View Full Version : Re-Catalog Starwars Collection

04-14-2009, 10:22 PM
Hello All,
I collected EP1 figures after the movie came out and more even after that. Since then I wraped all of the toys in bubble pack and placed them in boxes in storage. I have a list that is 75% acurate with prices during the time I brought Starwars toys. My questions are.
What is the best way to go about going thru all my stuff?
I am thinking about using my digital camera and taking pictures of all of it and seeking some advice on how to determine the rating for each toy, and also varations. I recently joined the collection station and it looks like a nice place to organize it and more. I am thinking I would also like to determine the value on these toys, so that if I do want to sell, or trade, I am not getting ripped off by someone who knows much more then I on what these figures are worth. So I guess I am seeking general advice on how to start. I would not be able to start to go thru any of it until around may or june of this year. Penny for all your thoughts for somone who started and stopped collecting Starwars Toys???