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02-15-2002, 07:41 PM
So, what is your personal most and least favorite 12" figure, and why?

I haven't decided what my choices are just yet, but 2 possibilities for most favorite are Bossk and Capt Tarpals. I'll get back to you w/ my final answer.

02-15-2002, 11:10 PM
this is gonna be hard, because there is so much good and so much crap. the worst are the female figures with the barbie doll bodies, except the portrait editions which were very well done. the furry chewbaccas are also horrible, but so is the plastic one.
the pit droids and battle droids are a waste of plastic.

my favorites:

electronic boba fett transplanted to a new super joe body and removable helmet and head that resembles jango.

ponda baba. i know he was a shelf warmer, but he looks really cool out of the box.

bossk. very well done. very accurate.

jedi luke with bib fortuna.

leia bousch head and costume transplanted on a g. i. jane body.

chancellor valorum, episode 1 obi wan, maul with speeder,

but my number one favorite is the biker scout and speederbike. oh yea, i also put the uniform on a super joe body and gave him a removable helmet.

02-16-2002, 02:00 AM
There are a lot to choose from in POTF2 but since this is POTJ, I'm a bit more limited. Bossk is a great figure and the Speederbike and Biker Scout is a fantastic overall set.

On the loser side:

I didn't even bother buying 4-LOM, but I also avoided Luke w/ Yoda and all of the Death Star Trooper wave. However, 4-LOM still looks like crap to me, so that one is my pick.

02-16-2002, 10:47 AM
I am just going to combine them all POTF, POTJ, EPI.

IMO the worst one is the Chewbacca with no real hair version. I absolutely HATE that figure. I know a lot of people like it better than the real hair ones. I don't like the cowardly lion look either but this other version of Chewbacca looks terrible to me. It really bugs me that we don't have a kick-arse 12 inch Chewbacca.

It's really hard to pick the best one. I really like a bunch of them. There is not one for me that stands out as the overall best one like my pick for the worst.

I really like Jedi Luke with Cloak, Snowtrooper, Tusken Raider, Biker Scout, Bossk, Tapals with Kaadu and others.

I will give it to Luke in X-Wing Gear. When his helmet is on him that is.

02-16-2002, 12:07 PM
The best 12" figures are Bossk and Ig-88 for thier detail, R2-D2 with tools and Snowtrooper I just love this figure, the only thing that he needed was a scale blaster with tripod, so I gave him one, check it out.

02-16-2002, 12:15 PM
Here's another shot of Snowtrooper with custom gun.

02-16-2002, 12:20 PM
I forgot about the worst, it would have to be the Jawa, EP1 anakin and the first Vader.

02-18-2002, 08:17 AM
I actually think the Jawa is pretty good, but you have to not only remove it from packaging to enjoy it, but you also have to pull the hood WAY over the front of the figure's face. For some reason, the hood doesn't want to stay way out in front and slightly over the face of this figure, probably due to the stitching, but if you can get the fabric hood pulled forward, I think the figure looks very accurate.

I also really love R2-D2 with tools, funny how it and the other Wal-Mart exclusive astromech, R5-D4, are really fantastic figures, yet Wicket (the 3rd in the wave) is really bad.

BTW Turbowars, cool e-web cannon!

02-18-2002, 11:40 AM
My favorites are Death Star Trooper, Yoda, Mace Windu, Sebulba, Darth Maul & Electronic Boba Fett. I think the worst ones are Battle Droid & EPI Anakin.

02-18-2002, 02:29 PM
I have to give the medal to Bossk. He just owns. The all-important head sculpt is beautiful. The hands and feet are nice, and the costume is amazing! The detail on the costume is just beautiful. He's got all those little plastic and fabric accessories. There's enough articulation, and the over-all appearance is just perfect.

Other favorites are the Tusken Raider which looks fantastic (but could really use elbow joints--especially if he's to hold that gaffi stick up!), Bib Fortuna and electronic Vader.

Vader looks really, really nice over-all. Sure the mask isn't quite right, but that's to be expected, I guess, considering they had to have it come apart in the 3 pieces, and fit a human head in there. And that head is awesome! Poor old dying Anakin is captured perfectly in that sculpt. The details are amazing; the facial features, scars and paint. The costume is fantasic. The cape is the weakest point on it, but with the updated version in the Sith two-pack, they added the chain which looks pretty cool (though should be black, if we are to nit pick further...). He looks great posed.

Darth Maul was also done very well. I'm rather fond of the first Yoda.

What sucks? Well, quite a few as you well know! No particularly hated one comes to mind. But I will say this: I'm mostly a fan of aliens at this scale, and Greedo was at the top of my want list. He just didn't come together for me. The sculpt had detail... It just didn't look good. Remember how the first modern 4" Greedo suddenly didn't look so accurate when COMMTech Greedo came out? Yeah well, 12" Greedo just doesn't pull it off. And the costume is ghastly!

Who's idea was it to make a leather flight suit look like satin pajamas...?

Awful. The vest that, in the film, looks almost like a life jacket, is a flimsy little affair on the figure. The pastel orange boots look little juice bars without the popsicle sticks. Even the hands suck. They look like they were sculpted for a Playskool Greedo.

Hmm. Maybe I do have a most hated 12"...

02-19-2002, 03:04 AM
This was TOUGH!

I narrowed it down to these five. Curiously, most are from ANH.

GREEDO -- One of my favorite OT characters. I just love the design of this creature. And the weirdness of the hands just works for me. Not perfect, but still very fun. And the costume never bothered me.

R2D2 AS JABBA'S SLAVE --- The only flaw is that the glasses could be removable. This is one I always wanted done as a 3 3/4 inch figure as a kid. I'm still waiting, Hasbro!!! Get to it!

BARQUIN DAAN --- I never could find the Walmart versions, but this guy was good enough for me. Great Head and Hands. And his instrument is groovy to boot. Also, another figure I REALLY wanted as wee little lad.

PONDA BOBA -- Removable arm! Great sculpt. And a very movie accurate costume details.

and by far, my favorite number one figure is . . .

R5D4 -- Great details on this one. Very movie accurate. And no stupid missle either. Now will we ever see this guy done properly in the 3 3/4 inch line?


HAMMERHEAD and SNAGGLETOOTH. Then the original cantina four from the vintage line will have been transformed into 12 inch versions . . .

02-19-2002, 03:38 AM

Best (single figure): Snow Trooper
For good detailing and overall best look, this Imp warrior's hard to beat.

Worst(single figure): Satin Jammies Greedo
I agree with vadersfist, that costume is awful and I hate the gun (you know, the one he shot first with? har...har..) molded in his hand....

Best (set): Han Solo/Tauntaun
Yes, the bikerscout & speeder bike come close to knocking this set down a peg, but nothing that's come out since took my breath away like seeing this set for the first time, and it still looks good...

Worst (set): Han Solo/ Carbonite Block
Now, the carb block is pretty cool, but this set contains the most hidious head sculpt of Han yet. It just looks BAD. The same ugly Han head also defaced that KB trilogy set the same year...

Honorable Mentions:
The jawa, the R2 units (especially the dirtied down one from the TRU set), and most of the Imp figures...


Best (single figure): Darth Maul
The first release of this character was the best...better than the ricktus grin/sith speeder one or the oops! I crapped my pants split-apart one. He looks great hood up grasping his saber handle with both hands in a ready stance...

Worst (single figure): Watto
It was a shock to see the action collection version of this character look so awful after the superb regular figure...hey, he was blue but not THAT blue....

Best (set): Capt. Tarpals & Kaadu
I'm sure Target took it in the shorts carrying this set, but I'm glad it saw the light of day. Great detailing & coloring and it just looks cool...kudos to Hasbro for doing it....

Worst (set): None
There were only four multiple sets of EpOne figures...the Pit Droids (which most may consider as one because of their size), the Valorum?Senat Guard set (which I though looked pretty cool) and the Qui-Gon/Amidala set (which was considered part of the Protrait series, but managed to contain the best rendition of Jinn..properly scaled to the rest of the figures!) All n' all pretty decent offerings...

Honorable mentions:
The above mentioned Qui-Gon from the Portrait set & the Boss Nass...he's not perfect, but it was cool to see a special effort in a regular figure...special body n' all....


Best (single figure) Bossk
Like everyone's mentioned....the sculpt, the detailing, the uniform...sheer perfection.

Worst (single figure) 4-LOM
Yeah, I don't know....this guy kinda fell flat, from the oddly detailed head to the inability to effectively carry his gun, this one doesn't work.

Best (set): 100th Luke
Great package, lots of accesories. Nice job all around.

Worst (set) Endor Luke with Speederbike
Ugh. Almost everything about this set is recycled (with the exceptions of the poncho & head sculpt). Oh well...

And now on to AOTC....which, if the pictures floating around are any indication, is going to be as hit-n-miss as the line has always been....
We'll see soon enough....

02-19-2002, 03:10 PM
The 14" Electronic Talking Vader with Removeable Helmet is still my far favorite of the 12".

The Bikerscout and Speederbike set was darn good though!

Han Hoth on TaunTaun's release made me start collecting 12" - and I raced to catch up on the sets I'd missed from before.

As a group I love all the bounty hunters, using the Electronic Fett as a member of this group. The completion of all the 12" Hunters was #1 on my Star Wars Most-Wanted List (out of everything) and upcoming Dengar and Zuckuss look great!

Episode One figures that impressed me were Obi-Wan, my favorite, and the Maul on Sith Speeder turned out nice. I also like Beautiful Braids (Tatooine) Padme, and the Interactive C-3PO.


What did I dislike? - The first Vader from way back when with shrunken head and way-too-short body. Passed many opportunities to buy this one. The blue Coruscant Guard could have been much better, too.

I wished I hadn't passed on the R2D2 with Tools. At the time I figured I had 3 others, Electronic, Sailbarge, and Regular...now I want it to put with my E1 figures... (p.m. me if you see a good bargain on that R2 with Tools - under $25 please, loose complete, or boxed).

What do I want the most now? Jabba Guards in 12" scale - especially Weequay and the Gamorrean I'd hoped for, and Lando.
I also want Mr. Calrissian as a General. An Oola / Jabba set would be great! If they make the rumored 12" Max Rebo Band set, I'm buying. Yes Hammerhead, an Arcona, a Gotal, and definitely a 12" Labrina would be awesome!

For Episode One, I was holding out for SENATOR Palpatine, Nute Gunray (and hopefully Rune Haako), Darth Sidious - electronic would be a plus, and some more Pod Racers.

Rumors for planned E2 12" include Plo Koon and Ki Adi Mundi, so I'd buy 2 of each, one set for a Jedi Council scene. SaeSae Tiin, Adi Gallia, or Eeth Koth would be nice, but my guess is Kit Fisto is expected to be really popular, so for an E2 line, he'd take priority. Again, as I brought up E2, CHANCELLOR Palpatine and some Geonosian 12" would be awesome! I expect we'd see Zam Wessel, too. Hopefully her speeder would not be too big to do as a 12" ship, and it'd be a cool set! Anakin's speeder, likewise. How about a 12" Jedi Starfighter?

02-19-2002, 03:20 PM
Out of the OT characters, I would have to say Boba Fett is my fav 12 inch character.
I dont have the electronic one from KB, but I wouldnt mind getting it (some stores still have these).
Another one of my favs is Slave Leia.
Im sure I do not need to explain why.
Also like Han on Taun Taun, Snowtrooper, and Jedi Knight Luke.
Oh, one more.
Electronic Vader and Obi Wan.

From EP1, my fav is a tie between Obi Wan and Darth Maul.
I also like the Royal Elegance Amidala, but I wish they had given us a real 12 inch Amidala like the rest of them.

02-19-2002, 03:50 PM
Alright, I've finally decided what my favorites are.

Favorite: Bossk. The attention to detail with his sculpt and his costume is top notch. A close 2nd is the electronic vader. I would probably put in here the Scout/Speeder Bike, but I don't have it.

Least fav: There are a few good choices, but I'm going w/ Adm Ackbar. His costume is pretty bland and, like most of the collectors series, he's not as "fully poseable" as they claim. That's a complaint that I have with most of the line though.

Another honorable mention is IG-88,except I feel he's out of scale. In the movie, and on the packaging, he looks like he stands a foot or so taller than the rest. Hasbro/Kenner did a good job with IG's and Bossk's likenesses with each release- 12" and 4".

Tycho- I agree with you about Dengar and Suckass. I've been looking forward to them for the past year. Just a few more months!

02-19-2002, 04:32 PM
The 12" IG-88's legs pull out so he stands over a head and a half taller than most other 12". Try it!

I suggest a doll stand you should be able to get for $1.50 at Walmart in their crafts section to keep IG from slipping, as the legs do not lock in their tall position.

This feature was really made so 88 could fit in the standard size packaging for 12" figures.

(BTW, the doll stands work great for other 12" figures, especially the Barbie-like Padme / Leia figures that don't have flat-footed boots on their feet).

02-19-2002, 05:06 PM
My favorite of the 12" has to be the Han and Taun-Taun with the Biker Scout and Speederbike a very close second. The worst has to be the electronic 12" Episode 1 Darth Maul. I put money down to reserve it, but when they did I decided to take the loss and not buy the figure.


Megs 2
02-21-2002, 12:40 PM
The worst, the 1st ed. Vader w/the oven mittens. What were they thinking. But not to change the subject how many different faces can Hasbro make for the 12" Han Solo line?

02-21-2002, 12:43 PM
I forget the Biker Scout cos he came and went. I don't have him, but he looks real nice.

In other news, I'd really like some Marmit stormtroopers.....