View Full Version : Who will have what?

02-17-2002, 11:24 PM
OK, with the new "Exclusive" ships getting ready to hit stores I forget who will have what?

Can anyone set me straight here?

AT-ST with Speeder Bike

Snowspeeder (Battle Damaged)

TIE Bomber

Which store get what? I know they will go to Target, Wal-Mart and TRU.

And, which is supposed to hit first?

02-17-2002, 11:32 PM
Toys R Us got the AT-ST with Speeder Bike, expect it on the shelves soon. Expect it to hit in late March or Early April. I'm betting to see them on the shelves on March 16th to coincide with the Preview Assortment of figures.

Wal-Mart picked up the Crashed Snowspeeder and TIE Bomber, and they have been delayed three times since the original Fall release date. Expect them as well in late March to coincide with the Preview Asst., or in April.

Planet Action Figure, where I always get my exclusives from is listing March for the AT-ST and April for the Snowspeeder and TIE Bomber, but with exclusives it can change suddenly.


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