View Full Version : Need these figures

03-23-2010, 10:32 PM
I need the following figures. Need not be carded but complete and in excellant condition.

30th Ani;
Maris Brood
Pre Cyborg Grievous
Shadow Guard

Comic Packs (would prefer them carded with comic)
Asharad Hett/Dark Woman
Comm Keller/Marine
Koffi Arana/Bultar Swan

New Legacy;
Rum Slegg
Concept IG88

Have the following to trade (all carded)
Comic 2 pack Gen Wier/commando
IG97/Imperial guy

Most all new Legacy figure
Most all new Clone Wars animated figures
Also various POTF2,POTJ,SAGA,EP1,ROTS figures

Let me know. Thanx