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03-07-2011, 07:29 PM
I know a lot of folks here were fans of the old Simpsons: World of Springfield line from Playmates a few years ago. Well it looks like they're preparing to launch a similar line utilizing the same interactive playset environments from that line. This is great news. I wanted to get into the Family Guy figures from Mezco, but the number of variants and chase figures bugged the hell out of me. So hopefully this line does well. The figures are supposed to hit around May or June of this year. The breakdown of Wave 1 of the figures and playsets are as follows. And there's some slightly blurry pics from BBTS.

Family Guy: Interactive Figures - Wave 1:
Brian Griffin
Cleveland Brown
Stewie Griffin
Peter Griffin
Glenn Quagmire
Stewie Griffin (Halloween)

According to Diamond Previews, Wave 2 may contain the following:

Chris Griffin, Stewie Griffin 3, Peter Griffin 2, Brian 2, and Death.

There's also a "Celebrity" Wave of figures solicited in Diamond Comics.
It appears to be two waves combined together, so no clue what order they'll appear.

Tom Brady, Hugh Laurie, Patrick Stewart, Neil Patrick Harris, Charlie Sheen (How much you wanna bet this one gets cancelled?), Simon Cowell, Hugh Hefner, and KISS.

Family Guy: Interactive Playsets - Wave 1 & 2:
Griffin Family Living Room w/ Lois Griffin
The Drunken Clam w/ Joe Swanson
Griffin Family Kitchen w/ Consuela

Note: - Only the Living Room w/ Lois is confirmed in Wave 1. The sets with Joe and Consuela are listed in the solicit information from Diamond Comics Previews.


03-07-2011, 07:44 PM
I guess I missed these during Toy Fair. Serves me right.
Steve got some good shots of some of the future figures.


Looks like the Wave 2 figures are Pirate Peter, Army Brian, and Catburgler Stewie.
And Death appears to come with a skull that plugs into his hood. Awesome.