View Full Version : I'm WINNING! Drink Tiger Blood and Become A Warlock with Godesses Like Me!

03-10-2011, 07:05 PM
Man, do you think Charlie Sheen has ever tried a Mouse Droid?

I've got to tell him about these. Then the Warlock will always be WINNING!


You know, over the years I've tried really hard to be a crazy person.

Now comes along Charlie. He thinks he's coming in as some kind of celebrity and he's just going to supplant me?

Well Charlie, are you going to be at the Playboy party at the end of the month like I will be?

You can't even run for President of the Mouse Droid Sniffers' Association if you're not even a member.

Slicker, please second the motion: Charlie Sheen is inelligible to lead the Mouse Droid Sniffers' Association for lack of membership.

BTW, I'm a fair guy. I never said he couldn't join. Hasbro Mouse Droids are a lot safer to sniff than what Charlie's using.

And Mouse Droid Sniffers don't need to be cured, or be curing themselves. It's not an addiction. We could quit Star Wars collecting and sniffing our figures at any time. Right guys?

But anyway, I am deeply concerned that I am no longer as crazy as I used to be. When Hasbro releases that Comic Con exclusive carded Mouse Droid, I will get my boogie back.

You wait and see. Could a guy that writes a post like this possibly be normal?