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06-12-2008, 11:54 AM
Well, I have decided to start a thread on favorite Star Wars line. There is bound to be a big difference between collectors, so some general guidelines here. As you post your favorite and least favorite Star Wars line, please state the type of collector you are i.e. carded/loose, 3.75/12 inch, etc. Also explain why you like or dislike certain lines.

Carded (mostly, some loose) also collect non-US carded figures
3.75 inch
also collect some "high end" stuff

Favorite lines 3.75 inch:
OTC (Canadian)
POTF2 OC (Canadian/Italian)
POTF2 FF (Canadain)
POTF2 GC (Canadian/Italian)
POTJ (Canadian)
POTJ (European)
POTF2 CommTech (Canadian)
POTF2 CommTech (US)
TAC (Canadian)
POTF2 Expanded Universe
EP1 (US)
Clone Wars

Least Favorite 3.75 inch:
Saga 2002-2004

"High End" Favorites:
Gentle Giants - Statues/Mini-Busts/Bust Ups
Kotobukiya Statues
Master Replicas

As far as most of the other stuff, I am sort of indifferent.

Notice that I am most partial to the foreign carded stuff. Mostly because I am a carded collector and I like the unique look of the non-US carded figures.

My least favorite line by far was the Saga blue carded stuff. Not only do I dislike the look but the figures themselves seemed to take a turn for the worse, cheap soft plastic makes them difficult to redeem even when opened. Hence, "carded" issue aside I found little interest in collecting that line. Though I suppose the same weak plastic issue can be said of other lines, it really makes little difference when they are kept carded.

The ROTS line bugged me as well. I really did not like the design of the new cards and bubbles.

I have to limit my "high end" collecting and have stuck to the GG and Koto's because I like the high level of detail and they have focused mainly of the coolest characters. Master Replicas has done an outstanding job of producing prop replicas, though I find the price to be difficult with my budget, so I have to be VERY selective about what I buy.

I never really got into the 12 inch (plus) lines, though Marmit, Medicom and Sideshow have put out some fantastic stuff and I have considered picking up a few of my favorite characters.

Anyway, what are your favorite and least favorite Star Wars toy lines? Why?