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06-21-2008, 09:15 PM
In the last year I have purchased two new 17 inch HP Pavillion laptops. One for me and one for my wife. I really like their laptops, quality products and excellent prices. I did a LOT of research before deciding one which laptop to buy. For the money and available options, HP just couldn't be beat, IMO.

In any event, we have both been very pleased with our computers.

A couple of months ago my wife informed me that our daughter has really taken to computers. She has been working with Photoshop, going online to play games, watching movies and really getting a lot of use out of her dvd's bonus features.

Then my wife tells me that she has asked for her own "windows based pc".

Again, I did the research, I wanted something that she will get years of use out of and it had to be around $600 or less.

Amazingly, I found a system with Vista Home Premium (SP1), AMD TL-60 (2.0 GHz dual core), 120GB HDD, 3GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce 7150 graphics chip set, built in web cam, built in wireless and a DL-DVD burner. All for the low price of $598! Yet again it is an HP Pavillion, this time a 15.4 inch laptop.

Now for the crazy part...my daughter is six years old!

Before I get blasted too bad let me just clear up a few things. My daughter is fully capable of performing many tasks on computers, she is more computer savvy than her grandmother (which isn't saying a whole lot, but it's something). I have observed her closely over the last couple of weeks as she uses other peoples computers and she is very careful with them and is quite capable of handling DVD's. My wife and I monitor her computer usage and keep her away from inappropriate web sites when connected to the internet.

She is not allowed to use the computer without close supervision and her computer time is limited.

Also the computer will be in a common area of the house for now. Perhaps as she gets older we may let her use it in her room...without internet access. She will not be allowed to move the computer.

In all reality, it's not "her" computer so much as it is an extra computer for the family, but she will be the primary user.

So am I crazy for getting her so involved with computers at such a young age? Is it crazy to basically "get a six year old her own computer"?

06-21-2008, 09:41 PM
Its not crazy for her to be interested in them and getting into them at a young age. I dont know if I would buy a 6 year old a computer. I dont know her, but it is ultimately your decision on it. If she seems to handle the responsibility, then go for it.

06-22-2008, 12:44 AM
So am I crazy for getting her so involved with computers at such a young age? Is it crazy to basically "get a six year old her own computer"?

If you're crazy, then so am I. My wife and I purchased a computer "for the family" when our son was not far off from 6 years old either (this was probably around 1995). We knew he would be the primary user, but we didn't care as we had purchased a lot of educational games for it as time went on. It was a good thing we did as those dern machines have taken over and it's pretty much expected that kids are proficient by the time they start school.

My wife is a third grade teacher and has a bank of PCs in her classroom. 99% of her kids are highly proficient with the use of the computers. Obviously, due to the exposure to those machines at home. Most kids your daughter's age already know their way around a computer. To "keep up with the Joneses", it's pretty much a forgone conclusion that a kid will have access to and become computer savvy at a very young age for school.

No, you're not crazy. You're smart to give your daughter the tools and skills she will need for school sooner than you think.

Mad Slanted Powers
06-22-2008, 01:07 AM
Indeed, you would only be crazy if you weren't appropriately supervising her use. I used to go into AOL chatrooms a lot, and many of the people in there were teens, and I wondered what kind of parents they had that let them be on the computer so much and so late at night. Then they would be talking about smoking, drinking, drugs, partying, sex and all sorts of stuff like that. Talking about those sorts of things might not be a bad thing, but it sounded like many of them were actually engaging in those activities. These days, computer education needs to include lessons about using good judgement and making wise decisions. That way she can learn to protect herself from internet predators, whether they be sexual predators or scam artists. You also want to avoid situations like that one that was in the news a while back where this girl got smacked around by a bunch of other girls, or other cases of internet bullying.

06-22-2008, 11:31 AM
Nah its fine. People are learning to use 'puters sooner and sooner these days. I remember rocking the open Apple closed Apple all those years ago.

06-22-2008, 02:08 PM
Not crazy, at least you supervise your daughter, unlike so many parents out there who dont care(or dont realize the potential danger).

06-23-2008, 03:56 AM
Well I AM crazy. :crazed: So don't you think you should get my opinion on the subject matter?

I mean, here on SSG you have the opportunity to converse with a real lunatic.

Though I really need to have him over to lie down on my couch for a full-analysis, my initial impression of Sith_Killer99 is that sadly, he is actually most rational, normal, well-adjusted, reasonable, and sane.

Now I do have some tips with which he can correct these problems.

Please report to me when you have amassed what you think would be an adequate amount of Mouse Droids so we may begin treatment. Also bring your own copy of Michael Bay's Transformers.

Dar' Argol
06-23-2008, 06:22 AM
I don't think your crazy for allowing your daughter to use the computer at such a young age. My daughter has been using the computer since she was 4 . . she's 7 now. What I do think is a little extreme is getting laptop for a 6 year old. I think that's a little excessive. A desktop would me more appropriate. First off, there is no chance of a "accidental" dropping as you really don't move a laptop. Second, if you daughter is into Photoshop and what not, that interest will only grow. Having desktop that is easily upgraded is more cost effective then a laptop that is not. Third, you say you monitor your daughter online but the truth is kids will find ways to get to places online that their parents do not want them to go. With the mobility of a laptop that is possible. With a desktop it can be located in a central family room where it can be monitored easily. Plus wireless allows you to connect anywhere there is an access point. With a desktop, if you don't want her online . . disconnect the ethernet cable.

I think its great that your daughter is picking up on computers at such a young age, but I think a laptop might not be the right choice for her. My daughter loves using the computer, to play her webkins, to play her educational games. But she uses the computer in the living room so we know what's she's doing. She will not have a computer in her room for a good long time and she will not have a laptop until she is at least a senior in high school.

But of course these are the opinions of a computer geek father . . take it as you will.

Mad Slanted Powers
06-23-2008, 09:04 AM
Well, you can get one of those chains that can secure a computer so she doesn't move it.

06-23-2008, 08:03 PM
I agree that for most people a desktop/home computer would be much more practical in many respects. However, having a home is a luxury we are not always afforded. Over the last 2 years our household good have spent about 21 months in storage and we have moved around a lot. A few months in Ohio, Texas, Colorado, etc.

This is one of the major drawbacks to an active duty career.

We do have an older desktop system, but it hasn't been used in 2 years because it's in storage. I like desktop systems because they are generally cheaper, easier to upgrade, more durable, easier to repair, etc.

However, with all the traveling we do, it's just not a good fit for our lives.

I understand the drawbacks, like wi-fi control and her ability to use it anywhere she wants. But there are ways around that, we will keep it locked with a cable lock...not that we would have to worry about her moving it, she's very good about stuff like that. As for wi-fi, we don't run it in our house, I'm a hard wired guy all the way, too paranoid about open networks. Also, there are plenty of ways to disable the wi-fi....especially for a guy who's lives and breaths electronics.

Anyway, for us, the only way to go was portable.

BTW, I am planning on turning our old desktop PC into a home server/network attached storage device.