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06-09-2008, 12:33 AM

Northern Michigan.

Walmart....No Star Wars for the past 4 months.
Meijers....No Star Wars for the past 4 months.

Target in Muskegon. Battle Rancor. Last One. Nothing Else!

Here it is the middle of June, middle of the year, and only one Wave has ever reached us. WTF.

We don't even get Walmart Exclusives up here. None. Ironman Exclusive? No. Hulk exclusive. No. Starwars 2 packs. No. It sucks. I had to order the Cantina Sets Site-to-Site.

Pet Peeve #1. Why do people put VHTF on ebay items, and when u do a search for that item, there are over 1000's of them on ebay.

07-10-2008, 11:52 AM
The new legend Star Wars just showed up yesterday at Walmart. The Shadow Trooper, Utu Trooper, Secret Ops, and others. Only one set.

Also today I picked up the new battle pack from Walmart, and it was only $15.00..Some starting to trickle through finally. No Droid Factory, or Comic Packs yet though....

Funny Money
05-09-2009, 09:27 PM
Hello all,.

I was hoping one of you board members in Grand Rapids could help me out. Here's the story. I live in LA and I recently won three 'Star Wars' auctions from one of the Grand Rapids Goodwill stores. The B-Wing, X-Wing, and Y-Wing from '84... (old beat-up boxes included!)

Here's my problem, The store listed EACH item at twenty pounds! They also state, "No combined shipping allowed". That means they are charging me over $120.00 to ship three SW toys to me!!! With the economy the way it is,.. I just can't do that. Ugh!

They do offer an onsite pick up. I was hoping someone could pick up the three ships, and send them to me. I'd pay S&H of course. (Even gas money if needed)

IN RETURN,.. I am going to attend the San Diego Comic Con this year. I'll pick up and ship any exclusive items you need (as long as I can get a'hold of it) You can paypal or send a check to me for the SDCC items.

I know this is a huge favor but I have helped out other collectors in similar situations. I hope someone can help. If not, I am open to any suggestions you guys can offer...

Thanks in advance,

This is the address of the Goodwill Store,

3035 Prairie St. S.W.
Grandville, MI 49418