View Full Version : I had a dream I was confronted by a tsunami!

03-30-2009, 01:01 AM
In my dream, I lived in an apartment complex or was staying at a hotel on a penninsula. There was the ocean to the south and the north of my residence (and of course west of me, but the water came in around the penninsula on the north and south).

I was in the complex parking lot with a friend, but it was very vague as to who. Anyway, the gates out of the complex's outdoor parking led down steep stairs to the beachfronts on either side of the penninsula, but as a tidal wave was forming off the coast, I saw it would be futile to try and break the locks to the gates (which were chained shut for whatever reason).

Everyone had already evacuated, but I guess me and my friend were staying or trapped.

There's nothing more to the dream than that, but it was quite scary, especially living near the ocean like I do. But I'm 10 minutes inland so I don't think a tsunami would really harm my immediate area - but then the San Diego River could always flood...