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02-23-2002, 11:42 PM
hi i'm fairly new to the whole figure thing but i have a question.
i bought 2 ketwols on ebay one has brown face with a little blue paint the other is mostly blue paint. and on the back of both cards on the jedi master points part KETWOL is spelled KETWAL are these variations? errors? and are they worth holding on to?
probley a dumb question but thanks.

Lord Tenebrous
02-24-2002, 12:42 AM
Blue, eh? Good thing Flashback Luke came with a blue elephant gun (okay, there's my corny joke quota).

If you're referring to Ketwal on the proof of purchase, then yes, that was a normal Hasbro typo. Annoying little bugger, it's it?

But as far as the face, is it the same color as his eyes? Some Ketwols have a highlight on their face that's sort of a grayish-green. If the eyes and face are the same color, it's a paint error, if the face and eyes are different colors, and a third color is involved, it's most likely a paint variation.

I've found paint variations on all three of my Ketwols. Didn't stop me from opening them, and chopping the legs off one. He's one of the more variable figures in the POTJ line.

As far as value, I'd set it the same as a normal Ketwol, unless you can find somebody willing to pay higher for it. I don't consider paint variations valuable, because with the many figures produced, errors are statistically inevitable. But to some, these errors are more fun than say, paying more for a defective computer.

A picture of the figures would help a little more with the analysis, but that's what I think so far. Good luck collecting, and have fun in the forums.

PS: If you can't take a picture, edit the attached picture to indicate what your figure looks like.

02-24-2002, 11:47 AM
Thank You.
It is more of a greyish green like you said. I didin't know there was that many variations out there. another reason i asked wasbecause a fried of mine sold the same green/grey variation figure to someone for 100 bucks. i thought that was a little high but she said it was super rare. thanks agian
and i don't think i'll be chopping the legs of any time soon lol!!!:D :D :D