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08-23-2001, 11:58 PM
it's clear that the majority of those who contribute to this forum are completists. all well and good, but what about those of you who, like me, don't Want to collect every last figure they make?
to begin with, which ones do you collect? (or, if it's easier to list the ones you Don't collect, ok, even though that'd make you closer to a Completist than a "discrminator" :p )
here's the ones I've deemed cool enough to collect (all non-vintage unless otherwise stated):
'79 fett
all 3 current fetts
'80 ig88
both current ig88s
'83 boushh
sote boushh
rocket r2
rolled-up droideka from r2 carrycase (is this considered a true figure?)
interrogator droid (from commtech dv)
commtech stormy
atat driver
tie pilot
i THINK that's all of em. i'll chime in later if i remember others :)

08-24-2001, 12:12 AM
I'm not a completist :cool:

Here, I should be telling people why some fig I don't collect. Figs like :

1. POTJ Chocobi Wan
2. POTJ Anakin Mechanic
3. POTJ Jar Jar Tatooine

... just to name a few.

All 3 figs mainly wore the same attire in other released versions on EPI cards. For instance the Jar Jar Binks, it wore the same clothes in all its incarnations ie :

1. EPI Jar Jar Binks
2. Kaadu & JJB
3. Gungan Assault Cannon set
4. Swimming JJB
5. etc etc

I don't blame the toy maker but they are only true to the character (as it don't wear any other clothes in the entire TPM).

I'm not too big into plastic capes and upon removing that from Chocobi, he is the same guy as the EPI Jedi Knight / Jedi Duel versions.

EPI Ani? All incarnations are about the same.

That's it, my 2 cents :D

08-24-2001, 10:18 AM
I was cured of my need to "collect them all" when I basically ran out of money trying to collect them all. My bills started to get out of hand so I had to stop collecting entirely for like six months just to catch up with my debts. Now I just buy the one or two figures from each assortment that I really like, with priority given to first time resculpts of vintage figures. I don't even bother with the new vehicles unless it's a never before made one like the TIE Bomber.

Mandalorian Candidat
08-24-2001, 10:23 AM
Hello, my name is Mandalorian Candidate and I am a recovering completionist. I used to get every figure Hasbro/Kenner put out, but no longer. The early POTJ waves convinced me that sometimes it's just better for everyone involved just to leave the crummy figures on the pegs. Although I do like the challenge of finding new or HTF stuff, there is crap I will just not buy.

So stand up with me my shortpacked brothers and refuse to buy poorly made resculpts?

Can I get an amen?

08-24-2001, 10:59 AM
Amen, brother!

It's true that I'm not the same collector of Star Wars figures that I was four or five years ago. Back then, it was at least one carded and one loose of each figure for me, including variations. But the money -- and, eventually, the space -- for all that just wasn't there, and I came to see that much of the stuff ended up in a cardboard box anyway, out of sight and (mostly) out of mind.

Now I buy mainly POTJ figures from the original trilogy, though I still pick up the odd EpI figure that strikes my fancy (as I plan to do with Shmi Skywalker). I don't generally buy the 12" line any more; most of 'em don't stand up too well, and the sculpts just aren't up to par, for the most part. (I HAVE taken to collecting the Playmates 12" Star Trek line, with great satisfaction.)

08-24-2001, 11:27 AM
Since I have all but the last few figures from the original Kenner series (thanks to my parents when I was a wee little lad) I only collect any new figures NOT produced in the original line up. I only buy the vehicles or any miscellaneous items if they contain a new figure, or if the vehicle was never produced (like the TIE bomber). I'd be broke if I tried to collect everything, and my wife would probably divorce me!

darth chuck
08-24-2001, 02:10 PM
I don't have a problem. I can stop collecting them all anytime I want to. Other people may be addicted completionists, but not me. I am in complete control of my collecting hobby. I am a completionist because I choose to be. I can quit anytime and to prove it, I won't buy the next wave of figs.......no, wait .....I won't buy the wave after the next!

Son of a Sith
08-24-2001, 03:08 PM
I too stopped buying everything a couple of years ago. Now I stick to just the vehicles (I never saw any of these as a kid - New Zealand missed out on a lot of the toys - so I buy all of them) and any of the Action Collection that catches my eye. I'm not even gonna touch Ep's 1 to 3. As has been mentioned, it anyway all ended up in boxes, (especially in my case as I am now living in the UK and my collection is in Dad's basement in NZ) because there was no room, there were too many financial concerns and quite frankly it's a pain in the *** chasing so much product.

08-24-2001, 03:21 PM
I am a non-completest, and not due as much to finances as to personal preference. When POTF2 was first released, I wasn't going to buy any at all (mainly due to disappointment in Han, Luke and Chewbacca amoung others. But as more and more cool figures came out, I took on a "got to have them all" approach, with the exception of repeats and the really stupid first release deluxe figures. Now I will only buy a resculpt if it is a marked improvement on a previous sculpt or has much to offer (I personally love the Dejarik Chewbacca, not as Chewbacca himself as a viable figure, but from the standpoint of having that wonderful looking, single scene figure) like the Bespin Capture Han Solo (vs. the Bespin Han) or the new Imperial Troops. Usually I will throw out the poor, earlier version from my display (i.e. first release Han and Luke) in favor of a new one, but some get to stay (original Sandtrooper and Tusken). I am even less of a completest with the 12" figures, buying only those that really do it for me (I do not have a Qui-Gon or Obi-Wan from E1, despite having had two Defense of Naboo sets from which I sold all but one Amidala as loose figures). I look forward to the 12" Death Star Droid and Trooper but have no use for the Han.
Of course, being a non-completest makes it a much more satisfying hobby. Completests complain that exclusives ruin the hobby making it harder for them as well as having to re-buy the same characters. None of us has a gun to his or her head, you know. I know of one such completest who stopped collecting both Star Wars and, more recently, the Simpsons due to exclusives (most especially the instantly sold-out Wizard Simpsons exclusives).

08-24-2001, 10:03 PM
Well, I have every original figure except Yak Face (including a Telescoping Saber Luke), so I guess I was something of a completist back then. That held true in the early days of POTF2, in spite of my misgivings about the quality of some of the figures. Also, I only collect 3 3/4" figures, not 12", and no vehicles - nowhere to put 'em.

I've become a good deal more discriminating lately. I did go on a "catching up" spree back in April, picking up a LOT of figures (hadn't really bought anything except a few early Ep1 figures and a select few CT figures in the last few years), but I think Ep1 is pretty much where I draw the line now, though I do make exceptions for the Jedi Council, SA Maul, the Destroyer Droid, R2 units, and TC-14.

I do have the original Anakin figure (couldn't resist putting him on a shelf next to Vader), Jedi Duel and Naboo Obi-wan and Qui-Gon (wouldn't have bought the JD figures if I'd known the Naboo versions were coming), original Maul and Tatooine Maul, plus the original Dirty Battle Droid, OOM-9, and the Security Battle Droid. No Jar Jar, no Amidala, no Padme, no Nemoidians, no Sidious, etc. As I look at this list, I realize that I will purchase cool droids, cool aliens, and anybody with a Lightsaber :)

In the POTJ line, I'm sticking almost exclusively to Original Trilogy figures (finally broke down and picked up Porkins today at WM - still wish they had used his first name from the Marvel Comics (Tono) rather than Jek from WEG, who didn't have any flair for names at all). My big weakness is good sculpts of the main characters in important costumes and nice new versions of "army" figures - wish the new Rebel and Imp Officer figs were a bit more generic. More partial to ANH and ESB figures - the original ROTJ figures were quite nice in a lot of cases, plus the movie is the weakest of the original trilogy, so not quite as important to me (still want a Jedi Luke resculpt, though).

Okay, this has become a novella - sorry! Best I can say is that there are figures I couldn't care less about (Ketwol, for instance, or K-3PO, just cuz it's an obviously cheap TC-14 repaint, or any new EP1 outside the above exceptions list), and others that I'm really looking forward to, like the new X-wing Luke (in spite of his skyward gaze). It's funny - there are times when I almost forget how important SW was to me as a kid, then the smallest thing will trigger a flood of memory, like something tickling a particular part of my brain. The Jedi Force File from Luke X-wing had that effect - can't say why, it just did.

08-24-2001, 10:40 PM
I myself am a completist, (no EP1 though) and honestly its not for any kind of dumb braggin rights, I honestly love it!! Right now I am 11 figures away from having all the POTF2-POTJ (trilogy only)guys. Nothing beats the feeling of finding one of the figures you need sitting on clearence or at a comic shop or finding that perfect cheap Ebay lot. I myself was lucky I was able to grab 27 freeze frame figures form a clearence outlet store for a buck each!! Now I can honestly admit how dumb it can be percieved by others, whats the use of having the same Darth Vader on a holo and a freeze frame card......you know I have no idea why?? hmmmmmmm, maybe i should re think this now.......naw I came this far why stop......Ok fine I admit it...... im an addict......oh well better than doing crack i guess....

08-24-2001, 11:09 PM
I'm a completist...yes I am. But I am because I love the figures. I enjoy collecting them, and I find great pleasure in just being able to appreciate the sculpting on many of the figures. Yes I'm a completist, but I enjoy it. So uh..its okay. :)

08-25-2001, 12:02 AM
I happily collect every 3/4" guy made as well as all compatible vehicles and accessories. I seem to be caught up for the moment with all the newest figures (I think), and am just 14 away from completing the vintage collection (minus the Ewoks and Droids series. That's another whole ball o' wax).

However I steer clear of the 12" line unless one comes out that looks extremely cool (like the Speeder Bike with Scout) mainly because A) most of them look like crap, and B) the 12" line was designed so that it was nearly impossible to have a complete set. If I can't get them all, then what's the point?

08-26-2001, 01:37 AM
I was pretty much determined to be a completist when POTF2 came out since I never could get all the vintage figures. However the first wave of POTF2 Deluxe and Power F/X figures put a stop to that. Why pay a higher price for a figure I knew I didn't want? Since then I've only bought stuff I really liked, which was few and far between until about 1998 or so when the quality levels begain to increase.

08-27-2001, 03:21 PM
I am a completists with action figures, but i think that streak will be broken with the Tie Interceptor. I do not want to waste the money as much I do want the cheap rescuplt. Does this make me a non-completist. I will do everything in my will to get that figure though. :D

08-27-2001, 04:00 PM
Collections.....lets see, i collect just the 3 3/4" figures, vehicles, beasts, playsets, etc. But i dont have them carded, (i have the cards though). I dont have the POTF2 Luke special trilogy edition. I dont buy the variatios (i.e. Boba Fett with dots on hand or Jedi Luke Tan vest, etc.) I dont buy the same figure in a different card (i.e. green card or orange card, or with frame w/o frame).

We all set the rules for our collections, some ppl will buy everything, some will buy just figures, others just vehicles, etc..

Good luck on finding everything in your list!!

Obi-Dan Kenobi
08-28-2001, 12:39 AM
I don't buy figures that suck. That's really my only criteria. I don't care how long they were in the movie or how important they are, as long as they are cool. (I DO have the original POTF2 Han Hoth and LAndo, but they were given to me for my birthday by my mom. When your mom is willing to buy her adult son action figures, you keep them.) In my collection, you will not find He-Man Luke, Chewie Snoova, Malakili, r5-d4, Boba, Luke, or Han Deluxe, Power FX figures, Soft Goods Qui-Gon, POTJ Chocobi-Wan, Anakin, Maul, or Jar-Jar. I bought the 1995 Chewbacca because at the time I thought it was cool, but now I regret it. Same goes for Endor Han. Got the Cantina Showdown for Evazan, but even he kinda sucks. Love pretty much all of the recent resculpts, and hope to see more good ones. Also I don't buy most of the more expensive stuff, or the Action Collection, just to keep this whole thing from getting out of hand. As if it isn't already.

09-20-2001, 11:48 PM
meanwhile, i was Very glad to read that tie-int-xclusive pilot is the same except for knee joints. now i don't have to bother w/him :):):) anyone have info on tie-bomber pilot?
i might get an r5d4 if they did a decent version. or even better would be an r4-m9 :)
i agree about the appeal of 12" figs being lost on me; at that scale the cloth Never hangs right so they all end up looking like they're wearing jammies :p
spose i should clarify that by "all 3 current fetts", i mean i have em all except deluxe fett, which was such a poopy concept i didn't even remember :p
also forgot to mention i also have that superdetailed ep1 3po, and barquin dan, since he's better-tailored & his head's paintjob's better than figrin (and he comes with one cool instrument instead of five crappy ones :p;))
i don't usually go after organic aliens, but like barquin (which i got o-o-p for $3 :) ), if i can find him on sale i'll probably also get a duros cuz of his groovy disco-glitter flight suit and painted derringer ;) besides, when i was a kid he was always one of my faves & i always wanted them to make him :)
i'll probably give his gun to 300fett to keep in his hip-holster, speaking of which: do any of you non-completists depart even further from canon and, like me, freely "re-assign" weaponry amongst your figures? for example, i gave my atat driver a vintage scoutbiker gun and a k3po commpack (thanx scepdroid :) ), and gave the atat driver's gun to my tie pilot, and gave my tie pilot's pistol to my commtech stormie. i gave my vintage ig88 a vintage snowtrooper rifle so that he'd have 2 long ones. similarly, i gave my potj ig88 the sote ig88 rifle, and gave my sote ig88 my potf fett's gun and monkeyface leia's gun (he also has a potf lando pistol tucked into a hipgroove near his butt :) i also gave one of my fetts biggs' big gun, and gave my vintage boussh my sote boushh's helmet and a vintage weequay staff :) thank gooness for the opportunity to get a hold of some of these accessories apart from their figures :) i always kinda dug ackbar's wristgun but not enough/couldn't figure out who to give it to if i got one. however, i Am currently seeking a pair of potj sandtrooper binocs for my commtroop, in case anyone has an xtra pair (see trade section) :) i also wouldn't mind the computer-function stickers from hololeia r2 to put on my booster-rocket one, but ain't gonna pay $$ to do it- anyone got a beatup one that maybe the dog chewed up (& maybe the stickers were spared) they don't want? :)
so, does anyone else do weaponry swaparounds? :)

09-21-2001, 07:18 AM
I stripped the crappy Mynock Hunt figures out and repalced them with Fan4 Hoth Leia, POTJ Bespin Han and Mechanic Chewie. All the gasmasks actually fit (although CHewie's is REAL tight) and the set looks a million times better!

My POTJ Sandtroopers got stripped of their guns so I could give Bespin Escape Leia and another Mech CHewie (with Threepio on his back) more accurately colored weapons.

I gave one of the weaponless Sandtroops the COMMTECH Stormie rifle and the other one is permanently on the lookout with his binoculars.

09-21-2001, 11:48 AM
who's hotter: fan4 hoth leia or mynock hunt leia? :D
speakin of hot, i might also spring for the twilike chick from jabba's dancers if i find her loose for ~$3 ;)

09-21-2001, 01:16 PM
Hmmm...they almost look the same, but if i had to choose, then the regular Hoth Leia would be mi winner. Now if you include Slave Leia...there's no contest!!:D

09-22-2001, 12:50 PM
If you remove the vest you'll notice that Mynock Hunt Leia has been working out, cuz she has some serious lats! But the neutral pose of the Fan4 Leia wins out every time.

09-23-2001, 11:20 AM
please, guys, go into More detail about why fan4 hothleia's hotter than mynockhunt leia; and talk, i mean, Type slower ;)
i am also definitely gonna get one of them upcoming fx7s, they look great :)

09-23-2001, 12:08 PM
Well, I decapitated my Mynock Hunt Leia when I decided to customize her into a Bespin Escape Leia (this was about a year before the POTJ version came out). However, the Hoth Leia has an excellent face and detail work, plus her neutral "just standing around" pose makes her perfect to use for any ESB diorama purpose. The only problem with her now is that she's too tall, something I never noticed before the correctly sized Bespin Escape Leia came out. I would love to see a resculpted version of her come out who's the correst height, but other than that she's perfect!

I seem to remember the Mynock Hunt Leia having that "I'm about to cry" expression which is why I never really liked her. That and the fact that Hasbro always screws up the face paint on multi-pack figures! So my version's eyes were crooked. :mad:

09-24-2001, 02:29 AM
I am a non-completist, I would like to be a completist but the crud that Hasbro puts out most of the time makes me want to vomit :)

I collect mainly what I like most of the time :)

09-24-2001, 03:10 AM
My list goes back quite a ways actually:

Blast Shield Luke - don't own, didn't want

All New Likeness Leia - ditto

Queen Amidala Ascension Gun - same thing, and I did find her.

POTJ Old Ben (Millenium Falcon) - I use my '95 Ben, and find him a nostalgic good memory.

Boomer Damage BattleDroid - I could've used Boomerd OOM-9, but I don't really care. I might make him.

Maul Sith Apprentice (EU figure) - I have it but will be trading mine.

New Luke X-wing - I have traded 4 of these away now.

Y-wing - I have 2 vintage in great condition

B -wing - I have a vintage, and even an extra Ten Numb

TIE Interceptor - I have 2 vintage in great shape, and POTF2 pilots in each of them.

ATST - I have 4 POTF2, and 2 vintage. (not to mention 8 speederbikes)

X-wing (crashed - and rumored) - don't need them. I have 5 or more POTF2's.

And the 12" list goes on, too:

TIE Pilot
R2D2 with Data Link (actually wish I had this one)
Luke Stormtrooper (trash compactor version - I have the KB)
Han Stormtrooper (ditto)
Emperor - I have the talking one
Death Star Gunner (I traded the 2 pack for the KB Han one. Great trade, huh?)
Greedo 1
ATAT Driver 1
Stormtrooper (I did have one, but wanted probably 10, so it's better to have none in this particular case)

If Hasbro is planning a 12" Luke on TaunTaun, remote controlled or otherwise, I don't need that. To me, my Han on TaunTaun is my definitive 12" piece - it's almost my favorite one, and it is WHY I started collecting 12". I have Luke Hoth with the Wampa - a reason for him to use his lightsaber! What could be more exciting?

09-24-2001, 06:57 AM
The collection under my roof seems quite modest from what I've read from others over the years here at SSG.

My son and I are far from being completists. We collect that which stricks our fancy. Mainly 3-3/4" figures but not limited to them. We have store promotional stuff, Hallmark ornaments, fast food giveaways, autographs, books, etc. Items are from the OT and EPI so far. EPII will be next.

We tend to look at the collection as a time capsule. To enjoy now, but also to protect for the future. I've tried to instill in my son to play with care so that he may enjoy the collection at a much later date. Hopefully he will heed my advice and enjoy it with his children. How many threads in the vintage section bemoans the loss of cool SW toys!?

We're trying to avoid that by keeping some MIP.

09-25-2001, 11:01 AM
Like many of you, I used to be, for the most part, a completist (but not vehicles). My completist days ended with POTJ wave 1 (ChocObiWan, MechAniCh, Farmer Jinn). Now I just pick of the figures I really like, and figures that I think my kids would like to play with. Most army builders (Calamari, Gungan) and lame generic characters (Bespin Guard) don't make the cut any more, though I'll buy every stormtrooper resculpt they ever make. Resculpts I consider on a case by case basis, but I don't think I'll ever buy another Jar Jar.

10-05-2001, 12:30 PM
she does? maybe with a lil pout? ooo, sounds kinda sexy ;)
more weapon swapouts: i also gave my 300fett a 2-colored naboo pistol i bought separately :) also gave my sote fett a rebel fleet trooper gun i'd bought separately (like the imp gunner, i woulda bought a fleet trooper figure if his sculpt was cooler :( )