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01-16-2013, 08:31 PM
At TRU today, I saw another Elite blaster that was new to me, the Rough Cut 2x4. This is the oddest-looking blaster, it's essentially a sawed-off shotgun in the back and then the front looks the old Hornet 6-shot with 2 rows of darts. The Rough Cut however is an Elite and under the "Multishot Madness" banner as well, the gimmick is that it fires 2 darts per trigger pull, and to be honest it looks a tad awkward. $20, I say too much.

At Target I saw another new Elite, the Retaliator - I hadn't seen it before, so it's new to me anyway. It's obviously the successor of the Recon, uses the same pistol design with a few changes, identical barrel, a new 12-shot clip which looks kinda not great and seems like a waste of resources to develop that instead of just include either 2 6ers or an 18, and it's sporting a new stock and a new forward grip.

Also, I had been looking for the Strongarm again and just about given up when there was 1 Strongarm out of location right as I was leaving the toy area altogether, so I bought it. $13 at Target. Fully loaded, it's 14 ounces, 2 ounces lighter than my fully-loaded Maverick. While looking like a longer blaster, the Strongarm is not even a full inch longer than the Maverick. Despite the cylinder looking much smaller, it's the same diameter to the centimeter, so I guess looks can be deceiving, the 2 blasters are the same width and their widest, but the Strongarm looks sleeker.

It looks pretty sharp, there's a lot of sculpted detail at the front simply to look nifty, and where the Maverick has a lot of sculpted flat-head screw details of differing sizes the Strongarm has hex-screw details. The Strongarm's cylinder hinge unlock button is a streamlined 3-channel design that calls back to the Maverick as well. The slide is a bit beefier than the original, although shorter top-to-bottom and there's no sculpted detail under it. The Nerf logo is on the opposite side of the slide from the Mav, as are the warning and copyright texts - the copyright date, btw, is 2011. The back of the slide and the bottom of the pistol grip both sport loops for carabiners, but I think using either would be a mistake - the slide isn't as strong as the Mav so it'll bounce around and probably ruin the slide mechanism over time, and the one on the grip a carabiner would jab into an adult's palm attached to that spot.

The right backside of the muzzle is open, this turns out to be so that your darts don't get fully ruined if they don't clear the muzzle all the way since the cylinder rotates after each shot, this is probably also why the cylinder doesn't extend past the front of the darts.

I'll be honest, in terms of use, in virtually every way this is an improved experience from the Maverick. The grip has a very slightly nicer ergonomics, without a pommel knob and various pronounced grip textures of the Mav, as well as a larger trigger guard area, the Strongarm is a more comfortable hold (although the Mav has a more rounded space for the middle finger under the trigger guard). The weight distribution is better too, the Mav is a tad too nose-heavy where this is balanced over the trigger guard. The trigger pull is a bit lighter, and it's about 2/3rds the distance; the slide distance is the same but a bit lighter as well, and unlike the Mav the Strongarm makes a clear click sound and feel when the slide is properly primed - I can't count the number of friends who have tried the Mav and had the slide not engage. The cylinder breaks from the body much further, where the Mav exposes just 2 dart chambers the Strongarm exposes twice that many with full access and you can see 5 chambers; the cylinder while broken out and spun also ratchets, and that ratcheting seems to be purely for the "clack clack clack" sound experience of spinning the cylinder as the mechanical elements are all handled by the body. Oh, and of course the Slamfire works great, I could not get it to misfire or misbehave no matter how fast I pumped the slide.

With the Strongarm, perhaps the biggest functional improvements over the Maverick deserve their own section as I haven't mentioned them yet:
- the chamber load status can be seen from the back of the cylinder when broken out, when you're spinning the cylinder it's not just for pretend anymore;
- there are real sights instead of the crummy tac-rail sights on the Mav, here you not only get a V rear sight but a square U sight at the front of the slide, and an orange A front pin sight, so "building the castle" has never been easier, assuming you care about proper sighting with a Nerf blaster;
- the rear of the slide exposes a slit that displays whether the blaster is primed or not via an orange panel that raises and lowers.

Where the Maverick still has it over the Strongarm is looks with its "semi-automatic meets revolver" styling and just more detailing in general; a fully enclosed cylinder; the cylinder's outer two chambers can be reloaded without breaking the cylinder; and a cylinder that rotates with a trigger pull whether or not the blaster is primed.

These differences come down to personal tastes whether they're good or bad changes: the Maverick is louder in priming and firing; and the Mav ain't covered in digital camo pattern.

The Elite darts that come with the Strongarm are a big darker foam than the Triad darts and the 30-pack darts; the Strongarm darts' orange tips a bit duller than others. Also, one of the darts my Strongarm came with was a defect, had a mold flaw that looks like a big crack in the orange tip so it doesn't fly straight (although distance seems unaffected) - the crack gives it some visual style, but it's out.

In terms of aim, the Strongarm is so accurate that when I tested it against the Triad firing at the same target, the 2 blasters' darts hit the same spot at the same time like a V, that was darn impressive. Of course, individual dart issues create individual performance issues so since there's no barrel, only a muzzle, dart issues will have free rein to do what they want, but in general it's a straight shooter.

Overall, yes the Strongarm's not as rough and tumble-looking as the Maverick, but don't discount this blaster, it's got all of the Maverick's strengths in an Elite package and none of its performance drawbacks, all while being 2 ounces lighter and better balanced. The Strongarm also has a few features the Mav lacked, and enjoys styling cues that are direct homages to its illustrious predecessor. A definite recommend.

03-17-2013, 03:47 PM
I picked my niece up an Alpha Trooper v1 on clearance at Target for $6. We played with them outside and she lost a couple darts, while I lost a handful of Elite darts because HASBRO IS SUCH A JERK FOR MAKING THESE BLUE!!! They immediately get lost in the foliage because dark blue is surprisingly similar in color to dark green, and the orange tips just don't stand out well enough. I only had access to my Maverick, Jolt, Strongarm, Triad, Vigilon, and Swarmfire - I left the Vigilon inside because I didn't want to explain to my niece that it has to be corrected for, also I suspect she'll be able to easily dodge those slow-moving disks.

It was getting dark so we then went into the clubhouse here which turns out to be pretty good for Nerf wars. I replenished her missing darts with the 4 extra Elites I have, but this presented a problem because her Alpha Trooper could take old and new darts, while my Swarmfire couldn't, so cleanup and reloading was slow. We had a blast, but those old darts aren't much fun with requiring parabolic arcs, while the elite darts fly really fast and straight, and hurt like a mofo - I caught one in the ear, after that I wore eye protection and am buying her a pair of safety glasses as well (and a 75-pack of Elite darts :p) right now.

The clubhouse has 4 rooms off a main room - the main room is very big and has stuffed chairs and a long table with chairs, so each person can use those for cover. There's a stairwell leading down to the billiards floor which we decided not to use due to safety and not wanting to get darts from downstairs. The library room has low bookshelves and a central long table with chairs, a pass-through window to the little kitchen, but otherwise is medium-sized shoot-out doom. The kitchen is small and has a window to the library and main room, great for dishing out pain (ha ha) but we chose to leave it alone so as not to dig darts out of the sink. The TV room is small and has furniture only up against the walls, for some reason my niece kept using that corner to hide despite it being pretty pitiful. The fireplace room is very small and has only 2 chairs, but 2 openings to the main room and an opening to the TV room so it was a great pass-through to hunt from. Also, except for the Fireplace room there weren't any breakable lamps to worry about.

The Maverick I was going to dump on her because I wanted the Strongarm, but the Mav is old and doesn't always lock when the slide is engaged so I used it as I know its quirks well enough to get around them. It performed as well as any old N-strike blaster running old darts could, and never let me down, but even running Elite darts in it is pretty sad compared to Elite blasters.

The Strongarm in her hands hurt like a mofo, but she mostly ran it dry very quickly and had to lay it down. When it fired, it made itself known, and anytime it hit the windows it rattled 'em, it's a real game changer when it's in play. She almost exclusive used it single-shot rather than slamfire, I think because of the lack of aim its slamfire has.

The Jolt was in her hands with an Elite dart, it was only ineffective because she used it not thinking about needing to reload after one shot, but it still hurt when contact was made. I need to teach her Derringer thinking. ;)

The Triad taught her Derringer thinking. :D It was in my hands, and it ended up my default blaster because it was quick to reload after the Mav and Swarmfire went dry. The Triad ran into 2 big flaws: A) it's limited to Elite darts, so all her darts were distraction when I went to grab some extra ammo on the run; and B) its chambers don't hold the darts strong enough during play so they fall out, I kept drawing what I believed to be a full weapon and firing only to find it empty and me exposed to fire. Despite that disastrous and common problem, the Triad's ability to just pick up darts anywhere and immediately load and fire made it the one I used most effectively.

The Alpha Trooper was hers, and she mostly used her classic streamlines in it so she'd just deliver a parabolic rain of those shots, but since they don't hurt much and don't fly far they aren't a huge danger. That said, when I gave her a few Elite darts to put in it, they definitely made a difference - they weren't fired as far or fast as the Triad, Jolt, and Strongarm, but holy crap they would come out better than those orange streamlines and they'd raise eyebrows every time on both sides of that gun.

The Swarmfire was my big gun, it can load Elites, but it dribbles them out like they were any crap dart-tag dart or whistler! Nothing more frustrating than that big, loud gun looking intimidating full of expensive new Elites and then having a 30 foot range of ineffective fire. Its system is also horrible for single shots in rapid succession, so it's either auto fire which is crap, or single fire which is slow crap. The Swarmfire is not worth its weight to lug around, which actually made it a good equalizer because my niece isn't as adept at using these things as I have become. But it also left me with a gun I couldn't really use, so I'd deliver the rain and then toss it aside for a smaller blaster every time.

She wants to do this again soon, so I'm thinking I'm going to dig out the Stampede, my Alpha Trooper, and 1 or both Raiders (I have the non-slamfire defective model they let me keep) and we'll load up those various clips with only Elites, then go to war. I don't have enough darts to actually fill both 35 drums, both 18 drums, both 18 clips, and the 4 or 5 six-dart clips, so we probably use the darts from the Triad and Strongarm for the clips instead of running more blasters. My sister showed interest in joining us so I figure the Stampede's shield and grip, the stocks from the Raiders and my Recon, and the light beam unit, maybe the flip-up sight although I can't actually see that being effective.

03-18-2013, 04:46 PM
In advance of another Nerf battle, I gathered my arsenal up for a photo (minus the defective Raider, which I didn't bother digging out)


The 75 Elite darts and second pair of safety glasses will be here today, so they didn't make the photo - had I known Amazon would get them here so quickly I would have just waited.

225 classic orange Streamline Darts in that pile.

The Recon chewed up a Streamline dart really bad, but like an idiot I loaded an Elite dart into it and it chewed that up too. It finally fired one, didn't do any better than a regular dart. The Recon used to be such a player in my arsenal, but once the Slamfire weapons came out it really has fallen in my eyes.

Between the drum and clip mags, I can run 166 darts modularly. However, I'll only have about a hundred Elite darts, so there's still something to be said for running old darts - reloading less often, and easier to find them all. I'm finally starting to feel like I need to get the bandolier, it holds 4 mags and a dozen darts, and the Strongarm can be clipped to the clasps to act as a holster.

The Stampede is not considerably better with Elites than with old darts, they come out in whatever angle they feel like, they fly farther than the Swarmfire but that's not saying much. I forgot just how loud this friggin' thing is though, it's REALLY loud and shrill, like "not entirely worth it" loud, I can see running it with earplugs. It's also so annoyingly heavy and all that weight is in the back. Honestly, this thing is more an intimidator than a useful weapon.

The Raider is a frustrating weapon to wield after the Alpha Trooper, it's slower and more awkward and requires more force. I did notice the Elite darts did better than the old darts, but not as well as any Elite blaster or even the Alpha Trooper.

All my gear is now in my HasbroToyShop SDCC bag, and it weighs like 50 pounds. :D

03-19-2013, 07:28 PM
Ugh, now I'm running this thread all by myself. :erm:

Anyway, the 75 pack of Elite Darts came, I loaded up my 2 big drum mags and slapped 'em into the Alpha Trooper. The 2nd dart jammed bad, folded in half and took a gouge on the back end, looks like the dart head was off-center. The other 74 darts worked fine though, both drums performed otherwise fine. The safety glasses are decent too. Amazon did right by me.

Then I was at Target and noticed the weekly flyer has a 30% off 1 Nerf purchase coupon, and they had the 75 pack on sale for $18 so I got yet another one for just $12! I would have bought an Elite clip blaster instead, but to be honest, the current Elite clip blasters either suck or they're too expensive, I thought about getting the Stryfe as it also would have been $12 on sale from $20, but I hear it jams a lot and I don't really want to deal with electric motor weapons anymore.

So the second 75 pack I reloaded the big drums with and this time put into the Stampede. The first 20 shots were good, then it jammed in a most stupid manner - the stop-gate closed on a dart. Unfortunately, it was so deep in there that I tore it up getting it free, and I guess there was a slight bend to the dart before it got ruined. After freeing it, the other darts all flew great, still at whatever angle they felt like coming out of the barrel like, but definitely makes running this beast a lot more fun to have the darts actually fly forward rather than down. So I guess both kits have 74 good darts. ;)

TRU had bogo50% on all Nerf, I was going to buy another Strongarm and the bandolier or a 75 kit, but their pricing on the bandolier and 75 kit are so over the top, and they only pricematch via printed ads which is f'ing stupid. So I let them keep their stuff, but I'm thinking about going back and getting a couple more Strongarms.

Bel-Cam Jos
03-20-2013, 06:13 PM
Ugh, now I'm running this thread all by myself. :erm:I'll help you out! I once owned TWO (count 'em, two) Nerf footballs at the same time; they were blue. And I loved the pop 'ems gun I had.

You're welcome. :pleased:

03-21-2013, 03:09 PM
Woo, 2 Nerf footballs, you were ballin'! ;) Were they full sized or mini? I've been thinking about getting one of the Nerf Vortex footballs to replace the twist mini football I used until its skin came off, but I hear their tails are a bit easy to break.

Bel-Cam Jos
03-21-2013, 08:42 PM
Full size; one seemed to chip and break away more than the other. Both eventually just disintegrated.

03-22-2013, 03:31 PM
Ah, the classics. :D Luckily, Nerf darts don't suffer the way Nerf balls do.

09-03-2013, 07:17 PM
Newest crop of N-Strike just hit my local Target.

I picked up the exclusive Zombie Strike Hammershot, $15 for a blaster that's only got a 5-shot cylinder and is smaller than the Maverick, but it's got nice sculpting and a cocking hammer/fanning hammer gimmick, and more paint to go with the zombie theme than I can remember in any blaster. The grip alone has 3 textures and paints, a gray "ivory" paint and sculpt on the back, a brown "wood" front with a gray painted "screw" at the top, and around the midsection a weathered gray and black "cloth wrap" paint and sculpt. It also has cardboard stencils but I'm not giving any credit there. The blaster design is very compact, has a bulky pistol feel almost like a sawed-off shotgun, and there's not even a muzzle at the front because the design is supposed to be cobbled together. On top is a long tac rail, the bottom of the grip has a standard ring. The gun is small and light, nose-heavy but light enough to get away with it. The grip is beefy, pretty much made for a medium-sized adult hand, and the hammer fits that, I can just barely reach it without releasing my grip, so a kid probably would still have to 2-hand it. The hammer system is a curved plunger, the system works great in single shot, but in fanning it can be easy to not pull back far enough and dribble a shot out. Drawing the hammer back rotates the cylinder, so this is the most accurate revolver in the N-strike system. The cylinder doesn't spin freely, it can be easily rotated to load shots but there's a constant resistance probably from the air seal.

As for the darts, they're Elites although the package didn't specify that, and they're light green, which is fun for HVZ in theory, but in practice I can see these getting lost in the grass VERY easily.

At $15, it's a hard sell so I can only give it a B- / B recommendation rating, I liked the idea of the single-handed hammer-cocking action enough to throw in on it, but it's too expensive for 5 shots and rapid-fire fanning is not ideal.

I didn't get the Sledgefire, but I did think about it. It's a true N-Strike Shotgun, firing 3 darts at once, having a removable shell, and being a breach-loader. $28, exclusive to Target as well. This one's hammer didn't seem to be a true part of the mechanism though what with its short travel, and had no try-me experience. Having only 3 shots for a weapon this big is a tad silly, even if it's 9 darts. I think the stock is removable on this blaster. The barrel is big and a rounded triangular thing. This one is definitely more for the HVZ experience than for regular war, and I can't imagine its system will make full use of the darts.

Z-Bombs, these were pretty lame for $10, just a 2-pack of Nerf shapes - note the football has been "torn in half and slapped on something" type of design, they're cobbled together things to throw at "zombies". There were 3 styles, one was already stolen, the store had suffered a lot of Nerf theft that day actually, lots of stolen darts in packs too.

Not yet appearing but tagged was the ZombieStrike Machete for $15, I dunno, didn't look like it'd be very big.

N-Strike Elite had the Mission App Tac-Rail accessory which you can put an iphone or ipod touch 4 or 5 into, download an app, and... something. As it says here, in-app purchases are in the app but not required. The idea of a battle camera is very cool, the idea of a touchscreen game module you buy stuff for is less so. They should just make a tac-rail camera and get it over with, we'd all buy one.

Finally, the N-Strike Elite Centurion, which uses MEGA Darts, new and upsized whistlers that claim to fire up to 100 feet (the box back oddly specifies that 66% will reach that distance and 34% will come up only 60 feet, since this isn't a rapid-fire blaster I cannot figure out why this would be). The body reminds me of the Longstrike/Longshot (I can't remember which and don't care) and comes with a new tac rail bipod that hinges down instead of using gimmick parts. But honestly, I don't want to change darts anymore (although this MEGA dart, which I foolishly forgot to get a scale photo of, is interesting).

01-27-2014, 11:17 PM
I felt pretty similarly about not wanting to deal with another type of darts, but I picked up the Magnus last month and it's been a lot of fun. It's the first time in awhile that it's actually stung a bit to get hit by a dart which actually gives a lot more incentive to dodge it. Certainly makes for more fun that way, though I'm not sure if I'll pick up the Centurion. I did want it for quite awhile, but the Magnus has been pretty much enough. Plus the continued lack of extra magazines, outside of a CostCo value set, is silly.

02-01-2014, 03:12 AM
I picked up the Magnus early in December as well, and it is a lot of fun, but holy crap do those darts get deformed. I shot it into my hand and it stung, and I shot it into my foot and it left a red mark for a day. The Centurion seems like a massive step backwards, it's too big, less accurate, heavier, and I hear it mangles the crap out of the darts. They need to make a true clip-fed mega dart gun that isn't ridiculous, and it really should hold more than 3 shots.

Then again, I picked up the Elite version of the Alpha Trooper, oh man was that surprising, it really is a different plunger and it makes a big difference compared to Elite darts in my regular Alpha Troopers. I was trying to convince my gal to shoot at me with the Elite Alpha Trooper as I was using the Hammershot, she hit me once and it stung way worse than I expected, so I was firing from the hip with the Hammershot and a shot went wild and hit her in the face (I was aiming for center mass, but shooting from the hip is dodgy at best). She turned around and I thought she was laughing so asking her if she was ok and getting no response but laughing, I shot her in the butt, only to find she was crying from being hurt and laughing too. I felt like such a heel, but finally did show her how to use the Alpha and she hit me once and that was it for Nerf for a while. She has mostly forgiven me. :p

Picked up the Elite Firefly clip with darts at Target on clearance, half off. This thing works really nicely.

02-19-2014, 08:52 PM
I don't know much about females, but it's always seemed pretty obvious they don't like getting hit in the face. At least that wasn't much vengeance to be had, under similar circumstances I would feel compelled to offer myself up execution style. :p

Toy Fair looked to have some interesting items, most notably the winchester-style rifle intrigues me. I also like that they're moving onto banana-curve magazines, if only for one rifle so far. Still massively disappointed at the lack of rail accessories considering they've made sure to continue on making the rails plentiful. Keep hoping to see a new mission line released with a rerelease of the pinpoint sight.

02-20-2014, 01:51 PM
I was aiming 2 feet lower, I swear! Honestly, I would have preferred anger and vengeance to tears, those are things I know how to deal with. ;)

That winchester rifle Zombie weapon looks like the cocking lever will break easily, but if it's sturdy I can see getting it, very much of the "This is my BOOM STICK" variety of design.

Yeah, the lack of rail accessories is a disappointment, there are so many avenues still left for that. I want to see a grenade launcher (basically a mega dart or ball) that slides onto the rail a la an M203.

What do you think of the walking drone? I think it's a cute idea in theory but flawed as a premise, it's got limited shots, it's got no camera, and the controller needs to be line-of-sight leaving the user vulnerable.

05-03-2014, 07:07 PM
The walking drone was interesting, I'm surprised we haven't seen any promo material or anything since then though. I'm guessing it's a ways off still but I figured they'd be hyping it up on Facebook and whatnot. I'm not sure if I'll invest in one, although I am curious what the dogs would do with it. My German Shepherd has already reacted to one of my R/C cars like a T-Rex to a Ford Explorer.

I'm sure by now you've seen the coverage from ToyFair with the grenade/rocket launching rifle? Shame they integrated the launcher into the gun rather than having it mounted on a long rail, I REALLY hope they explore that in the future.

I feel though I harp far too much on the subject of lack of accessories, but it bugs me endlessly that the pinpoints are still being made for store promotions in Singapore, and another country or two I think, but not mass-released. Especially since that's the only way to get an Elite-colored version so far.

Anyway, wanted to mention some recent Nerf buys. I haven't been buying anywhere near the amount that I was a couple years ago, though mostly it's because I have most of it in its original N-Strike form. But, I recently picked up the Zombie Strike Sidestrike pistol and the Elite suction-tipped darts.

First, the good. I originally planned to go dual-wield and buy a pair of Sidestrikes, but decided that it's best to stick with one for first try. Even though playing around with the Sidestrike has made convinced me to stick with just one, it is a very fun little pistol with a decent shot to it. I assume it's probably about basic for anything made post-Elite, but as far as pistols go I only have the Triad for comparison. It was actually unexpected to me that it came with dart storage below the barrel, since I've only ever noticed pictures showing the dart storage on the holster, so having six shots stored on everything that's included was pretty nice.

The pistol, due to its small nature, is a bit difficult to work since the slide has very little texture to it and it does have some considerable resistance. I'm not sure if it's truly that the resistance is that strong or if it just seems that way because the complications due to the size and smoothness, but it certainly makes sense as to why it shoots with adequate force. It's very simple to put in and draw out of the included holster, regardless of which direction you put it in. I think the lock could have been imagined a bit more thoroughly; it uses a tension hold on the slide when holstered, but if you holster it while the pistol is cocked then the slide is too loose to holster properly. Since it's a shallow holster, the gun will certainly flop a bit if not locked in. Supposedly the holster will work with the Firestrike but I don't have one, so can't test it.

One thing that was very clever about the holster is that it has two different mounting methods. You can either just slip the large belt clip piece over your pocket, your waistband or your belt. OR, alternatively, you can feed a belt/strap through the rectangle holes on the belt clip for a more secure hold. I very much appreciate those options. I usually just slip it on my jean pockets, but if I were actually going to participate in a Nerf war I'd probably put a strap through the clip for a thigh mount. Always good to have options. The pistol itself is a pretty small and sleek design, and I especially like the seemingly front-heavy proportions even though the whole thing is pretty dang light. I feel it's based on the Steyr M9A1 given various attributes, most notably being the proportions. It feels very comfortable in the hand and is very easy to grip for a quick draw. Really the only complaint I have about the gun itself is the slide and its lack of grippable texture. I've taken to just pulling on the rear 'iron sight' for a quick priming.

This isn't a complaint but what is certainly baffling is the obligatory accessory rail. I didn't even realize it had one until I got it, and it's located on the bottom due to lack of space on the slide, or either of the sides. This wouldn't be so bad as it works on a larger gun like the Magnus, but the Sidestrike is so small that the only thing that actually fits on the rail is the Recon's or Longstrike's sights, which obviously wouldn't make sense other than to add detail and bulk to the appearance. Even outside of consideration of lack of space for your hand, neither one can even get back far enough to 'lock' on the rail because the overall body length is too short so they hit the grip. Even if you slide the Recon light up enough to allow space for your fingers its gripping clamps will be half off the rail, it'll likely slip right off the gun with the slightest amount of force when pointed downward.

So this is one of those design choices that makes me question whether this came down to a mandate to feature a tactical rail on everything for consistent tacticool aesthetic, or has Hasbro become out of touch with the rail system and that's why they don't care to make anymore accessories? I hope it's the former. I see no reason the rail couldn't have been on top since no matter where the rail is, you wouldn't be able to holster the pistol with an accessory mounted anyway. So if a rail feature was mandatory then it would have made most sense to make room for it on the slide. The 'iron sights' are even raised to about the same height as the rails, so it wouldn't have been out of place.

But, like I said, that's not really a complaint. I had no intention of using any accessories on a pistol this size, it's just a weird design choice that seemed really unnecessary.

Now, the bad. The suction-tipped elite arts. They're terrible. In the Nerf aisle at my Walmart they have a coupon booklet mounted to the shelf they keep the Strongarm and Firestrikes on for $5 off a $9+ Nerf item when you buy Chewy Quaker Oats bars. We tend to get some of those anyway so I decided to use one of the coupons on a $10 pack of these darts. I was wary of the tiny suction tip but since they're designed to be used in magazine-fed guns I was lost in the idea of throwing them all in a drum mag and using the Stampede or Rayven. Unfortunately, they're crap. Whereas the old suction darts had a good chance of sticking even if you weren't aiming perfectly straight, these Elite darts are prone to bouncing away even in a dead-on straight shot. I'd say 1 out of every 8 actually managed to stick. I tried them in the Alpha Trooper, Barrel Break, Rayven, and Sidestrike just to get a good diversity of velocity and methods of fire. None of them made any difference, the tiny little suction heads are just too meek to get reliable suction quick enough. I wholly suggest avoiding them.

05-04-2014, 01:55 PM
I hadn't seen the Toy Fair coverage of the Demolisher. They took our idea and made it not as good, and direct-pump firing ensures no accuracy. Still, that's a cool looking blaster, except for the pump on the grenade being so intrusive, that could have been more streamlined. And a battery system, I don't have any of these because they review so poorly.

You are on the money about the lack of accessories, why put in these expensive tac rails if there's nothing good to use them with?

I just this week saw the Elite suction darts, sorry to hear they're so bad, you just saved me $6 right there.

The only dual-wield in the line is the Hammerstrike, IMO, because the hammer makes priming so easy.

Shocked that you can't even holster the Sidestrike primed nicely, that holster is all that really separates it from the much cheaper Firestrike. Pretty goofy about the tiny tac rail.

05-04-2014, 09:31 PM
I forgot about the Demolisher also being electronic. Between the overall bulkiness and the battery system, that's going to be pretty forward-heavy considering the stock will most likely be pretty light. I'm hoping the banana mags are available separately, I think they'd look plenty spiffy in the upcoming Slingfire.

I've also been avoiding most of the electronic weapons. The Barricade, Stampede and Rayven have been about all I consider necessary since none seem to have any improved performances since the Barricade came out, seems the "Elite" upgrade only really applies to the normal guns. I've been tempted to pick up a Rapidstrike to try some of the power output and motor mods but I'm a bit more interested just keeping things stock. I might end up grabbing the Stryfe since Kohl's has a nice Mission Kit version with the stock from the Stockade (Elite Barricade) and a blue Recon barrel. Regularly $60, though, so definitely not picking it up outside of a significant clearance.

There's been better luck today with the suction darts, they apparently need some breaking in. Since I've had them sitting on my desk they've been the most convenient ammo to grab and it only took about... 8 reloadings for them to finally start sticking regularly, I think? It's still too much of a disappointment, there's no point to requiring a break-in period. They still require a very straight shot which isn't a guarantee, but any angles and they're definitely just going to fly off. So unless you can get them for free it does seem wise to avoid them.

I keep meaning to pick up the Hammerstrike but I don't make it over to Target much, especially after the hacking controversy. I constantly forget about it, 'out of sight and out of mind,' so it's never come up as an opportunity buy.

05-13-2014, 11:08 PM
I picked up a 10-pack of Mega darts awhile back due to having a decent coupon so they've just been hanging out, hardly getting used since the Magnus is a bit bulky for a simple desk shooter. So, in curiosity, I put the Mega dart against the tip of a dart sticking out of the Sidestrike and found that the Mega dart's hole is just big enough for a normal dart to squeeze in there. I pushed the Mega dart all the way to the edge of the barrel and even though it's only about a half inch's worth of dart within dart, the hold is pretty decent.

Of course, had to fire it.

Surprisingly it's only the rare shot that doesn't go well, for the most part they're consistent in getting across my room (about 12 feet) like that. For some reason it works best putting them on the blue elite darts rather than the ZS green darts, which doesn't make sense to me. It almost reminds me of grenade launchers that get mounted to the barrel of rifles, so there's an option if you want to fire Mega darts from a pistol without using the Magnus - or are just incredibly bored. :p

05-16-2014, 02:15 PM
I'm hoping the banana mags are available separately, I think they'd look plenty spiffy in the upcoming Slingfire.Those don't appeal to me because they only hold 10 darts and waste a ton of space on the banana curve.

I've also been avoiding most of the electronic weapons. The Barricade, Stampede and Rayven have been about all I consider necessary since none seem to have any improved performances since the Barricade came out, seems the "Elite" upgrade only really applies to the normal guns. I've been tempted to pick up a Rapidstrike to try some of the power output and motor mods but I'm a bit more interested just keeping things stock. I might end up grabbing the Stryfe since Kohl's has a nice Mission Kit version with the stock from the Stockade (Elite Barricade) and a blue Recon barrel. Regularly $60, though, so definitely not picking it up outside of a significant clearance.
I have heard that the motor on the flywheel for the Elite Rayven is faster so it shoots farther, but I so far haven't tried any flywheel blasters, sticking with the Stampede's standard launching system. The Rapidstrike being a flywheel is too much money for that type of system, especially as it is known to jam.

If you get the Stryfe, LMK how it is. All I've heard about it is that it needs a mod on the ammo sensor to keep it from jamming.

There's been better luck today with the suction darts, they apparently need some breaking in. Since I've had them sitting on my desk they've been the most convenient ammo to grab and it only took about... 8 reloadings for them to finally start sticking regularly, I think? It's still too much of a disappointment, there's no point to requiring a break-in period. They still require a very straight shot which isn't a guarantee, but any angles and they're definitely just going to fly off. So unless you can get them for free it does seem wise to avoid them.
That's good to hear that they're actually working, but I'll heed the warning against buying them.

I keep meaning to pick up the Hammerstrike but I don't make it over to Target much, especially after the hacking controversy. I constantly forget about it, 'out of sight and out of mind,' so it's never come up as an opportunity buy.
Get it, it's worth the trip. It has been on sale several times, even BOGO, so keep an eye out for that.

I picked up a 10-pack of Mega darts awhile back due to having a decent coupon so they've just been hanging out, hardly getting used since the Magnus is a bit bulky for a simple desk shooter. So, in curiosity, I put the Mega dart against the tip of a dart sticking out of the Sidestrike and found that the Mega dart's hole is just big enough for a normal dart to squeeze in there. I pushed the Mega dart all the way to the edge of the barrel and even though it's only about a half inch's worth of dart within dart, the hold is pretty decent.

Of course, had to fire it.

Surprisingly it's only the rare shot that doesn't go well, for the most part they're consistent in getting across my room (about 12 feet) like that. For some reason it works best putting them on the blue elite darts rather than the ZS green darts, which doesn't make sense to me. It almost reminds me of grenade launchers that get mounted to the barrel of rifles, so there's an option if you want to fire Mega darts from a pistol without using the Magnus - or are just incredibly bored. :pHa! Funny stuff.

08-20-2014, 02:42 PM
Spied a few new Nerf pieces at Target.

The Mega Bow, this thing is unholy oversized.

The Demolisher 2 in 1 as well as a 3-pack of extra missiles for it.

A multi-pack of Zombie Strike Mega Darts with a syringe-like printed design (basically, you're "injecting" the zombies with cure, I guess) to go with the Zombie Strike Mega Magnus blaster 2-pack that's been out a little while.

The Zombie Strike Slingfire, this looks ok but the lever looks pretty thin and small compared to the rest of this beast.

Zombie Strike Longshot, this thing is a lame re-release, apparently it doesn't even have Elite upgrades, so it's a repainted version without the barrel extension.

Zombie Strike crowbar with mask, there were others in the small melee weapons series (ax, chainsaw, hammer, bat) but the crowbar cracked me right up.

And the Zombie Strike Doublestrike for $10, which I bought. The Doublestrike is another hammer-draw blaster but this time in smaller scale than the Hammershot, it's basically the Derringer version. The colors and painted logo are very Zombie Strike, but the sculpt is less of a mishmash than most new-sculpt blasters for the line, with only the "rag-wrapped" handle sculpt to really have it stand out as part of the zombie system; the rest of the look is a bit of a modern Derringer 2-shot with a bit of a .38-special to it. In fact, the size and large trigger guard definitely remind me more of a .38 revolver, which is an interesting idea for this series. The 2 barrels fire independently just like the Triad instead of firing both at once, making the hammer design more worthwhile than a single-barrel would be. It's also got a tac-rail on top, albeit an extremely short one. All this would be great, except just like the Hammershot, the Doublestrike is not terribly accurate and has a similarly slow rate of fire; and unlike the Hammershot, the Doublestrike has no hammer-fanning action. The real frustration however is unique to the Doublestrike: cocking the hammer can cause the dart to advance out of the barrel enough so that it won't fire... what the fudge?!? Sure, if you prime it carefully it's fine, but in battle how likely is that to happen? The Triad doesn't do this, the Jolt doesn't do this, what blaster does this when you use it CORRECTLY? That is the behavior of not cocking it fully on any other blaster so when you are doing it wrong, but here it fails when you're doing it right - and that's a darned shame. It's a fun idea and for around the house not a bad blaster, but it could be so much better.

10-21-2014, 05:39 PM
Quick update:

Some Target stores are clearance-pricing Nerf N-Strike Elite dart refill packs, and their Cartwheel app also has a 15% off Nerf dart refill packs, so yesterday I picked up a 30-pack of Elite suction darts for $4.25 and a 75-pack of Elite darts for $8.50.

The Elite Darts pack comes with 60 Elite darts and 15 Elite darts with "Elite" deco, silver foil paint that looks like this: <<< ELITE

The Elite suction darts are interesting, which is to say they are a mixed experience just as you warned me. The darts hit and you can actually hear them stick, but they carry so much momentum that they immediately pull themselves back off. I went through the whole set twice and a handful about 10 times, still not broken in as much as I'd like, I'm only getting about 3 to stick and stay, and only on the big window and the vertical blinds, with 1 more staying on the front door. I wonder if these would work better out of an older blaster, I should check that out, but for now it's the Hammershot and Strongarm, with the Double Strike as boredom set in.

11-08-2014, 03:25 PM
Yep, sounds pretty much like the suction darts universally suck. Very good deal though, at least either way it's a nice stock up on ammo.

Thanks for the warning on the Doublestrike, I was going to pick it up recently until I saw your review. I like the design but sounds like a waste since I've still yet to pick up the Hammershot. I'll probably pick it up by the end of the year.

I finally pulled the trigger on the Slingfire today, mostly due to the 25% any toy coupon from the Sunday paper. I have a bad habit of overhyping these weapons in my head when I anticipate their purchase, and this was another case of that. It IS a neat gun and I don't regret the purchase, but it's not quite as fun as I had hoped. The lever is surprisingly roomy for my thick hand and offers a comfortable grip that works just fine for 'sling' part of the Slingfire. Where it fails is the stock is too short, and it feels awkward at both gripping areas. The forward grip is the only one that works best, though, due to the lever needing plenty of forward room to be cocked. It's light enough to handle single-handed, but given the nature of a rifle it feels a bit like a waste to only handle it like that.

For the most part, I can get some consistent charges out of the sling-cocking, but every now and then my spree gets thrown off because the looseness of the lever makes it slightly nerve-wracking to fling it forward too hard. Generally I don't feel it's prone to breakage, but the overall gun doesn't feel quite as solid as it could - or should. It overall feels like a slightly softer plastic rather than the more rigid type I associate with Nerf. The best usage of the rifle I've found is to shoulder the stock, grab the front, and just continually work the lever. This method makes it one of the best spray & pray shooters outside of the ones capable of slamfire. It's also a hell of an arm exercise - I put a Raider drum mag into it and went to town. When not in use it looks wicked hanging on the wall, I'm definitely clearing up a spot on my pegboard arsenal to make room for it. In something of a surprise, they went with a sweat stain sort of paint app on the 'wraps,' originally I thought the grip was just dirty from being handled in the store due to the open packaging. But, it has the same sweat stain paint app on the front grip as well.

As far as firepower goes, well, don't expect much. It seems on par with any pre-Elite blaster, probably to keep resistance down for being able to 'sling' **** it. I was curious how they were going to get around that, concerned that the Sling-fire wouldn't work well due to resistance of the spring. But, when you see how easily it cocks then it's certainly understandable why each shot only has the most basic 'oomph' behind it. It's probably redundant to say since, in all honesty, each Nerf blaster is pretty much about its particular gimmick but it rings especially true here. If you're not captivated with the Winchester gimmick then you're probably not going to enjoy this rifle.

The one most strange thing to note on this rifle is that the de-jamming hatch is absolutely pointless. Because the rifle's action involves a plastic cylinder scooping up the dart, and encasing it, during the cocking process it is incredibly difficult to clear a jam. I had one jam up on me which involved the dart's tip bending so that it couldn't clear the breach. I couldn't eject the magazine because it was already locked in, and there was nothing I could get to through the de-jamming hatch because the cylinder shell couldn't retract. My only option was to look down the barrel (despite lack of alternatives I felt horribly foolish) and had to stick a screwdriver down to get the dart's tip back in line. Not a particularly safe method, but it was the only choice that didn't involve disassembly. Furthermore, the magazine release latch is ill-considered. It's nothing you can operate with haste; the release latch not only requires stretching your thumb across the length of the mag-well but is also such a small tab that you'll easily slide off. It should have been at the front and operable with the index finger instead of the thumb. Also be patient loading a magazine, I think due to the unique system a magazine seems to get hung up on whatever is going on in there.

It's an oddity. Disappointing as far as a battle-ready blaster goes, but offers some decent fun if you want a Winchester.

I'm thinking my next purchase will be the Target exclusive Clear Shot. Looks like a nifty pistol that has a very unique aesthetic, like it was just slapped together from random parts that happened to work as needed for a pistol.

11-08-2014, 05:18 PM
Good review on the Slingfire, sounds like I'll pass, too many issues I wouldn't want to deal with.

Surprised you're looking at the Clear Shot, it is not an impressive design by any stretch of the imagination, and the scope isn't worth the price of admission.

There was a red translucent Sonic Fire Strongarm at TRU I'm considering using a coupon from the Wishbook on, but I dunno, there's not really a lot of inspiring choices right now.

11-08-2014, 09:35 PM
It's the randomness in design of the Clear Shot that draws me in mostly, but it does kind of say something that I have shrugged it off about 4 times so far. It'll be receiving a thorough scrutiny once I visit Target again.

I've been eyeing that Strongarm, I haven't nabbed one of those and my Nerf arsenal is woefully lacking any clear plastic guns. Also have been tempted by the Sonic Ice Centurion, mostly because I'm really curious if the production was more favorable to it and corrected the flaws of the original.

11-09-2014, 01:16 PM
I am hoping that Sonic Fire Strongarm is the XD guts, I hate the way the regular XD version's deco.

Nothing can save the Centurion, that's got to be the most flawed new system premiering blaster they've ever launched. Based on the TRU.com reviews, it looks unfixed.

11-27-2014, 10:44 PM
Yeah certainly sounds like the Centurion is a lost cause, think I'll just keep holding out for a smaller SMG-ish rifle with the Mega darts. The crossbow is not appealing at all but I want something with more ammo capacity than the Magnus. Speaking of new deco's, the Retaliator/Recon has a Whiteout version at Wal-Mart now. A shame it doesn't carry on the white/orange scheme like the full series did, I'd consider picking up the barrel on ebay as an option to the Longstrike.

I recently rearranged the pegboard holding most of my Nerf blasters, so decided to snap a pic of it as well the ones that currently don't have space on there.

11-28-2014, 11:51 PM
Looks absolutely great, I have been tempted to put something like that in my closet for some time now, but too many other things going on first.

What's the flintlock from?

12-03-2014, 02:51 AM
Thanks! I got the flintlock from Cracker Barrel last year. I expected it to be really poor quality (just got it to shoot at my sister with) but surprisingly it feels like a decent build and it shoots just as well as any pre-Elite blasters, plus it takes the same size darts.

12-05-2014, 12:28 PM
Very cool!

I saw a Strongarm XD yesterday at Target for $9 on sale, I was so tempted but there's not enough justification during the holiday spending time for another toy.

Bel-Cam Jos
12-06-2014, 10:04 AM
I was so tempted but there's not enough justification during the holiday spending time for another toy.Huh?!? :confused: That is EXACTLY the reason for the season... of buying stuff. You LOSE! Good DAY, sir! ;) I'm off to get a 6" TBS Slave Leia...

01-19-2015, 05:08 AM
Picked up a new Nerf gun on Saturday at Target that I had no idea was coming out. They've made a Mega Jolt called the BIGSHOCK (I guess the little shock is just throwing the dart by hand).

It uses the same priming system as a typical jolt-style with the t-bar jutting out the bottom of the grip, and its grip design pretty much looks like the Jolt 2-upped. Of course, that also makes it uncomfortable; while the Jolt gets a little uncomfortable after awhile (due to the hard edges that make the trigger bar's channel) digging into your fingers, it's generally tolerable until then because the edges were at least close enough together. The Bigshock, on the otherhand, has further spread apart edges but they have the same thickness as on the Jolt so immediately it's problematic. If I had a dremel or similar I would grind them down and I can't understand Hasbro's logic with having such an uncomfortable grip. Did it get made so quickly that nobody had a chance to handle a prototype? But I digress.

It's only $8 so naturally I had to jump on it because I've been enjoying the Mega darts based solely on the Magnus. I'm avoiding the Centurion, I don't like the bow thing, and the new pistol (Cycloneshock) is cool being a revolver but is also $30 (at least at TRU, which is the only place I've seen it so far). Absolutely ludicrous for what is essentially a Mega Maverick, even TRU having a 20% off sale wasn't enough of a discount to find it worth the cost.

The main body of the gun is a nice design, though it reminds me of something and I can't put my finger on it. I'm mostly certain it's another Nerf gun anyway so it's not really a big deal but random familiarity is slightly obnoxious. Anyway. Probably the best part about the pistol is the fact that they actually managed to include dart storage at the top, and it even meshes organically with the aesthetic. Definitely amped up the value for me considering the Triad, Jolt, etc. haven't featured storage themselves. Of course, due to this, the Bigshock doesn't feature a single rail on it - considering even the NiteFinder and similar can't make use of a rail, it's a brilliant choice. Although that just makes me think they worked the majority of this project on the upper body then 2-upped the Jolt for the grip, printed it, and rushed it into production.

The package doesn't feature a single word, implied estimate, or anything of suggestion of velocity for it so I have no idea how far it's supposed to go. It doesn't seem to shoot any harder or further than the Magnus, but there is a noticeable difference since these darts whistle LOUDLY when fired. They seem to be reaching some higher velocity than the Magnus since even brand new they didn't whistle like this. I even felt the need to check if they modified the Mega darts any, but the darts from the Magnus whistle just as loudly when shot from the Bigshock. It's definitely a decent sidearm in that regard; compact but has a punch; and only lacks 1 less ammunition count than the Magnus.

Outside of the uncomfortable grip, I highly enjoy this blaster and recommend it. It was a much needed addition to the line and certainly made me feel better about the disappointing price to the Cycloneshock - which is what REALLY deserves the title "BIGSHOCK!"

Curiously, though, it features a grey trigger. From what I've noticed from perusing international Nerf forums is that US guns have a higher velocity and an orange trigger, whereas other countries such as Australia require lower velocities and these guns have grey triggers. The package says "Distributed by Hasbro Australia" on the back, which I've never seen on a Nerf gun before (though I don't have any other packages to check at the moment). The few google results I've seen all show a grey trigger on it, with only promotional pictures showing an orange one. I'll be waiting to see if later productions come with an orange trigger and shoot with more force.

EDIT: Some google results show that people have cracked these open. It really is a shell on a 2-upped Jolt. http://buffdaddynerf.blogspot.com/2015/01/nerf-mega-bigshock-review-basic-mod.html

Huh?!? :confused: That is EXACTLY the reason for the season... of buying stuff. You LOSE! Good DAY, sir! ;) I'm off to get a 6" TBS Slave Leia...

Well? Did that ever happen? The world wants to know!

01-19-2015, 12:51 PM
I saw the Bigshock the other day at Target after having read about all the new blasters out this year, and noted the gray trigger. The reviews on the Bigshock say it suffers the same problem as the Doublestrike: darts fall out the barrel on their own. That wasn't why I didn't buy it though, I'm just not enamored enough with the mega darts to buy another gun, the Magnus is fine so far - the CycloneShock might get my attention though, it's supposed to be $20, that's what Amazon has it for (2 reviews there say the Cycloneshock has poor range, but every review of the Bigshock has shown MUCH lower range than the Cycloneshock).

Kind of funny that the Bigshock internals look so much like the Jolt.

The Flip Fury looks the most nuts though, that one is what originally got my attention onto Nerf 2015 blasters in the first place.

Bel-Cam Jos
01-19-2015, 05:59 PM
Well? Did that ever happen? The world wants to know!Every store was out of them. Of course, I was looking in hardware stores...

01-19-2015, 09:53 PM
The reviews on the Bigshock say it suffers the same problem as the Doublestrike: darts fall out the barrel on their own.

That's a really strange problem. I haven't experienced that at all and I've even thrown it on my bed from across the room multiple times, not a single dart has even slightly slipped.

the CycloneShock might get my attention though, it's supposed to be $20, that's what Amazon has it for

That's much more reasonable considering the Magnus was, what, $12? Too bad TRU had it marked up so badly, with the 20% off that would've been a good deal.

Kind of funny that the Bigshock internals look so much like the Jolt.

I want to call it lazy but it does make sense to do. Why bother with a 100% redesign for the same purpose? Now let's see if they cross from brilliance to lunacy by enlarging the design again so it can fire the Demolisher's grenades.

The Flip Fury looks the most nuts though, that one is what originally got my attention onto Nerf 2015 blasters in the first place.

That thing is crazy drinking silly juice. I have no idea if I want to buy it, but I definitely want try it sometime.

Every store was out of them. Of course, I was looking in hardware stores...

I don't think anyone has tried that method before, but I appreciate your unique approach to nailing Slave Leia.

08-13-2015, 01:24 AM
Target and TRU have the new line of modular N-Strike, and it's hideous. It's sold in weapon packs, 2 of them are just a scope or red dot sight, a barrel, and a stock or grip; one has all that plus a blaster, and I think one has a small blaster that converts to a stock. The design is trying to be futuristic but is ugly plain and bleh.

Dar' Argol
08-18-2015, 10:41 PM
Hmmm . . . might have to pick up the scopes. My Centurion doesn't look right without one.

I am thinking about picking up a Rotofury I saw at wally the other night. Those mega darts sting up close and my buddy has been on my short list since he got the mega hand cannon.

08-19-2015, 01:09 PM
I must admit, the Rotofury is definitely one of the few blasters out now I am tempted by.

BTW, good to see you again.

Dar' Argol
08-28-2015, 09:18 PM
Nice to see not much has changed around here.

I got a chance to check out those scope packages. $15 at TRU, not terrible. I was looking at the scope that came with the bipod . . . don't really need another of those. Shame I couldn't see what the inside of the scope looked like. Haven't decided if I want to pick that up just for the scope though . . .

They need to come out with an extra clip for the Centurion though . . . my kids keep stealing the darts after I shoot them from the deck . . . lol

08-30-2015, 12:01 PM
I did a little research on those Modulus sets, the long-range one with the bipod has no optics in the scope whatsoever, that's pretty lame. The barrel extension considerably lessens dart firing range, and the bipod doesn't fold forward, only back.

The one with the red-dot sight is well thought of, but the front grip it has isn't comfortable, and the short barrel extension apparently is narrow enough to lessen the range of flight on your darts, making it for looks only.

The set without a scope, just a shield and a stock that doubles as a gun, the shield apparently is too small to be of any use and too opaque to see through; the stock/gun is a single-shot modified version of the Jolt, which is the cheapest Nerf blaster you can by, and kinda lame to have that tiny dart shooter above the large gun-like opening.

I'll probably end up getting the red-dot sight set since it's $15 and the red dot is $10 by itself, I'm kinda a sucker for the add-on parts that it comes with, my Recon will enjoy having silly stuff put on it.

I've heard a lot of folks ask for extra clips on the Centurion, they need to make another clip-based Mega blaster to justify selling those clips separately.

09-05-2015, 03:42 PM
TRU is having a 20% off all Nerf weapons, except Rebelle, but including Star Wars. I picked up the Modulus Stealth Ops set for $11.99, and thought about the TFA Stormtrooper pistol, but passed; didn't really want the Bowcaster. I had Target price-match the TFA Deluxe Stormtrooper set from $40 down to $32, it was the last one. And I think I'm going to go buy the CycloneShock for $16 right now.

The Modulus Stealth Ops set is ok, I ended up using all the gear on my Recon and am fairly happy. The grip isn't as bad as expected, but be careful folding it down, I've pinched my finger multiple times in the hinge. The grip works in both configs, and also was useful on the Stampede both below and from the side, although that's risky. The snub barrel extension is fun and looks tough, it's kinda dopey as it's just as useless as all barrel extensions, but I like it - it's supposed to lock to the barrel from inside, but the tab is slightly too round, but it holds with friction just fine.

The red dot site is what the set's all about, it appears to use a defocused laser for the dot, but the dot on mine is slightly off to the right and way, way down so you have to tilt the gun up. The site is better without the dot on because it has screened crosshairs. It's more for fun than anything though, and so I like it as that.

The Deluxe Stormtrooper Blaster is interesting, it claims 65' range which is lower than Elite and way lower than Elite XD, but higher than N-Strike. The weapon is essentially the Raider remolded with Star Wars trappings, it comes with a small removable scope that has no optics but does have an orange sight point at the far end, it's shaped like the E-11 scope and looks really good on the Hammershot too. Because the scope on the TFA weapon is set further back than the OT, the long tac-rail here sets it far back, but there's enough friction to move it partway up without it sliding around.

The barrel is styled like the E-11 but shorter, the front iron sight isn't like the E-11 in either the OT or TFA, but it suggests it well enough; the barrel's ribs are painted orange, and beneath the low set are holes, fairly accurate. The left side has a very large receiver that needs to be added on just like the Rampage and Raider. On either side is a Star Wars logo (in different sizes/places), a First Order logo in white, and 3 black vents that turn orange when the gun is primed, similar to the 3 red lights on the TFA prop. At the back is the exact same plunger rear end as the Recon and Raider and Rampage, attached to that is a white and orange stock which is found on Captain Phasma's weapon in the film.

Action is identical to the Raider except instead of a forward vertical grip it's the front folding stock of the E-11 sliding back and forth; you can single fire or slamfire the blaster. Performance is slightly better than the original N-Strike, but nowhere near as powerful as an Elite, it's closer to the old guts than the new, which is baffling. It doesn't lock up or jam like the Raider did, at least.

The weapon comes with a standard 12-dart clip in white, and this looks AWFUL, it sticks out the left side as far as the gun is forward from there. I donated the 12-clip to the Recon since it's rocking the white Modulus parts anyway, and gave the Stormtrooper gun my old 6-clip in orange. Since the rest of the blaster has lots of orange, this looks ok and the shorter clip length looks FAR superior. Luckily, I have 3 of the 6-clip.

One cool thing, the weapon's darts are Elite-style micro darts, all red with clear red tips, so they look like blaster bolts. Half of them have the Star Wars logo, Nerf logo, and First Order logo printed on them, the other half don't.

Overall, the Nerf Deluxe Stormtrooper Blaster is nifty but overpriced. The Rampage is still on shelves for $10 less and has the nifty 25-drum, although no stock. And the Rampage is an Elite, while this doesn't have nearly as much power. The look is off-model in several ways, so it's more "suggested by" the E-11 blaster than anything else. If you can get it on sale, and you don't care that much about dart distance, then it's worth the look.

09-06-2015, 11:44 AM
I just removed references to the stock being nonsense on the Stormtrooper Nerf, I was looking at source pics of Captain Phasma and that's where the stock comes from. It's weird, she seems to be the only one rolling that shoulder stock in all the pics I've seen, the guns without the stock have the scope as far back as the toy, but Phasma's version has the scope towards the middle a la the OT. The Hasbro 5POA figure has the stock, but the scope is a little further back than the movie version. The Jakks Pacific version gets it right though.

I picked up the Cycloneshock at $16 yesterday, what a beast! This thing is like a big version of the Strongarm, except the cylinder doesn't hinge out, so you can only load 3 darts at a time -- one lower left, one lower right, one through the muzzle, then rotate the cylinder a click and do it again. The slide is fairly beefy, apparently rotating the cylinder takes some effort in the guts because the slide gives a hefty final click when done. Firing is quick despite no slamfire. But really, it's just the impressive kick of firing the mega dart and watching it rip through the air at 45 mph. Mega darts get a lot of complaints over accuracy, I haven't been able to test that yet, but in short range they seem right on target. The blaster has a tac rail above the cylinder, it's really nothing special; the underside of the cylinder has a rounded grip, for once. The pistol grip fits my adult hand ok but the middle finger is slightly irritated by a pointless detail shape below the trigger guard. All in all, very impressive and fun, this may be the last Nerf gun I need.

09-19-2015, 01:48 AM
After reading a bunch of really positive comments about the Boomco Farshot, their cheapie, I decided to pick one up at Target with the 10% off toys Cartwheel offer. They actually had 2 different models, the 2014 and the new 2015 which I haven't seen any pictures of, I went with the original because it seemed like something I'd have more fun with over 2 extra straw darts.

The 2015 seems to be a redesign, it looked to me like the rear plunger exterior was shorter on the new model. The new version definitely didn't have the flip out shield, and it was green with red darts. I think the slide was a more solid design as well. And as I mentioned, 5 darts instead of 3; and a new ugly target. I hemmed and hawed, but ultimately went with the 2014 instead of this.

The original Farshot is an interesting little blaster, there's a bit of a rattley, cheap feel to it, yet in some ways it feels like it takes its main job seriously. The shield is seriously silly, I put on a table as a second target as it's removable, and it's so tiny I hit it maybe once out of 20 times from 5 feet away. Yet I can't help but like the concept just for trying to be a transforming element. This is my first Boomco, and I just don't get that same satisfying feel from them that I do with Nerf N-Strike, despite being pretty darn powerful.

My real frustrations were minor, the first is that the blue and green darts are SUPER hard to see on my green carpet, and they roll under EVERYTHING because they have so much muzzle velocity. The second is that the damned gun has no sights at all and the darts are so powerful that they come way too close to hitting the target most of the time, which is worse than just missing by a country mile. A lot of shots came so close but got skittish at the last couple feet and veered off by a few inches - if they made a bigger target, like 3 feet square, that'd be a blast - supposedly the paper is photo paper, so maybe I'll make my own big target.

The dart heads are fun to stick to the target and nothing else, it's satisfying.. although nearly every shot misses by a small amount, so they get dirty kinda fast. The hollow design doesn't seem right though, and I accidentally stepped on one which warped it. They need a heavier dart design and this could be something.

Until then though, I'm going to probably make this my last Boomco blaster as well as my first, but I could see revisiting that opinion if the next generation is a little better.

09-19-2015, 12:46 PM
The Boomco blasters have tactical rails built on, the Farshot has 1.5 - the lower one has a spring-loaded lock pin like those on N-Strike, the top one lacks it. The Boomco tac rail design is the same width and depth as the N-Strike version, but it has no central gutter which restricts N-Strike accessories past an inch or less because of their deeper lock tab. This also explains why they don't have a sight, a sight would run down the gutter. Stay classy, Mattel; "borrow" the N-Strike tac rail design from Hasbro but ensure their accessories can't be used on your blasters while your accessories can work on theirs.