View Full Version : Need loose Sideshows..trade for loose MOTUC?

01-25-2010, 01:02 AM
Hey guys! I just got into SSC, and wanted to know if anyone had any loose Sideshow figures, that you would trade for loose masters of the universe classics? I have...

HE-MAN(rerelease, better face, complete minus dumb half-sword)
King Randor(complete)
Skeletor(complete minus dumb half-sword)
Tri-Klops(complete minus ring)
Zodak(complete...this is the black guy)
Stratos(never came with anything)
Adora MOC
Ram Man bust...minus box..no chips or anything
200X Grayskull...Good for a backdrop only, all the inside is gutted for custom..grayskil repainted. No weapons, just flag.

Harry potter Tri-wizard wand set with display base...all 4 wands from noble collection...missing the clear plasic cover because it sucked. Base and wands great though, all wood and metal. Will toss in Dumbledore Noble collection wand.

I need all SIDESHOW 12" figures, minus Palpatine,Sidious,and Bespin Luke. Even need 12" horror figures like Jason and Freddy.

I can take all the pics you like, and will send first, if you have good feedback:) If you want my e-mail its iwannacwaccount@yahoo.com

Live in america BTW, better to trade within the states because of shipping heh.