View Full Version : The Legacy Collection Blues.....what Street Date?

07-15-2008, 06:38 PM
It seems that in more places than not, that Wal-mart has broken street date. In some places even Target has thrown out figures at a discount because of thier lack of attention to thier toy isles. It's the same with Wal-mart here in central florida. We still have stores with the black carded SAGA collection filling the pegs along with wave 1 of the 30th anniversary stuff. Even in one Wal-mart , and I am not making this up, there are still wave 7 marvel legends(TOY-BIZ) and if you can wrap your mind around this.....the Wal-mart nearest me still to this day has Van Helsing figures on the pegs at the regular price. I figure the way things are going with Wal-mart I will be writing to you in 2013 that there are still Indiana Jones figures Hanging on pegs here:whip:( that was a jab at hasbro for creating the biggest toy figure line flop in recent history). Like I stated in another post a few days ago, about the case assortments of the legacy waves.....don't get too excited.....as I went through the cases I got more and more ****ed off that all I was seeing was all the peg warmers from the last few waves of the 30th Anniversary waves re-packaged in the new legacy packaging. There is even 2 darth vader packaging variations with battle damaged Darth Vader(the pic on the front is either vader helmeted or unhelmeted.....and then you got find both with the first day sticker....AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!):upset:.More clone trooper re-paints are here, even the huge AT-TE comes with the same Clone trooper from the new clone wars figure wave 1(figure #5)....Hasbro could'nt think to include an exclusive pilot for getting $99.99 out of us for this vehicle. I have heard that the legacy wave is slated for 16 waves over about 14 months....looks like we will get about 22 new figures out of all this. What everyone needs to do is e-mail hasbro with a list of star wars figures that should never be made or re-packaged again , like C-3PO, R2-D2, Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, Lando Calrissian, Greedo, Lobot....you get the idea....those figures that the instant you see them we all know that there is the new peg warming figure. I know this is a website dedicated to Star Wars but I have a huge problem with Hasbro releasing the new wave 5 Marvel legends as a Target exclusive......this store chain cant re-stock to save thier lives and thier idea of inventory is one case per every three week period.....Its like they all just started running a store chain yesterday. The guy at hasbro who thought this was great idea should be fired as they will sell about 100x less figures this way. I dont know about all you people out there, but the Targets here are absolutely the worst stocked stores I have ever seen. I have a K-Mart that gets more than a Super-Target here. well......thats all I got.....good luck :thumbsup:to everyone toy hunting.
PS: Any unlucky Wal-mart fans out there with never anything but empty pegs? :mad:Ask a hasbro rep or a toy department manager what "no-replenishable" means in retail terms. Walmart only now ships to 'A' and 'B' supercenters...things like Star Wars exclusives, Spawn, Hellboy 2, and DC Universe.