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02-18-2002, 03:56 PM
Enough of the action figures! Though they are all I buy, I wanna hear about what everyone thinks of the vehicles and beasts (and the infamous Geonosian Arena.)

First off, I don't think they could have made the Jedi Starfighter any better.....well actually the R2 unit is too big for the ship's size.

The speeders are OK. Actually, Zam's is much better than Anakin's. They didn't get the color right for one thing plus Zam's is much more interesting. I can't help but laugh at the one picture of Zam in her speeder....it looks stupid how she is laying in it!

Zam in speeder (http://www.starwars.com/collecting/feature/20020210/index_i68.html)

The slave one looks good. I think it is probably the best (or a tie with the Jedi Starfighter)

Republic Gunship looks like a nightmare in my opinion. I hope it isn't the finished product. It seems a bit small for 40 bucks, plus it has a rather bland paintjob.

The Nexu, Acklay, and Reek are cool. The Acklay is the thing most kids would want...I think at least.....ITS AWESOME! The Reek is pretty cool too with the horns and that neat ol' ring through the nose! The Nexu....looks like it'll be lining the shelves.......not intersting at all. Hasbro will probably make it the TPM Jabba the Hutt of the line (I could never find one of those!)

The Arena (sweet) is prett good for anyone that likes to display their figures. Now this is worst 40 bucks, plus it has a lot more perks than the Gunship. (shudder)

02-18-2002, 05:36 PM
The Gunship - This looks sorta GI-Joe, but I think the gunship is rather cool and great for storing those Clone Trooper armies and will be pretty cool to have for dioramas to have Troopers running out of. Can't wait to get this...

Slave 1 - Well it's hard to say exactly, but it's kinda looking cool, just hope we get a decent Jango Fett figure for it soon enough. The "bomb dropping" is rather cool.

Jedi Starfighter - Well I wasn't too happy about the Jedi Starfighter idea but I guess since it's not really a starfighter that's issued to Jedi and is a republic ship it's ok. Anyway, it does look rather cool, nice and sleek plus theres the whole "cruise mode" to "battle mode" which is a good looking feature

Zam's Speeder - Well from the trailers it looked bigger but is still rather cool looking, and I'm glad we know the second Zam figure will be able to fit in it, that's a plus since we won't have to wait very long. :) Nice detailing, especially with the cockpit.

Anakin's speeder - Not really interesting... it appears to not really have any special features..

Arena Playset - Well I can't wait to get this, I just hope it's not really expensive, from the looks of it, it appears to be able to connect to some other things, there are some holes in the base which the Reek is standing on so maybe there will be more pieces to it which we will be able to connect it to.

Darth Ovori
02-18-2002, 05:48 PM
Gunship- Oh yeah, cannot wait... hope it has lights and sounds and comes with at least one clonetrooper...

Slave 1- Holding thumbs for this one... Waited a long time for a retooled one... Plus it can hold 3 figures, no thats a bonus... Only request... Please detail that cockpit!!!

Speeders- I'm not getting them, they look boring to me...

Starfighter- Now this ship looks like the basis to the rebel wing series... and have to agree, that change mode is awesome!!!

Playset- Yawn... Why... cause if thats the plastic there gonna use then its stupid... Enough with the shiny plastic!!! Use matt plastic!!! And to me it will take up to much space...

02-18-2002, 08:18 PM
All the vehicles look really great, and the playset is top notch, especially at the 40.00 price point. Maybe if it meets with success Hasbro will rethink the playset idea and maybe give it a go with the original trilogy. What I wouldn't give for a decent sized plastic not just shoddy cardboard playsets for the OT. Cantina and Death Star for ANH, Bespin and Hoth for ESB, Emporer's Throne Room and Jabba's Palace for ROTJ. :D


Jar Jar Binks

02-18-2002, 08:35 PM
Yeah, if they did this, they could definitely do a good Jabba's palace like this. Especially if it comes with a new Jabba. :D So the arena will be $40? I can't wait. :cool:

02-18-2002, 08:40 PM
Let's think: Geonosis Arena= $40
Republic Gunship=$40

Which is REALLY worth it?

By the way, I think they should make a Kamino playset (inside the Clone facility and the landing platform where Obi-Wan and Jango fight)

02-18-2002, 08:46 PM
True, but the prices could still be adjusted since they're not supposed to be out until Fall, right?

02-19-2002, 01:36 AM
First off, I think all the Hasbro Ep 2 vehicles look really good. I don't know about that Zam figure's position in that speeder though, that looks weird, but the designs look exciting to me.

As for the Playset, it looks like it has a lot of good potential, but may not be as cool as it seems. I am not entirely sure about this one.

The beasts do nothing for me, they look out of place, especially the Acklay which looks like an extra from the set of Starship Troopers.

The republic gunship, in the photos I've seen, looks way bigger than the Jedi Starfighter and Slave 1 if you judge them in comparison to figures. The Gunship has several figures standing IN it, as well as tons more headroom, wings, and a working cockpit. As I said in another thread, I think this toy will be as big as the POTF2 AT-AT.

02-19-2002, 10:10 AM
Jedi Starfighter - The idea of a JEDI using a fighter craft seemed a little odd for me. I suppose it's because they usually wish to settle things a little more peacefully. I guess if they called it the "Republic Law Council" starfighter... it wouldn't have its appeal. It's a great looking toy with a lot of playability from what I've seen.

Anakin's speeder - It's a little too "American Graffitti in Space", but that's just the LFL design. As for the toy... it's not that bad. It looks like it will do the job.

Zam's Speeder - I think this is definitely the better of the two speeders. I also thought it was a little bigger in the trailer, but we really didn't have much to go on. I like the design and the cockpit positioning. This one will be fun.

The Gunship - I suppose you would need to have this thing to get a massive amount of troops from place to place. It seems like it would do the job. It looks less like a gunship than a troop carrier, but I can see kids having fun with this one. Pack 'em all in and take 'em outside to the dirt heap!

Slave 1 - I'm hedging my bets on this one because, with three Jango Fett figures, we still don't have a Jango that will fit into this thing. I think that will be something that will initially turn a lot of people away from this. It is, however, a vast improvement on the POTF2 ship. Great new features on this!!!

Arena Playset - Not really sure about this one. It seems like a lot of air. It's more like a big brown wall with little else to it. I know they are saying it has the hangar area and a droid factory, but we haven't seen those, so I can't level a fair comparison on it. Those would HAVE to be very intricate parts of the design, otherwise they can just lump it.

Rollo Tomassi
02-19-2002, 10:43 AM
Original pseudo gripe by neimoidian85
First off, I don't think they could have made the Jedi Starfighter any better.....well actually the R2 unit is too big for the ship's size.

A note about that stupid droid head. When Doug Chaing was desinging the Jedi fighter in one of the earlier video clips, there was an exchange between Doug and George. Doug asked if we were going to see the droid embarking/disembarking from the ship. George said no. If you read between the lines Doug basically said "George, there's no way that droid can fit in there. People are not ignorant of the laws of space and physics." And George's attitude was "I don't care." It's just like the Naboo fighter's in TPM. (telescoping droid head my flabby buttocks) I hate to be the poor shmoe's working on the DK books trying to figure out how the droids body isn't completely jamming up the intake on that ship. And why isn't it sticking out the bottom? Nope, once again, George totally drops the ball.

By the way, the Playset looks more impressive in pictures than it will on your dresser. has anyone seen the "other two" sides? Supposedly it's a docking bay and a warehouse, too, but I've only seen the Arena side. The Slave-1 is a resculpt. Like JT said, the monsters are Starship Trooper rejects and the Gunship is something out of Battle Beyond the Stars.

Darth Ovori
02-19-2002, 11:02 AM
Hmmm... after reading that about the Starship I'm now totally put off it!!!

02-19-2002, 12:16 PM
Well.... here you go kids!! Here's the picture of the JEDI STARFIGHTER... notice that there is no way the droid could fit in there unless he now has a removable head that magnetically attaches to the wing pod!

02-19-2002, 12:20 PM
Could quite possibly be built-in or they do like what goes on insider the Naboo Fighters, the droid's heads are popped off. 'Course in the Naboo Fighter the droid's head is still connected to the body except the body is being stored within the Fighter so the droid being built-in to the republic starfighters like Obi-Wan's could possibly be a better excuse.

Darth Ovori
02-19-2002, 01:33 PM
LT makes sense there... I don't think GL would try such a thing...

Hey got anymore crosssections!!! I love those!!!

02-19-2002, 02:08 PM
I haven't seen the trailer for AOTC but could it be that the Droid head is false. It could all be part of a Jedi trick, besides I've not seen the Droid outside of the ship. Its just a thought.

The speeders are good if a little small. The Gunship looks as if it has come out of the Starship Troopers Universe. The toy though looks okay, but I've got a feeling it might be out of proportion with how it loks in the film.

As for the playset I think it looks like its come straight out of the Masters of Universe 80s toyline. Like Jargo's and my previous post it looks like Castle Greyskull.

02-19-2002, 02:27 PM
I think that the astromech's head is just that, simply the head. Think about it, the body is only ever used for 2 things, really. Locomotion and Repair Work. If the droid's only serves as a navigator and ship's system resource unit, it wouldn't need a body for anything. He's either hardwired directly into the ship. Or the dome is attached to a droid socket and is removable and can be attatched to a loner body while the ship is in dock.


Jar Jar Binks

02-19-2002, 04:15 PM
I wonder if the "battle mode" will be in the movie or is just a cheesy gimmick kinda like the deluxe Probe Droid's cuncussion missle disguised as a giant eye. :D

Lord Tenebrous
02-19-2002, 05:40 PM
I think that the astromech's head is just that, simply the head

Exactly, Jar Jar. For space navigation and travel, that is all it needs. It's more efficient than carrying around the entire body. And Obi doesn't really have time to assemble him.

On the name R4-P17, it's possible that the droid was later modified into the cone-style head (and given a body) because of its role in large starships like the Star Destroyer, where it was required to travel between sectors.

We'll have to see. :)

Rollo Tomassi
02-19-2002, 07:53 PM
Boy, you guys can rationalize anything away, can't you?

If it's just a head, then why is it on there at all? The ship would look just fine without any bulbous R2 head attached to the side like a barnacle on a ship. I noticed in JEDIPartnr's link that the DK boys didn't even bother to justify it. "Screw this Mikey, we'll just show the outside of the ship right there.":D

No, all this was was G. Lu's lack of foresight. Plain and simple.

02-19-2002, 08:38 PM
Originally posted by Rollo Tomassi
Boy, you guys can rationalize anything away, can't you?
If it's just a head, then why is it on there at all? The ship would look just fine without any bulbous R2 head attached to the side like a barnacle on a ship. I noticed in JEDIPartnr's link that the DK boys didn't even bother to justify it. "Screw this Mikey, we'll just show the outside of the ship right there.":D
No, all this was was G. Lu's lack of foresight. Plain and simple.
Why is the head there at all? Because it's an astromech unit. The Jedi Starfighter needs a astromech unit, so why not attach the head of one to the wing of the starfighter? What's so improbable about that? The droid's body is useless in flight anyway. It's not like it really needs that big body at all, other then for tools and locomotion. The diograms of the R2 units show that the "brains" are in the dome. Why is Lucas always getting the red-headed stepchild treatment for everything. Just cause some dislike the design, doesn't mean that everyone hates it.


Jar Jar Binks

02-20-2002, 03:11 AM
Astromechs are used in starfighters for hyperspace navigation and repairs. Since there's no body, this droid could have just been a "Droid Brain" like those in the Millennium Falcon and be kept out of sight, but Lucas clearly wanted a droid you can see. So, for a realistic SW universe answer to "why have a dome droid instead of just a box under the covers?", I think the only real reason would be so the droid can use its dome-arms for repairs.

With the Arena playset, I also get the feeling it's a lot of air, a wall, some accessories and a little bit of floor, but like I said before, I'm waiting to see more.

02-20-2002, 01:23 PM
Why does there need to be an R2 unit in the ship?

Duh. Two reasons. Storytelling and exposition. Obi-Wan will need someone to talk to while flying around in space all alone. Luke didn't need R2 on Dagobah, but he was able to talk to him, and move the story forwards.

Lucas is a filmmaker. He is not a sci-fi writer, or a comic-book writer, or a ccg writer. He works with images ans much as content, and has nevr given a lick about the technical side of things. (Bless him!) He has never shown in any of the movies that R2 units DO NOT have remvable heads, therefore, he can take one off whenever he wants.

Star Wars is supposed to expand imagination, not stifle it.

02-20-2002, 01:33 PM
Well technically Luke did need R2 for more than just to talk to, he did need him for the X-wing. :D

02-20-2002, 10:50 PM
"Well technically Luke did need R2 for more than just to talk to, he did need him for the X-wing."

Huh? Did I miss the scene in one of the movies where someone stated that a pilot can't fly an X-Wing without an R2 unit?

That might be EU nonsense, but it's not in the flicks.

The only time R2 really is needed is during the Death Star attack in ANH.

In fact, doesn't R2 offer to fly Luke's ship in ESB? If you remember Luke turns the offer down.

02-20-2002, 11:21 PM
Um...not that I remember. And R2 units are used for course navigation like plotting hyperspace routes and on-board repairs not too mention off-board repairs after they land. Hence why R2 was working on the engines in ANH.

I think and other ships can pilot their ships without R2 units, but R2 units are usually better when it comes to course navigations and the like. If they didn't want their pilots to get lonely, they would probably just make the ship a two-seater like some Y-wings have been said to have.

The "Jedi" Starfighter's astromech may be there mostly for tactical and navigation not too mention give the pilot a better interaction with the computer since the unit would most likely be plugged into it therefore giving it easier overhauls and learning what is wrong than just some technical babble. Or maybe the body is stored in the middle of the ship and the pilot puts his/her feet in there so they won't get cold. :D