View Full Version : Saga Legends AOTC (white) Clonetrooper

07-15-2008, 05:16 PM
So I broke down today and bought my first new figure in quite some time - there hasn't been much to buy, in case you were off someplace.

I "needed" the AOTC coin and another offer sheet for the Captain Rex mailaway so I splurged and bought a new plain white AOTC Clonetrooper.

Upon getting this guy out of the package I was down right appalled at how loose he was in a number of joints: head, torso and left shoulder to be specific.

I know tightness in joints can vary from figure to figure, but this guy is reminiscent of my childhood C3PO who could barely stand up due to extended play. My Trooper simply WILL NOT stand up straight as he wants to flop forward and his left leg is warped from the package.

Besides the overwhelming problems this guy should be a fine builder figure. He's based on the Clone Wars superposeable Clone torso as opposed to the (better) ROTS #41 body. The plain white decor remains the ONLY variation of these silly things I believe should have ever made the screen in any of the prequels, so I like the looks of him - but that don't make up for the looseness.

All in all, this figure is a super-cheap version of the all-white AOTC troopers provided by Entertainment Earth a couple of years ago (it has the holes in the soles of his feet) without any of the production quality. I'm lumping him in with the original Saga Sandtrooper from 2006 (that was actually improved in this same Legends collection which adds to my dismay here) as 2 of the worst good looking figures I've ever spent money on. Thumbs down.