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12-17-2008, 12:55 PM

December 17, 2008

As you know, our X-wing went up for pre-sale on December 11th. For those of you who pre-ordered, we would like to thank you very much because pre-orders have exceeded even our most optimistic expectations, especially given the hard economic times we are all facing.

To show our gratitude and as a special holiday gift from eFX, our X-wing pre-order offer now includes FREE FedEX Ground shipping to any address in the continental USA! If you’ve already placed your order for the X-wing, you will also receive this special gift.

However, you must act quickly since we have made the very difficult decision to retire our X-wing at the end of this special pre-order period.

What does this mean? It means that the edition size will be determined by the actual number of orders we receive. We will announce the number at the end of the pre-order period and it will be noted on the plaque.

What does this mean to you, our customer? It means you will have acquired a very limited edition collectible and will belong to a very select group of collectors who will own our very first eFX Star Wars FX Model. As we had promised when we first announced our new company, eFX will do its best to keep “collectibles Collectible.”

What does this mean to eFX? It means that even though it may result in lower revenues for this item, it will help us to not bear the expense of carrying inventory which can hurt a small company, especially during these hard economic times.

So, if you’re thinking about ordering our Luke Skywalker’s X-wing Starfighter “Red Five” FX Model, then visit www.eFXCollectibles.com (http://www.efxcollectibles.com/) before it is too late.

And remember each model comes with:
■ Mark Hamill Signature Plaque
■ Luke Skywalker pilot sculpted by Gentle Giant
■ Free FedeX Ground shipping to any address in the continental USA
■ Easy and convenient layaway plan*

*For a detailed product description and for the full terms and conditions of this offer, please visit www.eFXCollectibles.com (http://www.efxcollectibles.com/).

So let’s close it up and go in full throttle! Don’t miss our on this incredible replica, order yours today before its retired to a galaxy, far, far away!

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