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02-26-2010, 12:38 AM
Sunday, March 22 will be a busy night for TV viewers, as will Sundays in general.

In addition to The Pacific having just begun the weekend before, Sundays will be awfully busy with Breaking Bad premiering its 3rd season!

Bryan Cranston continues his Emmy-award-winning performance as chemistry teacher turned meth-cooker / drug kingpin.

I'm sure this next season is going to be just as wild and edgy as ever. Tune into AMC for this one. (The Pacific will be on HBO).

03-22-2010, 06:32 AM
Excellent first episode tonight!

I can't believe Walt told Skyler he was a meth-cooker!

Big mistake. Especially if she drew the connection to that airline crash.

On top of it, he didn't tell her that he earned that money for HER and his children, because he thought he was going to die from the cancer and he wanted to leave her something. Does she know and understand his motivations?

I don't think Skyler would ultimately conclude that Walt's motive made a moral difference on cooking meth, but it might make her reconsider turning Walt over to the DEA.

It looks like he tells his lawyer that Skyler's in on it next week.

I like the fast-food chain store franchise owner who's so unassuming, but actually a huge narcotics trafficker.

What's up with the two thugs from Mexico? That scene with everyone crawling was their idol worship of the patron saint of thieves. Pretty out-there, but that's real. I personally think religion makes idiots out of people - these guys played that part well. Real tough though. I wonder if they work for the restaurant guy or if they are planning to muscle their way in to the territory and find and take out Walt?

Was his picture up in their shrine to worship him, pray for him, or as a contract taken out on him?

I don't think it was a contract on him because it was in their shrine - but you never know.

I think they might want to work for him. If Walt flinches though, they'll lose respect for him and kill him.

I think he should take the 3 million dollar deal. He's in way too deep after that plane crash. I also think those Mexican twins (?) will add some real muscle to the organization if they want to work for Walt - instead of his amateur-hour thing he's got going on now.

On the street, "Heisenberg" has a real mean reputation. They don't know Walt by name, but his reputation is he's ruthless and not some high school chemistry teacher.

I also think the fast-food retaurant guy is a lot more hardcore than he seems.

The problem with illegal business is that you can't trust anyone to play the right part in the first place.

03-22-2010, 10:24 AM
Gus is alot more ruthless than he seems , last season he saw that picture of Walt on the donation jar in the office of the DEA and last night Gus never even mentioned it to Walt. Sounds like a 3 million dollar set up to me.

03-22-2010, 03:49 PM
Sounds like a 3 million dollar set up to me.

How's the set-up going to work? The biggest benefit Walt is to Gus is his skill at cooking meth.

He needs Walt indebted to him or something to keep him cooking. Otherwise, Gus can go on as before, without Walt, and it doesn't matter what Walt does with his life. However, Walt might cook to keep a roof over Jesse's head and clothes on his back.

04-05-2010, 02:36 AM
The show's staying awesome. I really loved the hacking off the head of the DEA informant tonight.

Skylar's lawyer is going to be trouble. I just know it.

I didn't know the brother-in-law was that much of a bad-arse brawler when he went into the low-life bar and busted all those heads!

But Skylar sleeping with Benecke - I saw that coming a mile away. She used that to get revenge and feel empowered. Typical, thus predictable.