View Full Version : Anyone have an Amazon Kindle oe Kindle 2?

03-28-2009, 10:25 PM
I've been looking at these for a while now. Amazon recently announced the Kindle 2, with new and better features, longer battery life etc.

My favorite feature is the news paper subscription capability. As some of you can imagine, I like to keep up with local, national and world news. The internet seems to be my top source along with news programs, but I always want more.

Also, some times I travel...for months at a time. lol This seems like a good investment for people who travel, read a lot and who want to reduce or limit the size of their library...mine has gotten out of control.

So does anyone here own one of these? Has anyone considered buying one? What are your thoughts?

Vi Cit Tecum
03-29-2009, 12:43 AM
This may or may not help

but I have the Sony E-reader (same concept as the kindle) I love it. I read alot and deploy so this comes in handy. From what I've read the sony has better construction but Kindle has better features. but the sony is about $200 cheaper. The book list supposedly isn't as good as amazons but it has had everything I was looking for. It excepts SD cards so when I'm gone the wife can down load a bunch of books on the card and send it as opposed to sending multiple packages.

For the concept the kindle and e-reader are great I would highly recommend it to anyone that travels. From what I read the new kindle can download off of wi-fi without a computer, and it has more downloadable stuff. so this may be a better choice for what you want. As for me I just wanted it for storing lots of portable books and solid construction when traveling in pockets. I really had no interest in the other features.

I say go for it.

04-05-2009, 10:33 PM
My mom has a Cybook, she loves it. The screen on it is the same as the E-reader and Kindle, it looks pretty good, like newsprint background. The Kindle looks like it has a million buttons, and you have to email the books to your machine at slow speed (or pay extra to get it right away, gee thanks). Also, it is extremely picky about its DRM (Digital Rights Management) and file formats; the Cybook is extremely open, and the Sony E-reader has been getting quality firmware updates in that department. The big deal about the Kindle is that it has Whispernet, it uses Sprint's 3G cellphone-signal-based data network (free to the user) so you can browse and download away from the PC. But all these e-book readers hold hundreds of books, so the only real reason to get a Kindle is the buy-on-the-fly nature of it.

If you want durable, you may want to wait until next year for Plastic Logic's currently-nameless e-reader, which takes out the glass, has a much larger display, is super thin even compared to the Sony and Cybook, and a touchscreen interface.

I'd suggest going to Target and checking out the Sony E-reader, it's not even the current generation one but it's super neat, and I think every store has one on active display (you have to turn it on, there's a power slider on the top).