View Full Version : RIP - Michael Crichton

Darth Jax
11-05-2008, 06:47 PM
So the man that foisted "er" upon us has succumbed to his months long battle with cancer. Jurassic Park is more than enough to make up for "er" though.

i liked most of his earlier works, but once he got around to the environment/global warming and genetic manipulation of animals to give them human characteristics/abilities i lost interest.

link from msn (http://movies.msn.com/movies/article.aspx/?news=338162&GT1=28101)

Bel-Cam Jos
11-05-2008, 06:57 PM
Hey, anyone who shared my birthdate must be among the best in his/her field. Cases in point:
- Pele' (probably greatest futbol player ever)
- Johnny Carson (probably greatest late night TV host ever)
- Doug Flutie (probably greatest Hail Mary thrower ever)
- Chi Chi Rodriguez (probably greatest golf club fencer ever)
- Weird Al Yankovic (probably greatest song parodist ever)
- Bel-Cam Jos (probably greatest list organizer maker ever :rolleyes: )

Sorry to hear of his passing. :(