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11-08-2009, 10:50 AM
I recently ordered two things from forbidden-planet.co.uk. and one of them was Boba Fett from the recently released/unreleased build a droid set. Now theres two identical figures you can buy on there. One is Boba Fett build a droid 10, the other is Boba Fett build a droid 11. The series 10 one apparently came out on the 30th of october which is when I ordered it, but I read on other sites that it wasnt to be released until november the 30th (in the UK). The other is the same figure, but series 11 and is only available for pre order and to be released on the 30th november.

I havnt recieved my Boba Fett or the other figure, and the order status on the site is blank. so im wondering if they just messed up on the site and I wont recieve them till November 30th? or is forbidden planet just crappy?

Well in short im trying to find out if that boba fett figure is actually out yet. Because its a christmas present for my girlfriend and im going to America for a month on the 7th of December, so if it does come out on the 30th and I dont recieve it before I go away then I will probably have to just buy it again out in America.

so yeah, if you are too lazy to read all that, is boba fett build a droid 10 out yet? :P

11-08-2009, 12:59 PM
or is forbidden planet just crappy?

Yes, they are, I gave up using them long ago The best UK seller I've found is Star Action Figures - they have Fett listed here (http://www.staractionfigures.co.uk/product/Boba_Fett_-_Star_Wars_Action_Figure_Legacy_Collection_Wave_10 _4805) - I can't see an option to buy it, but I'm sure it's out, as I received my wave 10 last week from them (but not Boba, as I already have the evolutions set, so just ordered the new figures). It might be worth dropping them a line, they are very helpful.

If you get one, and need to cancel FP, I think you have to phone them, as last time I had to do this, I couldn't cancel my order online - they don't like to make things easy!

11-08-2009, 01:40 PM
sweet thanks alot man! u have helped a ton