View Full Version : How I Would Have Re-Written The Bay-Verse Transformers Movies

12-20-2010, 02:57 AM
We start by understanding the premise that I am NOT changing everything about Orcci and Kurtzman's story.

I watched the G1 cartoons and never delved further into TF lore.

I am a real author, too.


Cybertron had a previous name.

It was populated by humans or humanoids. It would have had to have been. Perhaps it was an earth-like planet with a lot of similar lifeforms, like Scorpions and black panthers for example.

The civilization was very advanced. Much of it was run by computers with very elaborate AI.

Explorers and scientists had discovered primative earth. It fascinated them and the popular media, but it was too far away and there were too few huge ships to move the population.

The sun was finally going dark. Efforts were being made to actually build a new planet, around a quantum singularity for unlimited power, without a sun.

The technology existed to transfer people's thoughts, their personalities, all electrical impulses, into computers. Robot bodies that could survive on an artificial planet were constructed.

They were being developed on the artificial planet, because rioting and war would occur amongst the organics on the home planet, some fighting to get their new bodies, others religiously or superstitiously opposed to the transformations.

War and disasters occured and the transport ships were destroyed in large part. Some of the brightest scientists and military commanders were evacuated to work on the solution from the artificial planet.

Infighting took over there, too - and the planet, dubbed Cyberton - was moved away from the homeworld, abandonning the surviving populace.

To survive, the humanoid leadership on Cyberton put themselves into the artificial bodies, becoming the first "native" Cybertronians. They created artificial machines to serve them and finish building their new society.

During the course of the infighting, not all the organic Cybertronians were given bodies. Some had their personalities downloaded into storage drives.

A coup by a limited number of moderates was successful, and since they were the only originally organic-based life, they were unique, irreplaceable lifeforms, and the first Primes.

Now they could only reproduce and expand their originally organic-based lifeforms by genetically engineering what remained of their organic tissue they preserved for cloning. Their harvesting was barely successful against staggering numbers of failures resulting in dead hatchlings.

More machines were created to precisely cultivate and service the hatchlings.

A way to also harvest the singularity that powered Cybertron for a smaller energy fragment was discovered. It had amazing powers and transformed its natural state frequently until its properties could be directed to be used to animate the hatchlings, accelerate their growth, and bring them to life. The energy source was called the AllSpark.

Meanwhile, the mechanical life on Cybertron was growing more and more self-aware and developing personalities in the process. They did not know or fully comprehend what the original purpose and properties the AllSpark held. But they too were developing into individuals based on the summation of their experiences. Each was valuable and irreplaceable.

Life went on, but even the singularity and the AllSpark weakened. New energy sources need to be sought out to keep Cybertron alive. Its population no longer wanted to relocate. Synthetic robots felt most at home on an ordered, synthetic world.

The discovery of earth was remembered, but no longer desired for colonization. Some wanted to destroy its star to harvest the energy.

Now most of Orcci and Kurtzman's movies could happen.