View Full Version : Clone Troopers, San Diego Padres, Jedi Ahsoka Tano, & the coolest SW Exclusive EVER!!

08-01-2009, 04:21 AM
There's less than 20 of these lightsabers in existence!

It's a green full-size baseball bat with ROTJ Luke Skywalker's hilt molded on the end - it might be metal or it could have been painted wood that the bat itself was formed from. Personally, I think it was Master Replicas quality metal.

Before tonight's Padres game vs. the Milwaukee Brewers, the Star Wars title theme blared out of the stadium speakers and Clone Troopers led by Captain Rex and an ARC Trooper captain, also accompanied by an ARF Trooper surrounded the Padres' infield. Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano - the real one (Ashley Eckstein, wife of Padres' 2nd baseman David Eckstein) - in her human form (not wearing a Togrutu costume or anything [she looked cute!]) presented the lightsabers to this past school year's top achiever from each San Diego high school, middle school, and elementary school. There were 10 recipients in this new "Jedi class" at "the Padres' temple outpost on planet earth."

The Force helped the Padres make a comeback from being down 7-1 in only the 2nd inning, and win the game 11-7, holding Milwaukee scoreless as soon as they took out Padres starter Chad Gaudin. David Eckstein hit 2-4 I think with RBI tallying. The Force was with our young Jedi batter who hit .500 for this game.

Each "lightsaber-bat" was signed by David Eckstein and had the "Star Wars: Clone Wars" logo "brought to you by The San Diego Padres" (team logo below Star Wars') on it. I think Ashley autographed them, too: "Ashley Eckstein is Ahsoka Tano." Maybe we'll be able to locate pictures of these.

I'm sure they made more than the 10 that were awarded to the kids (who promptly acted out lightsaber fighting upon each receiving theirs - with a few swings at imaginary pitches in there as well), so I'd guess there could be at least 10 more out there that went to someone.

If you look at Ahsoka Tano's lightsaber hilt, it's relatively simplistic and I suppose that is why they went with Luke's ROTJ hilt - or perhaps they used Master Replicas / Hasbro's ready-made hilt design for it (though I think eFX does an Ahsoka Tano hilt now - not sure).

Anyway, I thought of BobaFrett who's gone to Chicago Cubs games in his stormtrooper armor when I saw the Clones. No doubt they were the 501st Legion members probably found and recruited at Comic Con which was across the street from PetCo Park last week.

For a baseball fan and Star Wars fan like myself, this was an amazing moment. I think that at least 3 times this season, the Padres have made a big deal about Star Wars Clone Wars and the kids in the audience love it. Lightsabers are brought to some games, and I'm not the only fan who shouts, "Use the Force, David!" when Eckstein is up to bat. (Milwaukee moved their outfield in on him tonight and Eckstein belted on out over their heads that hit the top of the left field fence but didn't go over - ground rule double. Man it was an exciting game to see the Padres come from behind like that and steadily pick up 4, then 2, then 1, then 3 runs each consecutive inning (except the 7th) to win this ballgame!