View Full Version : Dear Hasbro, please use bubble wrap

08-13-2009, 02:01 PM
Dear Hasbro,

Many people including myself recently bought San Diego ComicCon Convention exclusives from your hasbrotoyshop.com because we were unable to attend but were still willing to hand over top dollar for your products. However, these were shipped with no bubble wrap, packing peanuts, inflatable plastic bags, newspapers, toilet paper or dog **** to protect the inside of what you on your website call a sought after collectible. Luckily most of us had no damage suffered to the package, but in the future, whomever you subcontract out for this job inform them to please f***ing use bubble wrap!!! We all got lucky this time, but next time, promising pristine packaging and showing this level of careless service may not.

That is all.