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02-28-2011, 02:40 AM
I saw Linkin Park in concert last Wednesday night. It was a great show. They played with Prodigy opening for them, who were great in their own right.

Meanwhile, it has occurred to me that the Linkin Park songs that Michael Bay picks for the Transformers movies, DON'T MEAN ANYTHING.

My favorite band of all time is Queensryche, and all of their songs have very descriptive lyrics that make a point, a reason for why there were written.

Linkin Park's songs all sound good, and songs like "In The End" and "Numb" get kind of deep.

But great songs like:

The Catalyst
New Divide
What I've Done

don't mean anything unless you stretch your imagination.

I got a religious divide out of them (and this is stretching it) such that someone else is judging the singer (the protagonist of the song's story) and their truth is lies, their vision doesn't match reality. However, it's so tiring, that it has worn down the confidence of the protagonist - perhaps all these moral judgements of the culture warriors?

Does anyone have any other take on what the hell these songs mean? Or do they just rhyme and it's escapist rock all over again?