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02-24-2002, 09:07 AM
Has anyone seen these German one logo figures? I have been told there are only five that were printed with only one Starwars logo above the figure and a different photo on card. The rest of the line has a Tri-logo above figure. I have the Jawa's, 4-LOM, Bib Fortuna, Hammerhead and Gamorrean Guard. I have all five photos posted in the collectors club forum under V.E.C.C. Variation Error Collectors Club. But here's a photo of the Jawa's

02-24-2002, 10:53 AM
This is a rare piece. Probably along the lines of the Large Photo European figures. There were only a few of those made, and they only had 1 Logo. The German figs may be even more rare.

I have seen the Large Photo figures on E-bay at least, but not these babies.

Interesting, where did you find them?

02-24-2002, 11:26 AM
I got them from ebay of all places. I also have all nine of the LPC figures (LONG PHOTO CARD) Bespin Luke, Bespin Han, Ackbar, Rebel Soldier, Snowtrooper, Ewoks, Weequay, Royal Guard and rarest of them all Tarkin,plus another LPC Bespin Luke with unpainted hand Here's a photo of Tarkin

02-24-2002, 09:08 PM
Wow, that's an impressive set. I've seen them on ebay and Brian's toys has 'em. Cheapest figure at Brian's is Luke ($19.99) and the most Expensive was Snowtrooper ($89.99).

Wish I had a set! I did manage to snag the Euro carded POTJ figs, only 6 in the set as far as I know. Then they switched to those stupid stickers.

I also have a set of POTF CommTech figures, including R2-D2 with Holo Leia, Vader, and Stormtrooper.

Do you collect a lot of Foreign carded figs?

02-24-2002, 11:37 PM
Originally posted by sith_killer_99

Do you collect a lot of Foreign carded figs? [/B] No, but if I see somthing interesting I try to pick it up. It took about 2 years to complete the set of 9 LPC figures, Tarkin being the most recent, hardest to find and most of all very$$$$. I got the one logos as a set from Germany. I have seen 4-LOM and Bib on e-bay and @ Brians toys, but I have never the other three. For what I learned they are rare in Germany as well, Jawa being the rarest. I only collected them because of the large and different photo of the charactor and that the card looked like it was from the USA. I do collect the Japanese THX insert orange and green carded figure,but I can't seem to get my hands on the green Han or Ben.

02-24-2002, 11:47 PM
Very cool unique little collection there turbowars. I collect varients, but only loose figure ones. But it's still cool to see some of the intresting carded variations out there as well.


Jar Jar Binks

02-25-2002, 12:02 AM
Thanks Sith killer 99 and JarJar, I thought I would share some of my favorite card Variations. Please feel free to post photos/info of carded or loose variations and errors that you find or have in V.E.C.C. (Variation Error Collectors Club) in the Collectores Club forum. Thanks again!