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01-18-2009, 01:21 AM
See this movie! Daniel Craig plays Tuvia Bielski, the eldest amongst Jewish brothers who fight back against the Nazis in occupied Poland during 1941.

There is plenty of action - this is a combat movie. But it is also a TRUE STORY!

Tuvia starts out seeking revenge against the Nazis who killed his parents. The story is told with no glossing over of the truth to make the heroes look like better men or anything like that. When Bielski finds the Polish police who murdered his parents, he takes his revenge for sure.

There are a lot of well-developed characters amongst the Jewish refugees. And out of a Holocaust film, this one actually has a happy ending. And I state it again: this is a true story.

Bielski's Bandits were real life heros. And the two oldest brothers actually moved to New York and started a trucking company, it said at the end of the film. But first they mow down platoons of German soldiers and even take out a tank. They find romance and marry along the way as well. It's quite an incredible story and it made me want to see this movie again.

This one's a winner!

01-24-2009, 03:08 AM
I've seen this movie TWICE now - it is THAT GOOD!

I'm really surprised no one else has viewed it or posted about Defiance.

Daniel Craig and the actor who plays his brother Zus Bielsky are just brilliant!

The movie is really action-packed and tugs at the emotions at the same time.

Exhaust Port
01-24-2009, 03:22 PM
Hmm. I haven't seen many trailers so this movie has been a little low on my radar but from what you wrote shows this is definitely a movie I would love to see. If I can convince the wife that she'll like Mr. James Bond in a WW2 movie perhaps I'll see it before it's out of the theaters.

01-24-2009, 04:36 PM
As someone who just recently rented almost ALL the James Bond movies and really enjoyed most of them, including Daniel Craig's, I can honestly say that "Defiance" gets an even way-better performance out of him.

Any movie that deals with The Holocaust must go deep and feel sincere on many levels. "Defiance" delivers.

You don't watch this movie and say "that's James Bond running around Poland's woods with a paramilitary squad." You see Daniel Craig as Tuvia Bielsky - so much that I'd go so far as to say that "Casino Royale" features Tuvia Bielski driving an Aston-Martin ;) .

I don't know if this movie came out in time for critical acclaim, but who cares anyway? What do the critics know anyway? This is the 2nd weekend and the movie theater was still full with viewers.

And there are some off-color, if memorable lines:

"Jews are not good for fighting. What are Jews good for? - Dying." - Zus Bielski (a Jew, and though the guy was shot multiple times and lived to kill probably every Nazi he ever shot back at - he stands in heroic contrast to his own quote. I think he appreciated the irony of that. When he single-handedly takes out a German tank....you get the idea).