View Full Version : My Star Wars collection for sale. POTJ++

03-02-2002, 12:48 AM
Thanks for looking. If interested in anything email me at jangoxp9@msn.com or AIM me at JPM989.
****ALL $5*********
~Darth Maul( Final Duel)
~Boss Nass
~Queen Amidala
~Chewbacca(dejarek table)
~Mal Calamari
~Jek Porkins
~Tuskian Raider
~Leia Organa
~Darth Vader
~Battle Droid(blue gunk)


~Han Solo-$5

~Luke Skywalker$5


~Darth Vader-$6


ALL****($3-5 each)*****


~Rune Haako-


~Darth Maul Sith Lord

~Destroyer Droid

~Senator Palpatine



~Captain Panaka

~Ric Olie

~Nute Gunray

~Darth Sidious

~Ody Madrell

~Adi Gallia

~Naboo Royal Security



~Captain Tarpals


~Boss Nass

~Qui-Gon Jinn(Naboo)

~Obi-Wan Kenobi(Naboo)

~Queen Amidala



~Jar Jar

~Darth Maul(Duel)

~Darth Maul(Tatooine)

~Qui-Gon (Duel)


~Destroyer Droid(Damaged)


~Boba Fett(Red Background)-$8

~Darth Vader-$4


~Leia Organa-$3

~Nien Numb-$5



~Han Solo in Endor Gear(brown pants)-$4



~Han Solo in Endor Gear(blue pants)-$4

~Grand Moff Tarkin-$5

~Jabba’s Prisoner Leia-$4


~Tie Fighter Pilot(red background)-$10


12” POTF2

~Grand Moff Tarkin-$10

~Snowtrooper(Blue Highlights)-$100-negociable-pending out


~Princess Leia in Hoth Gear-$10


~Tuskian Raider-$10


~Dewback & Sandtrooper-$60-negociable

~Han Solo and Taun Taun-$45

12” Ep. 1

~Mace Windu-$20

~Darth Maul-$10

~Qui-Gon(error, Federation spelled wrong)-$10

~Darth Maul and Sith Speeder-offer

POTF2 Beast Packs

~Dewback w/ Sandtrooper-$5

~Ronto w/ Jawa-$5

~Luke w/ TaunTaun-$5


~Oola and Salaious Crumb (signed by Oola)-offers

~300th Figure Boba Fett-$10

~Mega Action Destroyer Droid-$10

~Master Piece Edition C-3P0-$offers

~Master Piece Edition Darth Vader-offers

~Boba Fett Collector Helmet- offers

~Epic Force Stormtrooper-$5

~Epic Force Luke-$5

Vintage I have no clue what the vintage is worth.) Offers



~Luke Skywalker(Pilot)


~Wicket the Ewok

~Darth Vader figure holder Head