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07-29-2008, 08:13 AM
I was considering how well the PT helped establish the evolution of the starfighters, or if it did at all.


We just saw N1's (with hyperspace engines up front) and Vulcher Droid Fighters.


The Jedi were using Delta-7 fighters that resembled mini-Star Destroyers. I need to check references to see who made these, but they're reminscient of Kuat Drive Yards' larger military transport ships.

The Geonosian Fighters used ion engines that were later incorporated in other vehicles.

The Republic Gunship added "S-foil" sort of wings to the arsenal and looks a little like Incom's style. Not sure though.

The Separatist Gear won't stay too relevant throughout the Star Wars saga, but whoever is supplying the laser power is shooting red (versus green), thus implying that the Tabanna gas or something being used is later a supplier for the Rebellion. Both factions fought to overthrow the government - one to Separate, and one to Restore the Republic, dissolving the Empire.

The AT-TE might be Balmorra Industries which later produced the AT-ST and AT-AT I believe. Anyway, the walkers have their own evolutionary line with many design variants like the AT-AP and the AT-RT.


The V-19 Torrent Starfighter continues with the large wing S-foil type of ship. The design might also relate to the Lambda class shuttles and landing ships, due to the center wing configuration.

Anakin modifies his Delta-7 style fighter to add hyperdrive engines, as the ships are otherwise dependant on front-loading hyperspace rings, adding engines to them, reminscient of the Naboo N-1s.


The Jedi Starfighter has evolved a better cockpit cannopy one assumes, with the "eye-ball" style which will be used again in even more modern ships.

Someone like Raith Sienar must have been eyeballing the Torrent, though I don't believe it actually was Sienar. And the V-wing resulted by putting solar pannels on the S-foil wings of fighters and switching to ion drives to power them. Hyperdrives were not included on these interceptor crafts.

Incom's high point in working WITH the government was probably the ARC-170 fighter. Its non-solar-powered S-foils split into multiple stabalizer wings and the craft had multiple uses as a bomber, a flying fortress, and a fighter. Incom would later leave government contracts behind it and most of its staff would defect to the Rebel Alliance.


Incom's arrival with the Rebellion brought with it the X-wing fighter. A smaller version of a fighter ship like the ARC-170 with all the firepower controlled by a single pilot in the craft versus a larger crew. The X-wing proved a very superior fighter.

The Y-wing was unrelated to other ships.

Sienar's TIE Fighters were the natural evolution of the "eyeball cockpit" merged with the V-wing's solar powered S-foils and ion engines. They were mass-produced to overwhelm attackers and enforce patrol zones, with no hyperdrives and no shields. Like a lot of Imperial gear - it was made on the cheap, to dominate by numbers versus technology (in a fighter anyway).

The Star Destroyer continued to evolve from Kuat Drive Yards changing and altering designs from the Republic Cruisers and so forth.


The AT-AT was the pinnacle of the walkers, but if 4 legged machines were faster than 6 legged ones, they were less stable and vulnerable to grappling harpoons.

The Snowspeeders were converted air speeders made to operate in cold weather. They're unrelated to other craft.

The Twin Pod Cloud Car seems to have some resemblance to Geonosian Fighter technology.

The TIE Bomber continued the TIE program.


The TIE Interceptor was the answer by the Empire to pack more firepower onto fighter ships. Now a TIE could carry missiles and fire quadrangled lasers from the wing tips, equaling the firepower of an X-wing. The Interceptor was the most deadly of the government sponsored starfighters when it attacked in numbers.

The A-Wing might be related to the old company who manufactured the Delta-7 Jedi fighters, it has similarities, but improves the design with more firepower and hyperspace engines, plus more manueverablitily with its flight flaps.

The B-wing was a joint effort of the Mon Calamari and ex-Incom employees to take a design like the X-wing's, and convert an s-foil ship into a very powerful assault fighter capable of flying in multiple formations and carrying a wide variety of armaments. I'm not sure if B-wings can out-perform X-wings in all areas concerned, but they definitely carry much more firepower.

I would say the OT ships DID improve on designs until you arrive at the X-wing and the TIE Interceptor. B-wing fans can make a case, but I'm not altogether sure about that. I prefer the X-wing.

07-29-2008, 08:35 AM
There is actually a backwards progression in technology if you compare the prequels to the OT. For instance, fighters that just hover in mid air on Naboo versus fighters that require landing gear on Yavin.

However, that is not necessarily unrealistic, technology doesn't always progress forward. I believe that the enslavement of the galaxy and the extermination of the Jedi at the end of Ep3 is a reasonable explanation for why technology would take a giant step backwards.

Plus with all of the divergent cultures and races in Star Wars, it would be almost impossible to track any kind of linear progression in technology.

07-29-2008, 09:22 AM
I believe you mean "the intelligent design" of the Starfighters.;)

Darth Jax
07-29-2008, 10:52 PM
we should've seen y-wings with the housing on their engines and more importantly should've seen the prior version of the x-wing - the headhunter.

kuat did the early jedi fighters as you were thinking. sienar did the shuttle along with all the TIE products.

the v-wing was designed by Walex Blissex and the imperial cruiser Venerator class was designed by Lira Blissex. The Blissex corporation was responsible for the a-wing

07-30-2008, 02:52 AM
Anyone want to enlighten us on the Republic / Imperial cruiser ships?

We have AOTC - and the big ships we saw on Geonosis and taking off from Coruscant at the end of the film.

Then we have the red-striped ships in ROTS that Obi-Wan and Cody utilize.

Finally, at the end of ROTS, we have all gray Galactic Empire ships.

In the Droids cartoon, the pirate Kyebo steals a ship that might be similar to the AOTC version.

In the novels, there is a Victory-Class Star Destroyer. What is that? I took it to be an older design than the Devastator.

Then in ANH there is the Devastator and I think that class of ship is what we see throughout ESB and ROTJ.

Finally, in ESB we are introduced to the Super Star Destroyer, exemplified by the Executor - but not limited to it, as there are others built to that size.

So which is the Venerator Class? Victory Class? Imperial Class? What are the ships used by the Clones in AOTC? etc.

07-30-2008, 08:47 AM

We just saw N1's (with hyperspace engines up front) and Vulcher Droid Fighters.

I think the ship that Qui Gon and Obiwan first show up on is supposed to help establish an evolutionary line to the ship at the opening of A New Hope.

07-30-2008, 08:56 AM
While that's true Neroleptic, the Tantive IV actually appears in the prequels, as it's Bail Organa's ship in ROTS. By ANH, Leia has red government markings replace the blue color scheme on the outside of the hull, but it's the exact same ship. Corellian engineering...

Different company than that which made the Millennium Falcon, though.

07-30-2008, 09:12 AM
Corellian engineering.

Interesting that you mentioned that company, because I was just thinking about it after I posted.

That's the same company that made the Millenium Falcon right?

If so, from the look of the inside of grevious's ship when he is going into his escape pod, I wonder if that company also played a hand in makeing the big capital ship he was on at the beginning of ROTS. Maybe not the entire thing, but perhaps sections of it?

07-30-2008, 09:35 AM
I don't know. The EU expanded the description of Corellia. There are 3 species that live there:

Selonians (like Trolls)
Drall (like big beavers)

I would think that at least one or more species are not native, but colonizers at some point back in history.

All are technologically advanced.

I believe the Selonians and Drall are both "tunnelers" who live in underground developments.

You know the tunnel-like, rounded hatchways on the Falcon? It would seem to suggest a Selonian influence in engineering. At the same time, the Blockade Runner had some of that - though less of it. I'm not sure if Corellian Engineering built both ships, but now that you brought it up - that's really possible.

The Republic obviously did business with them in the early years - buying ships such as Qui-Gon's cruiser and Chancellor Valorum's ship.

I believe Palpatine's cronies that got later contracts caused the shift in government business to Kuat Drive Yards and Sienar Fleet Systems.

Back to Star Destroyers, there is some issue whether another company besides Kuat built some of the captial ships, in predominantly the same style. Maybe Kuat just copied their plans, or personnel transferred from those companies to go and work for Kuat? I'd have to look it up.

The Trade Federation Freighter Crusiers (which they armed since the days of the Naboo blockade) were made by another company.

I'm not sure about Grievous' "Invisible Hand." I think those were Rendelli Star Drives - as the ships lineage also worked to produce the Dreadnaughts referred to in Timothy Zhan's novels. I think they also made the Imperial ships, of which at least one of them was captured and made into the Rebel Medical Frigate where Luke had his hand replaced. But for better business policies (at the expense of the greater galaxy, no doubt) I think this was one of the companies Count Dooku convinced to back secession from the Republic - and no doubt the company's founding homeworld, which was undoubtebly economically dependant on the company (Rendelli or some other). They were probably part of the Corporate Alliance faction.

The CIS' member-worlds were in bed with:

The Trade Federation (Niemoidia) - shipping conglomerate, inter-galactic FedEx.

The Commerce Guild - perhaps the intergalactic stock-market (Merril-Lynch, etc.)

The Corporate Alliance - manufacturing such as the Geonosian's BakToid Armor (is that the Geonosian company?) Anyway, Battle Droids, Super Battle Droids, etc. There were also the Tank Droid, and I think the Hailfire Droids originated there, perhaps the Homing Spider Droids and the smaller crab droids, etc. Also the Geonosian Fighters, obviously.

The InterGalactic Banking Clan - Muunlist, San Hill's people who made the IG Droids (IG-88, Magna Guards, etc.)

The Techno-Union - Wat Tamblor's people. They made electronics and battle system computers, etc.

I'm not sure who produced the AAT Tank. There's a lot of fun fiction to discover there.

07-30-2008, 11:04 AM
*vulture not vulcher

the tantive in ROTS is different to the tantive in ANH. the radar dishes are different. the gun emplacements are different. there are subtle differences all over really. might be the same ship but it's definitely been refitted by ANH. bulked out and more heavily armoured. even the engines are refitted. there's a lot more junk added to the exterior hull in the way of piping and odd boxed off stuff. the ROTS version is quite sleek in comparison to the uglied up ANH version.

07-30-2008, 11:19 AM
I don't know if it is the same ship or not, honestly. It could be, since it could be argued that it's got 20 years of updates, repairs, re-fits, modifications, and plain old wear and tear on it by the time we see it again, but it could also be a different ship all together. Or perhaps even an older ship than the one we see in ROTS.

I like to think it's the same ship, since it was one of the few things I liked about the prequils in general . . . but that's just personal biast.

Darth Jax
07-30-2008, 06:48 PM
AAT was done by Baktoid armor as well.

And don't forget, at least according to Rogue Planet, it was Raith Seinar that came up with the early design and idea for the death star.

07-31-2008, 12:10 AM
The Death Star:

Qui Xu?
Raith Sienar?
Poggle the Lesser's Geonosians?
Grand Moff Tarkin? (well, he sold Palpatine on Raith Sienar's idea anyway)
Who else?

The Death Star was such a major project, it's difficult to pinpoint WHO was working on it.

Why did the Separatists have the plans anyway? Did Raith try and sell them to both sides? Was Dooku using that to bolster confidence in his promises? Would Dooku have gotten the Death Star built in order to obliterate Palpatine and rule the galaxy as the President of the CIS? Who knows what was really going on at the heart of Sith machinations?