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07-30-2009, 12:57 PM
I thought, to keep from clogging up the official Top 30 poll with individualized lists, that it would be best to have a dedicated thread where everyone can post their own choices for the top 30 most wanted Star Wars figures.

My list:

1. Kithaba
2. Barada (SA resculpt)
3. Gamorrean Guard (SA resculpt)
4. Admiral Ackbar (SA resculpt)
5. Weequay (SA resulpt)
6. Vedain (Nikto skiff driver)
7. Wooof (vintage Klaatu)
8. Weequay Skiff Master
9. Velken Tezeri (human skiff guard)
10. Chukha Trok (Ewok warrior from The Ewok Adventure)
11. Kaink Ewok Priestess
12. Y-Wing Pilot (grey flightsuit from ROTJ)
13. SA Carbonite Block/Jabba's Palace Rescue/Battle at the Pit of Carkoon/First-Half of Return of the Jedi Han Solo :p
14. SA C-3PO (shiny gold, but no vac-metalized coating)
15. SA Cantina Band Member (with all five instruments and a stool for sitting)
16. SA Ponda Baba
17. SA Dr. Evazan
18. Bom Vimdim
19. Mon Calamari Officer (SA resulpt)
20. Klaatu Skiff Guard (from the prisoner Skiff - this is NOT Yotts Orren, Wooof, or Giran)
21. Nikto (SA resulpt of the vintage figure)
22. Gailid (human skiff guard from second skiff, yellow jumpsuit)
23. Sgt. Doallyn
24. Human skiff guard from the second skiff (partially shirtless and wearing armor, similar in garb to Velken Tezeri)
25. Ishi Tibb (SA resculpt)
26. Sim Aloo (vintage Imperial Dignitary)
27. Nikto Gunner (SA resculpt of the 1998 POTF2 figure_
28. Pote Snitkin (SA resculpt)
29. SA Lando Skiff
30. SA Jedi Luke (with robe, lightsaber, and three interchangeable right hands: normal, blasted, gloved)

NOTE: I reserve the right to change my mind at any time, so this is not necessarily identical to previous wishlists; but you should notice a distinct trend to all of my wishlists. ;)

07-30-2009, 01:14 PM
We now have a dedicated poll thread for just that and will be using the results in some capacity, so I'm going to close this thread.

Here's the new one: