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06-08-2010, 12:29 AM

I recently discovered these figures, or rather my wife did. I dismissed them at first brief glance, that was about a month ago. We now have over 50 of them, heh. :thumbsup:

I only really ever cared for the original Kenner line, but there is something about these little fellas that RINGS of the 70s, cant quite put my finger on it though. My wife collected the modern lines for a while, but I cant abide by them, they strike me as VERY UN-dynamic and I'm NOT a fan of "modern articulation".
(Incidentally, her entire collection of 150+ modern figures is up for trade should anyone here care)

Anyhow, thanks to the 'creators' of this site for making an aging Star Wars fan not feel like a WEIRDO for buying toys marked 'PLAYSKOOL'. :p

I hope to meet some cool folks and great fans here as well as do some great swapping and business dealings. Although we have quite a FEW of these little guys, we need a WHOLE lot still! (I saw the Rancor on E-Bay and literally emitted an "AUDIBLE smile", heh, just please tell me that they havent made a Wampa or a TaunTaun yet, have they??)

I sincerely hope that this line shows NO signs of dying out and that they focus more on the ORIGINAL three films and less on the latter three. (I'm holding out for a Wuher and a Dr. Evazan, but something tells me that Hasbro's kiddie division might frown on a bartender figure.)

Take care and be well all. :)


06-08-2010, 08:08 AM
Welcome! Wampa, Taun Taun and Wuher are all out there already ... but thats a good thing .... :thumbsup: see this site for a great list of GH figures
I like the idea of Dr.Evazan .. might try a custom of him for my Cantina!