View Full Version : Aliens: The Deluxe Edition Soundtrack

Exhaust Port
09-06-2008, 10:15 AM
For anyone who is a fan of the movie and/or the music from the movie I must recommend the Deluxe Edition of the soundtrack. It was mentioned in the DVD extras that there were problems scoring the movie because Cameron hadn't finished editing the movie when James Horner had to write the score. What the Deluxe Edition Soundtrack does is give you what the original score was for the movie. After Horner created the score Cameron did his final edit of the movie which changed the sequences enough that the music didn't fit the movie anymore. To fix it Cameron then edited the music to fit the movie. This not only led to some songs being shortened but others were cut together with other songs and some others were completely cut from the movie.

Having watched the movie a lot and listened to the Original Movie Soundtrack a lot I'm quite familiar with the music. I'm really surprised how different most of the music is and none of it for the worst. So even if you own the Original Movie Soundtrack the Deluxe Edition is worth picking up as it paints a whole different picture. If nothing else it'll give you more music for your house on Halloween. Enjoy!

09-12-2008, 08:02 PM
And its a nice incentive to see previously unreleased tracks. I always notice the absence of certain pieces of music from the soundtracks of my favourite films but the Deluxe edition of Aliens has everything bar the reused Jerry Goldsmith bits.