View Full Version : Cylon Basestar Jumps Past The Red Line/ Outrider Banished To Outer Rim

Darth Duranium
08-16-2008, 12:28 PM
Thanks JT and actionfigs.com for forwarding the questions! Mystery Phantom Wave 4 Lives!

Hasbro: Right now our plan is to just focus on Star Wars for the assortment for 2009 and beyond. We do not do comparisons across licenses, but we're very glad to have had the chance to produce some great Battlestar vehicles. The Cylon Basestar will be the last BSG Titanium vehicle released, coming out in the last wave this year.

Woo hoo... woot woot! It was looking like Hasbro were going to wind us up for months and then leave us without the Basestar (like the Outrider). Looks like there will be at least one more (as yet) unannounced Titanium wave before the end of the year, besides the 2 waves we haven't seen pics of yet.

Shame we never got the Heavy Raider, though. Time to get out the Play-Doh and make your own...

R.I.P. B.S.G. T.S. - Amen.

From SSG Q&A Update from SDCC:

Hasbro: The Outrider is slotted for the end of 2009, if the current schedule holds.

Damn shame the Outrider's been pushed back ANOTHER YEAR... I guess they're just not too interested in doing it anytime this decade. Pretty vague answer...

BTW, Saw The Clone Wars yesterday... it's a vehicle-lover's feast, despite having other issues (like crap music, stiff facial animations, and a shortage of humour).

All-in-all though, I was pleasantly surprised, especially after seeing it garnered a 19% positive score on rottentomatoes.com. IMHO, the Twilight, the Republic Carrier, and the new JSF looked awesome... and the climbing AT-TEs were very kewl, too.

08-17-2008, 01:08 AM
I'm still gonna bug them about the Heavy Raider, it's already on my follow-up list.

I think they are fairly interested in actually doing the Outrider, in theory anyway. My guess is they plum forgot when the brand schedule got jumbled the past few years (stupid Transformers and Marvel really messed things up last year, and this year it was the Indy line and the break). Since it takes around 18 months to do the tooling, my guess is we reminded them that they were gonna do it, and they're committing to that now.