View Full Version : AAA Roadside Assistance is NO ASSISTANCE!!!

12-13-2009, 09:31 AM
AAA Roadside Assistance is NO ASSISTANCE!!! Grrrrrrr! I left a party last night about 2:30 am. It has finally started to rain in California. I drove through a puddle in an intersection off Pacific Coast Highway and suddenly my engine just turned off! Highway Patrol pushed my Jeep Cherokee out of the intersection into the Old Town Transit Center's bus station circle about 3 in the morning. That's when I called Tripple A. The towtruck finally got there at about 5:30 am and the driver said they'd called him only 15 minutes before.

I had called AAA about 7 times by that point. They said they had some computer glitch that messed up their dispatches. Transit Authorities had informed me that they'd use their towing to move my SUV so it wasn't blocking the busses from using their terminals if AAA didn't get there and move it. Plus it was freezing cold and rainy. Thanks to my friends who kept me company. I could have gotten out of there, but then my truck would have wound up in impound. I'd have billed all of that and my sure-to-be-pending repairs to the SoCal Auto Club, but my towtruck did finally arrive.

Maybe the truck will start today as all the electical systems dry out from last night, but it could also be my fuel pump. Who knows? I don't even think I can deal with it until I get some sleep. I had a great time at my friends' party last night. I'll post pics later. Too bad this is how my night had to end though (as I type with just one eye open...)

12-14-2009, 02:02 PM
Obviously, you've never read the fine print on their membership form:

"Our service is fast! No matter how long it takes"!