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06-19-2008, 10:38 AM
Well, I think I'm done collecting the 3.75 inch stuff.

I have come to the realization that I just don't have the room for it all anymore. For a while I had boxes and boxes of my Star Wars toys sitting in a climate controlled storage shed. Then I began to realize that I was seeing less and less of my collection.

After an almost 2 year hiatus from collecting, due to military schools and deployment, I have come back and discovered that the thrill is gone. I had originally thought that I would just go online (read ebay) and buy complete sets, but the sheer size of the collections will kill me, and then how often will I be able to see and appreciate the collection?

I still plan to collect the Gentle Giants and Kotobukiya stuff, but Hasbro is out of the picture...though I may buy the new version of "cinema scenes" those clever 5 packs with re-hashed figures preset into cool little diaramas. Those can still be displayed without worrying about taking up too much room, especially if I stick to just the ones I want. I really like the one with Vader and Han on Cloud City.

A few years back I had to get rid of my vehicles because they were taking up too much room.

I know the "just open them all" speech. The problem is I have a loose collection already, and still nowhere to display them.

I will probably spend the next several months weeding out my collection until I am down to a few complete sets, OCT, FF, etc.

However my main focus for collecting will now be with Gentle Giants. Saving money on gas and Hasbro collecting will easily allow me to get those busts/statues I have been wanting for a long time. Kotobukiya will be my other focus, I will be focusing on the Bounty Hunters this year.

I have a pretty good collection from both companies already. I tend to stick with OT characters in both lines, except the Bust-Ups, which I want in complete sets, and the exclusives are reasonably priced.

Anyway, from this point forward no new (or rehashed) Hasbro figures for me.

Maybe once I have retired, and found my dream home I will get back to collecting. If I have a good sized basement to display it all with room left over I may hit e-bay again and buy some complete sets. The one thing collecting has taught me is that nothing is truly so rare anymore that I will not be able to afford it later.

So that's it, I will still be here on SSG for many years to come, but my Hasbro collecting days are over.

06-19-2008, 10:45 AM
I feel the same way, collecting for me comes in waves.....it's tough not to get run down I feel, although I do like what will be coming our way in 2008, Yarna, the Lego DS, the BMF....all great pieces....hopefully some cool Ultimate Battle Packs....but it's a tough hobby to keep collecting.

jedi master sal
06-19-2008, 11:44 AM
I hear ya SK. I'm dramatically drawing down my collecting and how much I'm spending on it. I've cut my budget in half this year and will do so again next year.

Nearly 98% (or roughly so, ha ha) is in storage. Like you, I'd like to SEE it. During the summer I'll look to selling off some of my unwanted portions of my collection. Hopefully that would mean a smaller storage space as well.

Anyway, congrats to you on your decision. I think it's one many of us have been or are just now starting to grapple with.

It does take a small amount of courage to step away from something that you not only loved but have invested countless time and money in.

Mr. JabbaJohnL
06-19-2008, 04:34 PM
I, too, currently have most of my stuff in storage. The only things that are out are things I have bought since we moved here in February, but that's still over 60 figures and several large ships/beasts. I really miss seeing everything out, maintaining it, just looking at it whenever I want to. But I might not be able to get it out for a long time. Hopefully it will still be fun when I get everything out again . . . I'm still enjoying getting new stuff, but with the semi-lull currently, even that's not fantastic. Ah well . . . just five more weeks and two days until it gets back in full swing.

06-19-2008, 05:20 PM
This long lay-off has me backing off as well. I plan to get certain figures and stuff, but I dont even know if I want an AT-TE or Falcon at this point.

Darth Jax
06-19-2008, 06:09 PM
i was financially forced to give up collecting last year. i've slowly gotten back into it, but only pick up what i really want. right now that means more joe's than SW figs. i have more than enough vaders and so i'll buy one the new removable helmet but that'll be the last one.

Old Fossil
06-19-2008, 08:45 PM
I still buy the odd SW or GIJoe figure now and again, when and if I find one I don't already have. The last figure I bought was a Cobra Viper, and that was almost two weeks ago. The last SW figure I got was a Legends Ep.2 Clone Trooper a little before that.

Not enough space and not enough money and (increasingly) not enough interest in what's coming out. EU and game-based figures are fine for some, I guess, but I don't read SW books and don't play SW games, so they have little if any meaning for me.

I find that I actually can muster up some nostalgia for figures based on PT characters.:rolleyes: Po Nudo was one of those.

06-20-2008, 07:20 AM
Welcome to the crowd, SK. Between the ridiculous layoff and an even more ridiculous "movie" coming out, my interest in SW has never been lower and I really don't see it being piqued again by anything short of an Ani/Padme anal scene in the rererererelease of RotS.

06-20-2008, 07:07 PM
It's been a long time since I've bought a figure that I've been excited about. Mostly I've just been buying them because I think I might regret it later if I pass them up and I can't find them again.

Maybe I'll spend this year trying to convince myself to NOT buy new stuff rather than trying to convince myself that I "need" the new toys. It's the 25th Anniversary GI Joe figures and the upcoming Transformers that have me the most excited right now.

I'll wait around to see how the new A-Wing and the 2-piece removable helmet Vader turn out. Also, to see if Hasbro ever gets around to making Kithaba, the Grey Leader Y-Wing Pilot and a new Gamorrean Guard and Admiral Ackbar.

So I can't say that I'm done just yet, however, my interest in Star Wars is on life support and I'm getting ready to pull the plug.

06-24-2008, 04:13 PM
I too have found my interest drop in a big way. The layoffs don't help, and it seems that when I have the money to buy, there is no product, and vise versa.

I recently sold off a huge chunk of my collection to a friend, and only kept the things I wanted the most.

Aside from the BMF and the B-Wing, I doubt there's too much more I'm going to pick up this year.

06-24-2008, 06:25 PM
I might be "done" buying a lot of what has come out lately, uh that would be almost nothing anyways.

I'm done hoarding, done having everything Star Wars, done army building, (well maybe mini platoons) done being a carded collector (the cards are gonna suck anyways)done being suckered into the many repaints, done with figures that are just made up out of nowhere (the umpteenth clone battalion)

So there is a lot I'm done with, It will save me some money, but I can't say I'm completely "done" collecting. I will never be done with enjoying what I have already (though it needs thinning) even if I never bought another thing.

El Chuxter
06-24-2008, 10:32 PM
I can't honestly say I'm done yet. However, there's so little that really interests me that's coming out anytime soon, it's hard to get excited about it.

06-25-2008, 12:19 AM
I can't honestly say I'm done yet. However, there's so little that really interests me that's coming out anytime soon, it's hard to get excited about it.

I guess that's pretty much where I'm coming from too. And as I said, usually when the new stuff comes out, I'm broke.

06-25-2008, 07:55 AM
today I plan to get some of my doubles, that I had planned on opening, and displaying, and take them down to the "Relay for Life" cancer walk, and selling them at a silent auction. It helps raise money for the American Cancer Society. Last year I sold a tray of about 10 figures for $70 and all that money went to ACS.

Darth Cruel
06-26-2008, 09:55 AM
I always hate to see people dropping off from collecting. I love it a lot. I am also cutting back almost completely from buying from Hasbro for now. But I will be getting my house built soon and it will include all the room I will ever ned for my 3 3/4" and 12" collections. I'll be on it strong again soon.

06-27-2008, 02:02 AM
I think right now, I'm kinda leaning toward just collecting the main characters from the OT, Imperial troopers, Mandos, and Rebel pilots, and certain vehicles. That way I can focus on some of the high end collectibles I've been wanting to get, and also free up a bit of cash for some of the other lines I like to collect.