View Full Version : Blade Runner Spinner

Darth Duranium
10-27-2010, 05:33 PM
Medicom's releasing another spinner and this time it's a large one in BR police deco.
BBTS' $180 is an insane price for a 10" plastic replica IMO, but it's available for $30 cheaper from Japanese e-tailers, excluding s&h. Whew, what a bar-goon! :ninja:
I've got their first black spinner (far right pic)... the price has tripled! Still, it makes me drool... I hope they sell it separately one day. All the garage kit makers must be gutted.
BTW, the little police spinner that came with the first Blu-Ray set is superb... and it's now definitely confirmed to be Medicom's. Spitting image of its big bro.