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IG 8D8
11-07-2009, 01:30 AM
Ok, I do a little dabbling in fan fiction and enjoy writing stories. Which possible star wars short story would you like to read of the following: (they are unnamed at this point)

1. time period: after ROTS, summary: General Grievous defeats Obi Wan on Utapau (sending him to the water below) and witnesses the droid army's defeat. Later he discovers all of the droid control ships are mysteriously shutdown and Darth Sidious has taken a new apprentice. Uncertain of his own fate, the General goes into hiding observing the situation from afar. When most of the last remaining jedi are picked off by Vader, Grievous becomes furious that his former master has given this job to someone else, let alone his sworn enemy Anakin Skywalker. It is the last straw. With a new improved robotic body the General plans to travel to Coruscant and confront Sidious. He expects the encounter to turn violent as Darth Vader has been called back to report on the jedi hunt.

2. time period: clone wars, after AOTC. summary: The Clone Wars have taken their toll on the separatist forces, wave after wave of battle droids are being destroyed in combat. Wat Tambor of the Techno Union knows it's time to create a more durable droid, a tougher and more fearsome droid that won't need to be replaced so fast. Tambor receives a work order with designs for just such a unit, sent to him by the bounty hunter Durge. In fact the designs are like nothing the Techno Union has ever seen. Tambor decides to take the blueprints for himself and begins production on the ultimate assassin droid in a new secret facility. Durge's spy droid, atop the facility, relays the new development to his master, who decides to pay Tambor a visit.

3. time period: sometime during the O.T. summary: In wide open plains of the Dune Sea a band of young tusken raiders are making a journey towards a rumored ship graveyard which remains their only chance for survival in a period of severe sand storms. The group has parted ways from a larger tribe to gain independence. Having no tents or gear, this is their only option. The wrecked cargo ships would provide shelter for them within their large hulls. The path is not an easy one as groups of nomadic marauders, pirates, wild banthas and rival tusken raider clans pose opposition to them. Adding to the danger is Jabba's desire to increase his slave labor, skiff patrols roam the plains for any possible subjects. There is no promise of survival in the remote, harsh environments. Even upon reaching the ship graveyard they might find it to be already occupied. It's a risk they must take.

4. "Bar Wars" (fun story) time period: around ROTJ? summary: Jabba has watched the success of cantinas in Mos Eisley and other cities and decides it's time to branch out and try his luck with a bar of his own. Not just a bar, but a gambling and entertainment complex right in the heart of Mos Eisley. He recruits a company to build it for him and gets some of his cronies to steal drink recipes from other places. Jabba's bar is finished and attracts a lot of business just from the fame of Jabba the Hutt. But he does not expect retaliation from rival businesses. Drunken brawls inside his complex become frequent, brawls started by individuals hoping to put Jabba out of business. The favor is returned by Jabba's crew and things get out of hand quickly... all established bars in Mos Eisley band together to physically destroy Jabba's complex for good and eliminate the competition. Hired guns and various aliens are brought together, recruited to finish the job.

But when someone starts a fight with Jabba, he usually finishes it. Jabba quickly brings together all the best bounty hunters and any mercenaries he can find. The palace empties as everyone boards his sailbarge and heads into town. But he goes one step further, unlocking the prison cells of his dark dungeon and unleashing the hideous monstrosities into the very streets of Mos Eisley. It's set to be the fight of the millennium.