View Full Version : Halo wave 2 exclusive figures-help please.

jedi master sal
05-20-2008, 10:35 AM
Soon wave two will be out. I'm going to need some help securing the exclusives this go around as they are many.

If you can help me out with Halo 3 figures I have a short list to look for. All are exclusives (with exception to the last one). The first wave was scarce in my parts and I had to resort to eBay. Something I did not want to do.

Here's the short list:
WAVE 2 due out around June ( I only need one of each with exception to the last one in the list):
Spartan EOD (Blue)-Wal*Mart Exclusive
Spartan ODST (STEEL)-Game Stop Exclusive
Spartan ODST (CYAN)-Wal*Mart Exclusive
Spartan E.V.A. (BROWN)-TRU exclusive
Spartan ODST (Black)-this one is the only non-exclusive one. I need 3 of these

Blue colored for Wal*Mart (selling theirs for $9.99 each), Brown colored for TRU (selling theirs for $11.99 each), and Steel (grey) colored for Game Stop (selling theirs for $13.99 each).

Any help would be greatly appreciated and of course I'll pay cost plus shipping so there is not cost to yourself in the end. Don't make a special trip on my behalf, just whenever you happen to be on a toy run, if you could check the Halo stuff.

Thanks to any and all who may help.