View Full Version : Titanium on BSG set

Darth Duranium
12-12-2008, 07:57 PM
Was checkin' out the official BSG site and I came across Eick's video blog: turns out they let a newlywed fan couple onto the set in Vancouver... a fan's wet dream to meet the cast and look around the production.

They have a peculiar habit of putting a Titanium Viper Mark I (huh?) from their wedding cake onto the props/set before they take a photo... check it out at about the 3:00 countdown mark when they put the TS Viper on a "real" Viper Mk VII. I couldn't quite believe what I was seeing. Strange peeps.


All the same, they might be somewhat obsessed with BSG but they seem pretty nice and it's kewl they fell in love through their passion for the show. Hey... whatever floats their rag-tag fleet.

For us better-adjusted BSG freaks, the 10 new online episodes called "The Face Of The Enemy" (which leads up to the rest of Season 4 on the 16th Jan) starts today for US viewers only (at the same site... it'll pop at the link above). I'll have to download it somewhere else or use a public US proxy i.p. ...no problemo.

Grace Park's worth it. Nummy. Maybe that's why I wanted the TS basestar so much... it might have been full of l'il naked Grace Parks.