View Full Version : The NEW wave was within my grasp TODAY- 7/9/08...ARGH!

07-09-2008, 06:33 PM
Went to my local Bozeman, MT Wal-Mart today and BAM! The NEW wave of Titaniums was sitting on the pegs! A full case!

Included were (and I am doing this from memory- will explain in a sec):

-2 Red ARC 170's with Logos on the wings (Different)

-2 Green AOTC Jedi Starfighters (Different than old paint job- light blue painted-over window)

-2 Red Republic Gunships (Both were Gray and Weathered! Different!)

-1 AT-OT (DIFFERENT paint job- similar to the old one though)

-1 AAT Attack Tank- Blue and Gray!

-1 Trade Federation Droid Fighter- Blue with the Traingle Markings- different!

-1 Republic Attack Cruiser (from WAY back when- RED version- similar to the old paint job but different)

- ... damn- there were 2 more but this was all I can remember- ANYway-

I went to go checkout at the Fastlanes (Self-checkout) with them and BAM!

"Item is restricted. Please set item aside and a Wal-Mart associate will help you"

They. Took. Them. Away. From. Me. :cry:


HOWEVER! I have seen and held them and let me say one thing-


There is a shiney foil sticker on top that says "Star Wars"- and it was all wrinkled and bubbly on EVERY ship.

Then, there is a shiney foil sticker on the bottom of the bubble that features the old "Titanium Series" logo- ALSO all wrinkled and bubbly on every ship.

Finding ANY ships worthy of display in-package will be nigh impossible- either the stickers are not cut right or Hasbro does not care.

I am thoroughly disappointed in the new packaging. Period.

The ships- though they were ALL repaints- were cool to see!

I have been STARVING for new Titaniums since I completed the last wave- so it was nice to see them on the pegs!

I know where I will be midnight 7/26- esp since I KNOW that my local store will have them :thumbsup:

Anyone else finding new stuff out by mistake yet?

07-10-2008, 05:31 PM
Bummer dude! Though I'm not afraid these will disappear after the official release date, seeins' how they are all repaints. I might pick up a couple, but I want the new ones like the Cloud Car and Base Star.

07-10-2008, 06:18 PM
Well, no Cloud Car or Basestar was to be seen yesterday.

I still for the life of me can't remember what the other 2 ships were...though I know I had 12 in my hot little hands for sure.

Needless to say, I might look on Ebay- seein's as how there HAS to be a WM somewhere that will sell them in advance to someone.

07-10-2008, 08:02 PM
I always go to those self checkouts by choice rather than the checker, because they always throw my GI Joes or Star wars in the bag like I'm bothering them or something. when I tell them to be careful of them, sometimes they are nice, but usually they get irritated. I had to yell at someone once for denting the corners.

Anyways, if I saw something that was on the shelves, to be sold to me the public, then they yank them away because they made a mistake, I'd be pretty mad, and they would hear about it. Even if I knew I wasn't walking out with them, they would know their mistake.
I'm just sayin' :mad:

Darth Duranium
07-11-2008, 03:47 AM
Nice one, Warstar. Thanks for the heads up, Bro. I kinda thought that they'd go for the TCW wave first.

I can't believe they actually took them away from you... how crap is that? Couldn't they put them aside for you and hold 'em 'til the sale date? That way you're guaranteed one of each at least.

I probably would have thrown the money at them and taken off with the 12 TS ships... you would not be breaking any law that I'm aware of. Then again, an armed response is not out of the question in the US, thanks to Chuck Heston and the NRA. It'd be worth a shootout at the checkout, IMHO.

Well, it probably wouldn't take much cash to bribe a Wal-Mart employee... hee hee hee... maybe you can get someone to liberate 'em for ya.

Damned shame that it's all repaints though... Mystery Phantom Wave 4 was much kewler, IMHO. Where's my frakkin' Basestar? Grrrr.

Were the other 2 ships you can't remember in these pics? Maybe the "sandspeeder" or landspeeder?


Strange that there's nothing on EE about the wave yet. Are these WM exclusives, I wonder?

Glad that there's something going onto the shelves, though. I'll check out my B&M shops tomorrow to see if they've leaked out there... they're a lot less concerned about ****ing off Hasbro than WM or TRU are, for sure.

By the way Warstar, I saw a 30th Anniversary McQuarrie Rebel Soldier WITH COIN at a local Brick and Mortar shop the other day... I think it was about $20 plus tax... might have been a bit more 'cuz they had a whole whack of different SW coin figs and my memory sucks. Anyway, gimme a shout if you're interested. Our dollars are about par, but I don't know if eBay pricing is any better.

07-11-2008, 03:26 PM
I saw some of these new ones at Walmart today. Some of the ones Warstar mentioned plus a repaint AT-TE. The foil label is crappy!

I didn't even bother trying to buy them, because I didn't want to get in a bad mood today. Another time.