View Full Version : I had a dream I was John Connor and survivng Terminator: Judgement Day!

08-13-2009, 02:19 PM
It was different though: Instead of bold nuclear attacks, Skynet opted to give orders to the military through video broadcast communications and real human troops, ignorant of who they were really serving, were ordered to round up US citizens. Everyone thought it was a precaution - like to enforce containment of a biological infection. But I knew better. I was going to resist the military and the police!

I was with my mom, Sarah Connor, and this girl whom I presume was my love interest, perhaps a young Kate Brewster or Allison Young? And we headed towards the mountains and Eastern California when we came to a house with a family and my mom decided to stop there and put upon them for new supplies, food, and water.

Well I stopped calling my mother "Mom" right then and started giving orders for everyone to hide, and as I was taking command, I started calling my mom "Sarah," and barking orders. I didn't think anyone listened to me though because I ran out of a side door to the house and didn't think the military saw me when I hid under an old supply truck that family had parked in their driveway, overgrown with an invasive chapparal weed.

My only weapon was proof of time travel from the future though: it was a plasma pulse gun. Styled like a pistol and not as powerful as a plasma rifle from the Future Wars, this was only a personal weapon, but I clung onto it for my dear life. The only thing was, under the low-clearance truck where I hid, I couldn't turn my body to fire on my leftside - or at least if I did, I'd make a sound in the dry chapparal weeds growing out of the driveway.

Bootsteps circled the truck. They were made by military footwear. I could see that. Though I hoped they belonged to my mother since Sarah wore Army boots as well. I didn't think the military soldiers would shoot though - because they didn't know I was armed, nor that they were working for SkyNet. However, I was still scared and not really sure.

If I were to be discovered and ordered out of my hiding space, they'd just see a kid and if I hid my weapon, I could probably keep it for a few minutes before I was searched. But what if SkyNet had released my image? Would these guys - humans - terminate a kid? What if SkyNet had infiltrated a Terminator into their ranks just to be prepared? Could I kill other humans just to survive and run until I could organize the Reistance?

I decided I could. In the interest of the greater good, I was going to shoot these guys one way or the other. Then I'd free my mom and my girl. As for the family? Well, we weren't taking them with us. I'd review that decision again if I evaluated any of them as making suitable fighters. Saving their family would give them something to fight for. But the soldiers wouldn't join us. They'd have to die.

With sweaty hands I gripped my plasma pistol, resolved to firing it the first chance I got. The War with SkyNet was on!

Qui-Long Gone
08-13-2009, 02:24 PM
Freaking awesome dream...:thumbsup:

I have dreams about the end of the world too, and usually they involve me trying to protect my daughter or son and being on the run with them...I never have a gun which usually sucks because I seem to always need one.

Your dream actually sounds like a better plot than the Bale flop!

Kaptain Curk
08-14-2009, 02:19 PM
it wood be super creepy if this dream took place in december 21, 2012 because the mayan calander says the world ends on that day.