View Full Version : Happy Birthday Billy Dee Williams AKA Lando

04-06-2009, 09:46 PM
Happy 72nd Birthday 4/6/37 Billy (Lando) Dee Williams

Saw him on a Timelife Music Commmercial 4/5/09 as the host for the Motown music collection. Still looks the same! Not sure he really ages lol.

04-06-2009, 09:58 PM
We need to toast him with a Colt .45! :hic:

04-06-2009, 10:06 PM
Geez, I can't believe he's 72. Just another reminder that I'm getting older too.

04-06-2009, 10:20 PM
Yes a Colt .45 beverage is so fitting to Mr. Cool lol :)

04-06-2009, 10:41 PM
Billy Dee doesn't get older, he gets smoother.

(Why is this in the TV forum?)

04-07-2009, 12:05 AM
Yes you are correct he does get smoother with age. I put it in the TV section because I saw him on a Timelife Music Commercial pitching the Motown CD Collection Set on 4/5/09 and wasn't sure what section Star Wars cast & crew Bdays falls under. Maybe under miscellaneous section?? Good to see that he is still working outside of movies. Had a nice cameo in Fanboys as a judge.