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03-18-2011, 08:20 PM
Another great entry in Sideshow's "Militaries of Star Wars" collection.

This Phase 1 Clone shows that with each successive release, Sideshow continues to make little changes and improvements that keep these armored figures fresh.

The base body is the tightest yet, the pegs on the (many) interchangeable hands (and feet!) feel sturdier and change easier. The "thigh-grabber" stand is now standard and the various hands and "running" feet that Rex featured are also included here.

It's been cool to see the variety of weathering/distress the Sideshow's been applying to these different clone figures...really distinctive not only to the Clones, but alluding to different environments they may have been in too. This Sarge figure for example, does not have the intense distress that some of the earlier (Phase II) clones have featured...and that makes perfect sense, considering the different phases/times these soldiers served and fought. It's a little detail, but a well-done one.

The only minor detailing "miss" here is the missing "red tail light"on the back of the helmet fin...it's present on the basic Phase I Clone...must've been missed in the finishing process,similar to Rex's missing black speaker on the front of his helmet. It's not a deal-breaker...just a consistency in the detailing Sideshow should be mindful of.

It was also nice to see a return to such great packaging, the double-fold box with two covered trays, the figure and accessories firmly in those trays with no twist ties in sight. The box bagged, with stryo caps and a sturdy box. After the cheap packaging effort the Yoda figure featured, this was a good sight to see.

I know some collectors may be feeling a little Clone fatigue, but I'll always be happy to see these armored figures coming along...next up is Cody...and with the outstanding Rex and this fine Sgt. figure already in the collection, the chances of Cody being one of the best releases yet are very good indeed!

Meanwhile, here's the Phase I Sergeant...

03-19-2011, 11:12 PM
....And here's a collection of all of the Clones Sideshow has produced so far...a pretty impressive line-up!

03-20-2011, 02:26 PM
Cool posts, both of them! I've submitted the first one as a news article here on SSG.

Very surprised they missed that red light on the back of the helmet though.

In your pic of all the SSC clones, my eye seems drawn to the blue phase I guy, I wonder what it is about that pic or armor design that works best.

07-12-2011, 11:14 AM
JT, did you mean the Phase - 1 Lieutenant (blue stripe)?

It's the lighting that JediBear used for that particular shot. He stands out more than even the other great pictures JB took.

JB: is the lieutenant, Phase-1 your favorite clone or anything? Is that Rex on the very bottom right? Hard to tell with the lighting on him. I bought 2 standard 501sts to flank Anakin (movie version).

I don't own any CW EU, but the Armor Obi-Wan is really tempting, and if they make Ahsoka (I'm sure they will), I'll probably want Rex then. But I'll try to resist.

The only 12" EU I've bought thus far is Grand Admiral Thrawn (I nearly got him for free and have an extra Luke Jedi Knight). I want Mara Jade to be made, and I'd like A'Sharad Hett and Quinlan Vos, and Villie 12" figures made from the prequel EU for starters. Maybe they'll do Legacy comics "future EU?"

07-13-2011, 03:41 PM
I don't know, it says "phase I" in my post, but my eyes clearly are drawn to the 501st guy (blue phase II). That said, I'd never say "blue phase II" (mistype or not) because it's the one legion I know by number.