappointment, though, is that Snake Oiler was the "bad guy" he dealt with the most in the movie, and his car isn't among those available.