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09-08-2010, 06:16 PM
I was always pretty sure Miss Lion was Aunt May's dog. Makes more sense that way - Peter seems like more of a cat person...

figrin bran
09-10-2010, 05:28 PM
I keep missing out on MU Archangel it seems as I keep finding Colossus, Juggernaut and AIM Soldiers. Worthington, show yourself already!

I picked up the Classic Iron Monger (blue one that uses the same body as Hulkbuster IM) at Target this morning.

09-10-2010, 06:43 PM
Hoo boy, am I glad I didn't buy Galactus at SDCC. TRU Culver City had the mainline version, same figure, just a box packaging, and packed in with him was a Silver Surfer on his board, and it was $50 for the whole shebang, cheaper than the SDCC version on card. Don't get me wrong, it's a cool card, but c'mon.

LF TRU has a few of those sets. Be wary of horrible paint apps on the Mark VI in that set.Yeah, I finally started seeing them, easy pass with that much slop and $27.

I saw a Mark VI light-up with an odd paint error, silver instead of gold on the biceps.

figrin bran
09-18-2010, 09:14 PM
I got Mystique at TRU today. It looks like TRU's are getting a 4 sided cube with Marvel toys and that's where the Mystique came from. Ghost Riders were completely wiped out though.

Phantom-like Menace
09-19-2010, 11:08 AM
I'm hoping to see that cube. I went yesterday, and they didn't have it. They did, though, have the Cyclops/Dark Phoenix and Dark Spider-Man/Dark Wolverine sets and an A.I.M. soldier (along with most of the other figures from that wave).

I went into KMart and they had the shipper that was supposed to have had the two single-carded drones. I guess I got there too late. The weird thing is there were only two small places for figures. Everything else was crap I just glossed over. It would have been nice had they had more room for drones.

09-19-2010, 07:58 PM
The Marvel cube has landed! I was able to pick up the latest wave of Marvel figures. This TRU also had several new Iron Man figures, but I passed on them. I had the Whiplash from the Target set and didn't see any of the individually carded drones. At a nearby Target, I was able to pick up a squad of AIM soldiers.

09-20-2010, 07:44 PM
I skim the marvel collection only really lightly, but one figure I do want is the Iron Man movie Nick Fury Figure. I've seen it in the toys r us set, but I've no interest in the rest of that set. Is there any word if its getting an individual release?

09-24-2010, 04:41 PM
I went to my local Toys R Us and every single Marvel Universe figure was gone. No cube, no spaces, NOTHING. the only thing I saw was the comic packs.

I guess they're setting up the cube soon. The Star Wars figures were set up in their new display, so I'm hoping they just hadn't put it out yet.

On the plus side, I did snag a Rhino figure that was just sitting there. :thumbsup:

09-27-2010, 12:53 PM
went to wal-mart Friday morning found every single new figure from the last 3 waves.

Scored the following.

captain Britain
Mary Jane
Ghost Rider
Multiple man
wolverine tech gear (passed on that)
Arch-Angel - regular
Havok - variant

A good Day.

10-01-2010, 02:20 PM
My local TRU has the latest wave. And every time I go in, they've put out another case, and all that's left are the carry forwards and Multiple Man.

I could make an army of Multiple Men by this point, but what I really want are the others! :upset:

And before you ask, I hate asking them to go in back. But I probably will next time I'm there. Also, I should take a picture of all the Multiple Men, because it's hilarious in a geeky way.

10-02-2010, 06:32 PM
picked up Ghost Rider and Mystique today at TRU in East Brunswick.... as well as a copper from Hot Wheels that I'm going to try and customize for Ghost Rider...

now hopefully Hasbro will be kind enough to give us a Marvel Universe J Jameson & Black Cat for our Spidey Universe and I'll be all set...

El Chuxter
10-02-2010, 09:03 PM
Target must've had about thirty AIM Soldiers today, and nothing else.

10-09-2010, 12:07 AM
Whoa. I totally forgot about the NYC Comic Con this weekend, and apparently there's some new figure reveals at Marvelous News (http://www.marvelousnews.com/index.php?catid=23&itemid=13554)!

Besides a clear shot of the Apocalypse (I hope those shoulder pads are removable), Cyclops, Gladiator, First Appearance Wolvie wave, there's also a Cable figure!!!! :thumbsup:

And there's some shots of the Captain America figures. Looking pretty nice.

Oh, and the Giant Size X-men box set that I was totally and completely wrong about many pages back in this thread. lol

Background Character
10-09-2010, 12:26 PM
Went to TRU today and saw the Marvel Universe Wolverine in the Special Ops outfit (forget the exact name) hanging right next to the WOLVERINE:ORIGINS figure of the same outfit. Checked it out harder and realized the new MU version is the same exact body as the origins version, but with a different head and paint scheme. Funny part is, the origins version is being blown out at $3.75 while the MU version is $7.49.

You guys have probably mentioned this already, but thought it was interesting.

10-09-2010, 12:34 PM
Yeah, it looks like the Origins figures are being put into use in the Marvel Universe line. I'm not positive, but I think there were other examples of them using the Origin Wolverine over the MU sculpt.

Also, the First Appearance Iron Man figure is going to be in an Avengers 3-pack that was shown at SDCC, painted gold.

The best part about them reusing the movie figures in the main line is that they can get away with higher tooling costs for the movie lines and then re purpose them afterwards for MU. Such as a correct short body for Wolverine, or more varied female sculpts.

The Captain
10-10-2010, 12:50 PM
I have to say I really like the World War Hulk figure. Does anyone know when he's due to hit the stores?

10-10-2010, 01:08 PM
BBTS says December. With the current Mystique/Multiple Man/Cap Britain wave, that's one more wave in between. (The Thanos/Yellowjacket wave)

10-13-2010, 12:44 PM
So I found the Galactus figure today at Toys R Us. its the regular version. Its huge and very cool, however i think i want the dark version.

The figure was 54.99 at the store, and the dark version is the same at BBTS.

The kicker is that with the online there is the 12 bucks shipping, but i wonder if the dark version will be at retail. Does anybody know if its going to be at the stores?

The Captain
11-01-2010, 03:43 AM
I like checking out this sight. I sometimes get information about what's going on out there around the country, so I will know what to expect here at home. It's been awhile since anyone has posted a comment. Is this sight dead?

Phantom-like Menace
11-02-2010, 02:39 AM
At least for me, I usually go elsewhere for Marvel news.

Plus, the big news for Marvel figures right now is the new 6" two-packs (Black Widow/Winter Soldier, Deadpool/Warpath, Hulk/Valkyrie), and while this site does have a thread in which we were talking about 6" product, it's been so long since we've gotten any, that most people probably don't realize it's there.

Otherwise, I've seen everything up to MU Wave 10 in my area (with the exception of the Skrull), so I still haven't seen Thanos and the other figures of Wave 11. As far as Iron Man 2 goes, I've seen evidence that there have been air and weapons drones in my area, but I missed them. Galactus is on shelves. I want him (especially since I pulled my ToyBiz Galactus out and discovered his skirt has finally faded), but I've been passing. I haven't gotten out to TRU in some time, so I'm hoping I haven't missed the new MU wave, even though I could probably be more or less okay with missing all of them.

11-03-2010, 10:26 PM
I don't really know of any good sites to get MU news, so I just check this thread occasionally to see what figures are coming up. I wouldn't mind finding an Archangel figure, but I'm not going to go crazy looking for him. I'll reserve that for if/when they ever decide to release a Beast figure (original or blue-n-furry, but NOT the lion version).

11-21-2010, 04:40 PM
Well, here's some news about Waves 3 & 4 from CTR.

Wave 3:
Dr. Strange

Wave 4:
Steve Rogers
Scarlet Spider
Dr. Doom

Phantom-like Menace
11-21-2010, 11:42 PM
These two waves are really going to save me a lot of money. I want X-23 for sure, and I'll probably take Steve Rogers. Unless I just feel like my Avengers roster needs Falcon, that's it. I suppose maybe I might see Darkhawk and really like him, but I doubt it.

11-26-2010, 11:15 AM
Picked up Marvel Universe Wave 12 World War Hulk and Modular Armor Iron Man figure at Florence TRU in Southgate (Los Angeles area) over night. They wouldn't ring up, but the cashier manually punched up the price for each. I still hadn't seen Wave 11 yet, but was happy to acquire these two. Spiderman 2099 was there in multiples, but I saw no others.

11-26-2010, 06:52 PM
I just found two stores were they had a lot of MU past waves figures;including 6 Archangels in one and 2 in the other.I picked up 2 green goblins and a green Hulk.

11-30-2010, 01:40 PM
IM2 drones are available again at HTS, along with blue Iron Monger.

12-02-2010, 08:51 PM
I was at Walmart today looking for more of the TVC ROTJ figures, but didn't find anything new. However as I was leaving the aisle I noticed that the MU section looked unusually full so I rooted through it and found Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Woman, Doc Samson and the World War Hulk figure.

WWHulk is easily the best figure I've ever seen from this line! I ended up purchasing two of them, leaving everything else on the pegs. I already have one Hulk opened, but I haven't decided what to do with the second one yet.

12-05-2010, 09:37 AM
Some of you may already know, and I suspected yet was unsure, but the IM2 $5 coupon that comes with select IM2 figures works on anything Hasbro. The caveat is you must use them at TRU and make sure the cashier is not too invested in his or her job. The total doesn't even need to be $20, as the coupon rings a $5 discount regardless. I have experimented on this for the past month at various locations and with various figures. You can also use more than one coupon at a time. The most I've used is 3 on one item. I ended up with a ton of the coupons a little over a month when I decided to army build Hulk Busters, Drones, Iron Mongers, Guardsmen, Crimson Dynamos, and Titanium Men during some ridiculous sale at KMart, where the figures ended being just under 3 for $10 after a birthday coupon took $5 off any purchase. I picked up over about two dozen figures and started paying with the coupons as I picked them up. I tried the coupons elsewhere and discovered the dynamics of their utility. If any of you have them around, give this a try. We've got until February to save with this program.

02-16-2011, 11:11 PM
I was able to pick up the entire wave of new IM figures off HTS today. If you are so inclined, use DISC10 to get yours at 10% off.

02-18-2011, 05:49 PM
havent been on here in a while nor have i shopped since the xmen wave colossus and kitty pryde wave. any sitings for waves after that lately?

02-21-2011, 09:07 AM
For anyone interested, the Thor movie toys are starting to show up. We got our first shipment of them at Walmart last night, but they have a street date of March 1st, so they went straight to the backroom. However, if you have any stores in your area that are notorious for breaking street dates, it might be worth checking them out.

02-21-2011, 10:14 AM
I only saw one Thor figure at TF that I'd get, Destroyer. I was hoping there would be a comic series sub-line, like IM2 has and Captain America will have. None of the movie designs really strike me as going with the other Marvel figures aesthetically. I've a feeling these are destined for clearance racks/stores.

05-03-2011, 03:38 AM
seems like the draw to this line died pretty fast or at least interest in this thread. I barely found an Archangel and guess where... CVS pharmacy. It was 11.99 tho wth.

05-17-2011, 02:32 PM
Got back into this series with the TRU exclusive Giant Size X-Men 6-pack now showing up. Dammit.

06-02-2011, 07:22 PM
seems like the draw to this line died pretty fast or at least interest in this thread. I barely found an Archangel and guess where... CVS pharmacy. It was 11.99 tho wth.

Personally, I'm getting tired of seeing nothing but Iron Mans and Spider-Mans filling up the MU section. Especially when both Iron Man and Spider-Man each have at least one dedicated toy line. Also the focus on the more recent characters and events in the Marvel Universe has hurt my interest as well. If they were to release more 60s, 70s, and 80s versions of characters, then I would be happy.

That being said, I did pick up the First-Appearance Wolverine the other day. Pretty awesome figure and I think it's the first Wolverine figure I've bought in this line so far.

06-02-2011, 09:17 PM
I've actually gotten into this line pretty heavily recently. I saw the 2 Walmart Gigantig battle packs last week, they are gone and gone from every Walmart that I checked nearby. I got the Goliath vs Thor set, unfortunately Thor was missing one of the wings on his helmet. That side is facing away on my shelf. I'd love to pick up that Loki and Frost Giant set but its magically disappeared. Maybe they will return?

I got some figs that I thought were pretty cool. World War Hulk is fantastic. I found Moon Knight and a bunch of others. I'm having fun with this line and hope they keep em coming. I still need that humungous Galactus, which look great on my shelf!

06-10-2011, 07:11 PM
I found most of wave 13 at Target with the exception of Scott Summers and Cable. I wouldve picked up Apocalypse, 1st appearance Wolverine and Gladiator, but the wife was there to give me the evil eye and discourage any shopping for myself. Its been a week... I wonder if I went back would they still be there... sigh..

06-10-2011, 07:13 PM
Got back into this series with the TRU exclusive Giant Size X-Men 6-pack now showing up. Dammit. Havent seen what this looks like. Can you upload a pic?

07-22-2011, 08:51 AM
Looks like we're finally getting a Beast figure! Too bad it's the cat version, but the figure still looks really good. I think my interest in MU has just been piqued again:

Also, Wonderman!

Still holding out hope that we'll see a Original X-Men set someday.

Daryl VayDar
08-09-2011, 05:56 PM
I've been getting some of the Captain America line, and decided to do my own "What If...?"


El Chuxter
10-05-2011, 03:38 PM
Man, these Cap figures are a mixed bag, eh?

I've been eying the Deluxe Hydra Soldier: Dark Threat for a while to use as the basis for a custom Cobra (an important chap in the comics who is unlikely to get a figure anytime soon due to a ridiculous abundance of hot pink in his armor). Since they're on sale at Target, I got one today. He is an excellent figure, despite the limits to his articulation.

I looked through the pegs and also saw Deluxe Captain America: Fortress Assault Mission had a really ticked-off expression that would work well for the figure, as well as some (re-used GIJoe) removable armor that might work. So I got him, too. This figure has about twice the articulation points as the Hydra Soldier, but, otherwise, it's a piece of crap, because this isn't 1999. I'll use the head, helmet, and shin guards (the chestplate is a bit small for the Hydra Soldier, and, well, the Hydra Soldier looks amazing from the back, something I hadn't counted on). Not sure if I can get as much use out of the rest of him as I'd hoped.

I might get another of the Hydra Soldiers to use, unaltered, as another Cobra heavy weapons specialist. Not touching any of the other Cap figures with a 10-foot pole, though. They're a step up from DC's Final Crisis figures, but not a tremendous step up.